John Morrison

Dear Scott, long ti- oh who cares we've all seen it before

We've all heard the rumors about John Morrison coming back. What do you think they should do with him? I've thought of 2 ideas, the first being team him with Miz, which would be a horrible idea given that Miz is one of the worst things on WWE TV right now. And the other, which I'm 99.99999999999% sure won't happen, is have him face HHH at Wrestlemania, put Brock against HBK given they have a feud set in stone right now, and have JoMo go over Trips at 'Mania and give him a giant rub towards the main event. Ha! I'm dreaming.

But besides the impossibility of the second thought, what's your opinion on what they should do with Morrison if he returns?

Sit him down and advise him that the next time the locker room passes his girlfriend around like a doobie, he should probably be more upset about it.