Bruce Hart Bad Names

Great call out on Bruce Hart making up some of the worst names in wrestling.  Dick Pound was bad but how about Semen White or HIV Thompson or The West Edmonton Mauler?  Wow.

​That was "Seaman" White, right?  
Also, special note to Bruce for literally naming crooked referee Ron Hayter after the member of city council of the same name who they were fighting with.  The phrase "don't burn your bridges" is obviously one that Bruce has never heard of before.  

Wrestler names (again)

Hey Scott, 

Long time blah blah…

Anyway, in the comments we are always complaining about the WWE Random Name Generator and the reason is obvious – Trademark and merchandising. But the most common example is always, "Vince let CM Punk keep his name, and he's the last person who will get that treatment."

But didn't both Cody Rhodes (yeah, I know, Runnels, but does Vince own Rhodes?) and Ted DiBiase (Jr) sign with WWE after Punk? I know neither of them have been the merchandising machines Punk was.

But can you imagine Legacy with Curtis Axel like names for those guys?

And would Joe Hennig have done any better as Axe Curtis?

The Legacy thing was actually during the period where Vince's crazy whim was guys keeping their wrestling namesake for marketing purposes.  So that was actually deliberate, believe it or not.  

And I feel like Axel Curtis might have been a better name.  

Developmental Diva Names

> Hey Scott–
> Please take a look at the following name changes:
> Britney Fetkin has been renamed Devin Taylor. 
> Erika Hammond has been renamed Veronica Lane. 
> Lexi Kaufman has been renamed Alexa Bliss. 
> CJ Perry is now LANA
> Is it just me, or has WWE decided to give up the pretense and go full-on porn star with these names?
> –J The truth hurts.

QOTD Best Finisher Names

The Daniel Bryan discussion this morning made me ponder what the best overall move names are. I think the Japanese have this one wrapped up in terms of artistic merit (HIgh Fly Flow, Rainmaker, Shining Wizard, Miracle Ecstasy Bomb) but none of those really describes WHAT the move is. I think overall it's tough to top Undertaker claiming the tombstone piledriver as a generic move name that got turned into his signature move name, but there's a lot of good choices and I'm sure Sweet Chin Music is also gonna rank highly.

WWE Lists Ten Biggest Names To Never Be World Champion

This should spark a decent debate.


– The current
“10 Count” with Matt Striker on WWE Classics on Demand ranks the top 10
Superstars to never win a world championship. The list is as follows:

Honorable Mentions: Killer Kowalski, Lance Storm

10. Arn Anderson
9. Chief Jay Strongbow
8. Paul Orndorff
7. Nikita Koloff
6. Junkyard Dog
5. Scott Hall
4. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
3. British Bulldog
2. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
1. “Rowdy” Roddy Roddy Piper


Names v. Gimmicks

Even though we are in the era of wrestlers using either real names (Cena) or made up names that are supposed to sound like real names (Dean Ambrose), do you think there is still a place for gimmick wrestlers that have a radical character (like the Undertaker when he debuted)?  I think if done correctly, Snake from the Metal Gear Series could have been a success, a cross between Sgt. Slaughter and Benoit almost (plus he could have a manager like Otacon or Campbell who would yell SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE every time he lost).  Your thoughts?

Of course there’s still a place for radical characters.  Just look at Brodus Clay, the FUNKASAURUS.  Total gimmick character and he’s over like crazy.  Ditto for Hornswoggle and Santino, who are all total cartoon characters.  Kane is fading fast but he’s still a major player and he only debuted 15 years ago, which is still part of the modern era.  Really, it’s not the name or gimmick, it’s the person behind the character.  Undertaker probably would have bombed with anyone but Mark Callaway behind it, and someone can easily take another goofy gimmick and run with it, too.  In fact I wish they would try going that route more times than they do.