Mike Reviews Shows Considered To Be Stinkers – LPWA Super Ladies Showdown (23rd February 1992)

Howdy Ho Stinkerinos!

Back with another Reader Request this month, as we look at the LPWA’s failed foray into pay per view courtesy of Dave Newman.

For those not acquainted with these reviews, I look back at a show that has a bad reputation and decide whether it deserves it or not. This one is probably going to be more the case of production woes dragging things down, as looking at the list of wrestlers included then the in-ring aspect should likely be decent once the bell rings.

The Ladies Pro Wrestling Association was a women’s only federation from 1989-1992 that tried to present the women as actual wrestlers as opposed to companies like GLOW, that focused more on gimmicks and titillation.

The company was run by a guy called John Berg and they produced some television and VHS releases before throwing their hat into the pay per view realm. I’ve decided to do minimal research into the women I don’t know for this one to see how good a job the LPWA does of introducing its roster to a new viewer. I might even factor that into the eventual decision at the end actually. I’m going into it as someone who has never watched the product before and we’ll see how good a job the LPWA does of getting me up to speed.

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Mike Reviews – ROH Glory By Honour II (20th September 2003) – Part One

Welcome to another ROH Wednesday Everyone!

This time we’ve got the first part of Glory By Honour II, an event that got a lot of hype at the time due to the quality of some of the matches and the star power involved, with Terry Funk actually making an appearance next week. This week we’ve got Steve Corino Vs Raven, in a match I don’t think ever really happened in ECW despite them both passing through there. I think by the time they were actually booking Corino as a credible threat to the top guys Raven had already left to go to the WWF. They might have had some smaller matches back when Corino was doing his Jericho Light gimmick and managing Rhino, but it was pretty much just tags for them whilst they were still in the company together I think.

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Mike Reviews – ECW November To Remember 1998 (1st November 1998)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I decided to do this one as I’ve only got two holes remaining in my original ECW pay per view archives, so I’ll do this one now and we’ll get to Guilty As Charged 1999 sometime in January. The big storyline going into this one is that Sabu, Rob Van Dam and Taz have formed an alliance because they’re just sick of Shane Douglas, Chris Candido’s and Bam Bam Bigelow’s nonsense, but it’s a loose alliance at best and liable to collapse at any moment.

I’m watching the Laserlight Digital home VHS version, which has a notable edit where part of the Tag Title match is cut out, but it does have the real music whereas the WWE Network version doesn’t, which makes it the superior cut of the show by default in my opinion.

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Mike Reviews – ECW November to Remember 1997 (30th November 1997)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Back with another ECW review today, as I fill in the holes in my ECW pay per view review archive. November to Remember 97 was ECW’s third pay per view event, and N2R was generally the equivalent of their WrestleMania. The big storylines coming into this one were Tommy Dreamer feuding with the WWF aligned Rob Van Dam, Sandman looking for revenge on Sabu after the latter had thrown fire in the eyes of the former, and the big Main Event is Shane Douglas trying to regain his ECW World Title from Bam Bam Bigelow.

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Mike Reviews – WCW Halloween Havoc 1991 (27th October 1991)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Last week I reviewed WCW Halloween Havoc 2000, which is a pretty awful show, so I decided to review a Halloween Havoc show that has the capacity to be a bit more fun in the form of the 1991 offering. The Main Event on this one is Lex Luger Vs Ron Simmons, but we’ve also got some interesting matches on the undercard, including Terry Taylor and Bobby Eaton going at it during Bobby’s brief babyface singles run.

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Mike Reviews – ROH Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies (16th August 2003) – Part One

Welcome back to another ROH Wednesday!

The big match on this half of the show will likely be Matt Stryker and BJ Whitmer going at it, as Stryker got a big win on the previous show against Justin Credible whilst Whitmer had a darn fine World Title match with Samoa Joe. There’s also a match scheduled between Christopher Daniels and Xavier, as The Prophecy EXPLODES!

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Mike Reviews – WWE ECW (4th September 2007)

Hello there you cheesy comestibles!

