Mitb booked into a corner

MITB this weekend seems pretty stuck in terms of booking. Reigns wins the contract (even though he doesn't need it) then cashes in and a) goes heel on ambrose or b) returns the favor to rollins. There just doesn't seem to be anything else. Also, doesn't Cena need to win here? Screwjob? Then again rollins wins and reigns doesn't cash in ignoring the last month because reasons. Thoughts?
​I'm pretty sure Reigns gets the biggest foregone conclusion briefcase ever, but on the bright side at least he won't choke this time!  
I also agree that the Cena-Owens match probably ends in some sort of screwjob non-finish.  They went back to it WAY too early and it doesn't feel like there's any real momentum behind the rematch yet.  ​

MiTB Lightning Round

1) Best MITB Match
Dude, I barely even watched the product from 2005-2011, I can hardly even remember who WON most of the matches.  I recall the original with Benoit and Jericho being pretty awesome, so we’ll go with that one.  2) Worst MITB Match
Again, I just don’t remember enough of them to distinguish them.  I wasn’t a big fan of the four-man one that Cena won, so we’ll go with that one.  3) Best performance in an MITB match Shelton Benjamin in his various attempts.
4) Best spot in an MITB Match
I recall some crazy spectacular ones at WM24. 5) MITB – better as a separate PPV or at WM
Wrestlemania.  Really justifies the bloated nature of the match and gives a bunch of guys a good payday and spotlight.  6) Worst MITB winner
Damien Sandow by giant measures of length.  If you want to limit it to guys who were supposed to made into big stars off it, then Jack Swagger.  7) Ideal # of competitors
7 seems like a fair number. 8) Best cash-in
Ziggler.  Right place, right time.  9) Your prediction for Sunday’s contract match
Ambrose carrying the case around like a crazy man and threatening to fuck up every World title match from now to Wrestlemania would be ingenious but I think Rollins is the most likely.  Love your Sporting News articles! Thanks!  Look for a MITB wrap-up article on Monday! 

Why Reigns should NOT win at MITB (historically)

OK, as much as I'm a Dean Ambrose fan out of the trio, I can see Roman Reigns being THE guy for the next few years, as he's really improved in the ring and has connected with the fan base.  However…

WWE history shows that people that win the championship for the first time in A. fluky ways like MITB cash-ins (Miz, Ziggler, Swagger) or B. multi-person matches (Mysterio, Big Show) really have flat reigns and doesn't give that initial title reign any muster.  When the person is built up on a mission to win the title (Eddie, Bryan, Austin, etc.), the fans EAT IT UP.  

So don't you think that Reigns would be better off winning his first title in a traditional 1 on 1 match at a major PPV?  We can guess that whoever wins MITB is getting fed to Bork Laser at Summer Slam, so why make his first title reign a short one, when defeating Borklestein would give him 10 times more cred?

– Rob

Of course he'd be better off.  But sometimes you've just gotta take a shot.  That being said, Cena winning and then dropping it to our Viking Space Lord is the biggest money match for Summerfest, especially with Reigns over HHH as the semi.  Cena can carry the belt, it doesn't hurt him to lose right away, and he owes Brock a job anyway.  


Hi, Scott!
If I remember correctly, the first time the MITB ladder match and the
Elimination Chamber came out, it was as if Raw GM (at that time )Eric
Bischoff was the one who came up with the idea for the two matches.
Knowing that Bischoff was a real booker in the past, is there a chance
that he actually came up with these matches, or were the matches made
up by some other people backstage, and as the authority figure, he
just made it look like he thought of the matches himself?
Thanks and more power to the BoD!

Bischoff was not a "booker" in the sense of devising storylines and ideas, he was more the guy who would take input from others and give the yes or no.  He came up with broader concepts like the nWo invasion, but the day-to-day stuff was a committee.  
That being said, the Money in the Bank match was a well-known suggestion by Chris Jericho, and Elimination Chamber was a case where they had someone design the cage and then kind of devised the match around it.  I believe Pat Patterson was the idea guy behind the actual match, but I absolutely could be wrong on that one.  I know that the Chamber cost in the range of $600,000 and so they had to push it as a major deal on several PPVs in order to recoup the money invested, but I'd say they've done a good job with that.  

MITB guaranteed buy?

Hey Scott,

Was curious for your take on something. Since 2010, I feel like MITB has been 4-for-4 on thumbs up shows. You've rated highly both the 2011 and 2013 versions, and while the 2010 and 2012 editions don't quite make it to those levels, they are both very good and satisfying events.

For me personally, MITB has reached that rare level of becoming a guaranteed PPV buy every year, along with the Rumble, WrestleMania and Extreme Rules (ever since it got moved to after Mania).

So I guess my question is a 3-parter:

What shows, if any, do you consider must-buy PPVs every year?
Do you think MITB has surpassed Summerslam as the show of the summer (although this year's is looking pretty good)?
Do you think you'll ever rant on MITB '10 and '12?

Thanks for your time and very valued opinion!

I of course buy Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania habitually every year, and usually Extreme Rules as well.  And yes, I definitely think MITB has surpassed Summerslam as the most important show of the summer, especially considering that the briefcase has more importance than most of the titles even do.  Plus it's usually an easy thumbs up show with two matches that make for good drama and fantasy booking potential.