Which Shoot Interview Should be Reviewed Next?

This week, I have selected three recently released interviews from Highspots that involve multiple people. Here are your three choices:


Developmentally Speaking 2: Hosted by Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) with Luke Gallows, Mica (Camacho), and Brad Attitude



Bullet Club Party: Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Tama Tonga, Brian Myers, Brad Attitude



Best Friends with Teddy Hart: Hosted by Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta



Those are your three choices. Vote by clicking on the link below. Voting ends Saturday at noon.


WWE Releasing Multiple Performers Today

Those Released Today are:

Marc Harris (referee)
Drew McIntyre
Jinder Mahal
Curt Hawkins
Theodore Long
Brodus Clay
Evan Bourne
Yoshi Tatsu


The releases do not seem to be done, either. I will update this list as soon as anyone else is added. You can see updates by refreshing the page as I will add them as soon as they are officially announced.

Inside Scotts (in)box 4: Best Multiple Match Performance

Hey, here’s a good one from a Mr. Mallonee: 

In honor of Daniel Bryan’s impending multiple match performance at WM 30
who do you feel had the best performance at a PPV when they wrestled
more than once? My personal favorite is Kurt Angle at King of the Ring
when he fought Christian, Edge, and Shane-O Mac all in one night but I
thought you and the Blog of Doom might have other ideas.  

Actually I think you nailed it. I generally have an issue with Wrestler vs. Non Wrestler matches – for example even though Hogan and Vince had a great match, I thought it was weird that while Hogan is old he’s still a ‘wrestler’ whereas Vince just sort of has matches occasionally. In a kayfabe sense, Hogan should dominate Vince. See also: Flair vs. Vince, and so on. 

Now of course to have an entertaining match that can’t happen, but it’s a thing that can take you out of the narrative at least a bit.
Which is why I loved the above mentioned Kurt Angle pick. Since Angle had already wrestled twice, it would make sense to believe he was tired and weakened, and it gave Shane a fighting chance – though most of the match was Angle engaging in legalized assault and battery of a person smaller and less athletic than he is – which is generally how I do it too.
And my history is maybe fuzzy, but this was THE PPV that made Angle a legit star. If wiki is to be believed following this event the ‘Invasion’ started proper, and it was Angle as the proverbial American Hero against the evil WCW.
Aside from that, I’d imagine some of the folks doing doing crazy Japanese death matches deserve some credit. I don’t have the testes to watch the Funk vs. Foley exploding ring match, and I don’t know how good it was, but I’m assuming both dudes were so insanely tired and beat up that any actual match they had would be a victory in and of itself.
Speaking of Foley, it probably doesn’t count but didn’t he run in for the finish of the Austin v. Kane match at King of The Ring after taking those insane bumps?

QOTD: Multiple Movie Viewings

Dammit, do I gotta do EVERYTHING on my own blog?  
OK, question of the day that sprung to mind while I was at Thor 2:  Thor Harder last week.  What is your stance on going to movies multiple times in the theater?  What movies have you seen the most times in theater?  
For me, I find that since my time is at a premium now that my life revolves around a toddler, I don't tend to go to the same movie more than once.  The way I figure, who knows when we'll get a babysitter again, so we might as well see something new.  However, back in the free-spirited days when we could just go to movies at night willy-nilly, there ended up being a ton of stuff I saw more than a few times because it was great or I had other friends who wanted to see it or whatever.  For me, the most times would probably be the original Star Wars, which I saw once as a very young lad in theaters (yes, I'm old enough to have seen Star Wars in theaters, fuck off) and then roughly 6 more times on the original re-release.  Nothing else comes close to that one, although I saw the 2009 Star Trek three times in theaters, each Lord of the Rings movie 3 times due to non-intersecting groups of friends, the first Iron Man 3 times for similar reasons, The Dark Knight three times because the first time we had shitty seats opening night and we wanted to get the best experience.  Plus a couple of cases like 300 where we saw it twice in regular theaters and then again in IMAX when we were on vacation in Edmonton.