I decided to review this one as I wanted to re-watch the John Morrison Vs CM Punk match again as I had a lot of fondness for it back in the day. I haven’t got a clue as to what else is on this show though, so that could end up being a potentially nice or negative surprise.

Maffew has also reviewed this show during his EPIC journey through the history of WWE’s ECW brand and you can read what he thought by clicking HERE

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Mike Reviews – ROH Wrath of the Racket (9th August 2003) – Concluding Part

It’s another ROH Wednesday!

This week we close out Wrath of the Racket, with the Main Event scheduled to be AJ Styles and The Amazing Red defending the ROH Tag Titles against Christopher Daniels and Dan Maff, with Samoa Joe defending the ROH World Title against BJ Whitmer in the Semi-Main slot.

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Mike Reviews – ROH Wrath of the Racket (9th August 2003) – Part One

It’s another ROH Wednesday!

This time we’ve got ROH coming from Dayton, with the big draw being an appearance from Jim Cornette, hence the show name. Blog poster Jeff Gorman is apparently doing the ring announcing on this one too, so there’s even a BOD tie in. What more could you ask for?!

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Mike Reviews – WWF No Mercy 1999 US Version (17th October 1999)

What’s Happenin’ Cool Cats!

The WWF actually ran two shows called No Mercy in 1999, with the first one being a UK only show in May 1999 that was pretty rubbish. Thankfully the American version of the show in October was much better, so let’s watch that.

The arena for this show was actually included in the Video Game of the same name that was released on the N64. I’m not sure if THQ/AKI just picked that pay per view at random to name the game after or if it was a case of “corporate synergy” where they and the WWF came together and decided to give the game and the pay per view in question the same name for tie-in purposes.

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Mike Reviews – ROH Death Before Dishonour (19th July 2003) – Part One

Back with yet another ROH Wednesday!

This was actually a pretty darn big show for ROH crowd attendance wise due to them bringing in Jeff Hardy not that far removed from him leaving WWE earlier in 2003. There are also some big matches on the card featuring the likes of Raven, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Paul London, AJ Styles and Low Ki, so it’s a pretty stacked card.

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Mike Reviews Shows Considered To Be Stinkers – NWA Bunkhouse Stampede (24th January 1988)

Good Day One And All!

Back with another Stinker Review this week, where I look at a show that has a reputation for being rubbish and decide whether it deserves its rap sheet or not.

This time out it’s another reader request, with Bunkhouse Stampede fighting its way out of the Stinker Hat courtesy of WChilders 49. I have watched this show before but it was quite a while ago, and I only really remember one of the matches being any good.

This is one of them there concept shows, with the idea being that guys have qualified for the Main Event by winning Battle Royals on House Show events, leading to them all going at it in a big Battle Royal bout to close the show. The extra gimmick though is that the Battle Royal itself is going to be held inside a cage, meaning you have to chuck your opponents out of the cage until you are the sole survivor.

This show is mostly remembered for being the catalyst for the first ever Royal Rumble event, as Vince McMahon threw that on TV in order to mess with the NWA and the concept got so over that it remains to this day. Would the Bunkhouse Stampede Cage Match™ enjoy the same enduring popularity? I guess you’ll have to read on to find out…

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Mike Reviews – NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling Ultra Clash 1993 (18th September 1993)

Hey there chaps and chapettes!

Today we’re looking back at the first ECW show of the Paul Heyman Era, with Ultra Clash representing the moment the pencil switched between Eddie Gilbert and Paul. Paul E was kind of cut throat in the way he got control of things, but Gilbert had no interest in working with Jim Crockett or the NWA, so ECW joining up with them was a natural stepping off point for Eddie, with this show scheduled to be his last in the promotion.

I’ve never seen this show before but it has some historical significance to it. ECW was actually still Eastern instead of Extreme at this point and was also now a member of the NWA, but that would change when 1994 rolled around. Knowing Heyman he probably already had the gears whirring in his head for that spectacular screw job.

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