Worst name ever?

Hey Scott,

Was thinking about this the other day, after reading a review of some old WCW card that had Kwee Wee wrestling on it:  What do you think are some of the worst wrester names ever?  I'm not talking about shitty gimmicks that found their way into the name (Red Rooster, Firebreaker Chip), but stand-alone names that were horrible.

I've got Kwee Wee (obviously) near the top, along with Zan Panzer, Dolph Ziggler (although he's overcome it), and maybe Don Kernodle.  What say you?  

What's wrong with Don Kernodle?  You might as well bust on Nick Bockwinkel while you're at it.  

Developmental of course has held the record for bad names lately, although to be fair they're more horribly generic than BAD, per se.  Kwee Wee was absolutely awful, one of the worst.  I think the worst by a country mile was WEE WILLIE WILKINS, but that was more of a specific rib by Dusty Rhodes rather than any kind of attempt at seriously naming someone.  And I know others are not on my side on this one, but I always hated "X-Pac" as a name.  Never worked for me and didn't really represent anything about the character.  

Bruce Hart had some epic bad names when he was booking Stampede, like "Principal" Dick Pound and a million other stupid puns.  Speaking of which, I also thought TL Hopper was terrible, unless you're counting that as part of the gimmick.  

QOTD 174: Same Name Game

So, Blog Otters, one of my favorite games to play with folks while on a bus or road trip or while we can’t do anything else, is to play the same name game – which I cribbed from Cougar Town. So, lets play it!

Combine movie titles into silly, dumb, insane names that conjure up an idea of possibly the best worst movie ever. 

For example: Iron Man + Man On Fire = Iron Man on Fire

The 40 Year Old Virgin + The Virgin Suicides = The 40 Year Old Virgin Suicides 

And so on. You can do it for music, games, TV shows, whatever. Bonus points if you come up with a silly plot involving BODers!

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What’s in a name?

Hi Scott – 

Quick question – how do wrestlers refer to each other backstage?  Do they call them by their character's name?  Or does everyone call Ryback "Ryan Reeves"? 

I can't see someone like Alex Riley referring to HHH as "Paul", either –


Generally they refer to each other by the gimmick name.  So yes, Ryback would be referred to as Ryback.  And people generally call HHH "Hunter". There's some exceptions where guys have had other names longer than their WWE tenure and people just refer to them by the old name as a habit (people called Mick Foley "Cactus" for years before his real name became the more well-known one, for example) but generally it's just the name you hear on TV.