MOTYC from NJPW (shocking, I know)

Spectacular match right here… Words do no justice….

Yes, but Okada didn’t ride in on a giant dinosaur while carrying a sword this time, so it loses points there.
You what would be mind-blowingly awesome for everyone involved?  New Japan cutting a deal with WWE to air these things on the Network, along with some back catalog footage.  Given that they’re marketing this thing to the hardcore nerds, who are EXACTLY the kind of people who would die for NJPW PPVs for their $10 a month, and New Japan would probably love the extra money and exposure, and WWE would love the cheap live content and footage for the marketing machine…I’m just not seeing any downside whatsoever.  
Anyway, Okada and Ibushi are awesome, not exactly shocking news, I know.  I still prefer Tanahashi and the Shibata “shoot fight” crew, but damn if Okada isn’t having a hell of a run himself this past year.  

MOTYC of the Day

Not my MOTY, but it’s on my list. It is Alvarez’ MOTY I believe, for those who care. I’m not saying people should watch the whole match (assuming people are busy and have jobs, families, etc.)

Just watch the last 5 minutes of the video, just the last 5 minutes if you’re busy. That crowd makes noises you can’t pay for, you have to WORK for it.. And how about that announce team~?! That announce team LETS ME KNOW that this is the best thing ever.

I bet Tanahashi wins Wrestler of the Year for the third straight time.  And can you bet against him this year?  Not me.  

MOTYC of the Day: Shibata vs. Goto

The video starts with the end of Naito vs. Yujiro, then you get Shibata vs. Goto, and Tanahashi vs. Devitt (w/ BulletClub).. good stuff..

Goddamn Tanahashi is just killing it this year.  I don't think he's gonna have any competition for Wrestler of the Year unless Daniel Bryan wins the WWE title.  Which will probably happen as well, so who knows.