What Modern Day WWE is like

To the guy running that wrestling blog I heard about,

Something popped into my head when I thought back to the way Bryan and Reigns were handled throughout Wrestlemania season, and now that I thought it up, I have to share it with you.

Vince's handling of those two is like a movie executive being given the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie and the Ben Affleck movie at the same time. He decides to make both, but he pushes all of his force into the Daredevil movie, being very hands on with it and doing it his way, while he doesn't really care about the Spider-Man movie at all.

However, the Spider-Man movie catches fire entirely through the people, while Daredevil is hated by everyone. Even while knowing this, the exec decides to can all future plans for a Spider-Man franchise, and he makes a franchise out of Daredevil instead, blaming the people for "not getting it".

In other words, if Vince was working in any other industry with the mentality he had back then, he wouldn't last a year. 

Mr. Sharp

​Not really a good analogy.  
First up, movie production has WAY more going on than just simple popularity.  They've been trying to shove Fantastic Four movies down our throat for years now to prevent Marvel from regaining the rights to them, for instance, and not because they made any significant amount of money that would warrant a reboot so soon.  
Also, no one "hates" Roman Reigns in the way people hated the crappy Daredevil movie or the even crappier Elektra spinoff, it's more they hate what he represents.  He's a perfectly cromulent wrestler.  I think a better analogy for his issue would be ​the WWE Movie Company green-lighting a new movie based on Daredevil and starting the script, and then skipping right to releasing Daredevil 3 before they even figured out the plot of the first movie.  And they would open it on the same weekend as Spider-Man when there were no other super-hero movies opening for two months before or after that weekend.  And then blaming the audiences for not being able to fill in the gaps on their own.