Rare (non) Mountie promo

I Am….Jacques Rougeau! Promo (1992)

Thought you may get a kick out of this. A "Jacques Rougeau" promo for a match in Ottawa in November 1992 (which didn't happen because Rougeau quit well before then), with the Mountie moniker excised after the RCMP got involved.

Did you have any recollection of these promos? I don't know the time-frame between when he had to go by Rougeau exclusively in Canada and when he left, but it couldn't have been long.

Weird, I have no memory of this.  I thought he just disappeared after the Summerslam period.  Could have been that he was only doing local shots around Ontario and Quebec, because he certainly wasn't out as Rougeau in my neck of the woods at that time.