Monster Factory Graduates

Hey Scott,

Here's my interview with Danny Cage of the Monster Factory discussing WWE's Performance Center and the most successful graduate.

Unrelated tangent:  We have a place here in town called The Blind Factory.  Every time I drive by there I think "Geez, the accident rate must be HORRIBLE at that place."

Monster pushes

2 Quick questions for the B.O.D.  Your Ryback commentary got us discussing main event level pushes on the blog.  You were 100% correct in your assessment – WWE will shove the rocket up Rybacks ass, push him through the glass ceiling to the main event regardless of how over he is, inevitably making him a made man and main-eventer for years.

Obviously they're gonna choose the cream of the crop in their eyes and  typically choose the right guy for the rocket push (Orton, Lesnars first push, etc), have they ever done this and just completely shit the bed with whom they've chosen?
The closest guy I can think of was Billy Gunn but I don't recall him getting the Ryback/Orton support beside 1 short program with the Rock.  Perhaps in hindsight the Miz but the guy freakin main-evented a WM.

Oh yeah, they've fucked up monster pushes MANY times before.  Heidenreich was supposed to be The Guy for a while, and we can't forget Nathan Jones and his lactating nipples (allegedly), or the million Mark Henry pushes, or the few weeks they thought Bull Buchanan was gonna be the superstar of the next century, and on and on.  
It's an easy way to build someone, but it's FAR from foolproof.  

Cookie Monster & Grover Visit EW

Awesome.  Also, given the amount of Sesame Street I watch in my daily life now, I'm IMMENSELY glad they finally scrapped Elmo's World after 20 years of the same ones, because it wasn't in HD anyway and Mr. Noodle's Brother has been dead for quite a few years and it was just getting creepy.