July Classics: The Fantastics vs. The Midnight Express – Bash ’88

At Clash I, The Fantastics had thought they won the United States Tag Team Championship, but the decision was reversed. They got a rematch on the 5/14/88 edition of World Wide and won the titles, and this is The Express’ title rematch. Jim Cornette is strapped into a straitjacket and locked in a cage that is above the ring in order to prevent interference.


Promo of the Day: Midnight Express vs Frank and Jesse James

Came across this on You Tube.  Dennis Condrey asking Jim Cornette " Do you know who this is" while in an arm bar was great. Whatever became of the mysterious James brothers?

They changed their name to the Armstrong Brothers?  We will literally never have a way to find out who were under the masks anyway, so it's kind of a moot point.  I mean, the detective work needed to penetrate those disguises would bankrupt Scotland Yard.  

Midnight Express heat?

In the Freebird question you said teams like the Midnights were jobbed out for political reasons.   What reasons?   Bobby must've been liked pretty well as he got a short baby face run, a TV Title run and then put in the Dangerous Alliance.  Was there heat on Stan Lane?  Or was this one of those "Because WCW" where they just outshines everyone and were thus knocked down a peg?
​It wasn't specifically the Express​ as such, it was more Jim Cornette rubbing a series of bosses the wrong way (Ole Anderson in particular) and the Express making a lot of money and thus becoming the target of the constant cost-cutting measures.  Cornette goes into tons of details in every shoot interview that he does.  

BoD Midnight Update

Could a Third Man Be Added to the WrestleMania Title Match?

According to a source that told Bryan Alvarez, the current internal lineup for WrestleMania lists the following for the title match:

“Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. ???”

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

Possible Undercard Matches For WrestleMania?

The same source told Alvarez about several matches being discussed for WrestleMania:

Dean Ambrose vs. Big E to unify the U.S. and IC Titles
Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns
Sheamus vs. Christian
Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust
A possible match between NXT guys is being discussed too

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

Who is Inducting Jake “The Snake” Roberts into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Jake will be inducted by Diamond Dallas Page

Credit Mike Johnson, PWInsider.com

WWE.com”Where are They Now” with Scott Norton


Midnight Rider

In the last few weeks we have seen a quasi looser leave town match, a Dusty finish and a great Dusty promo. The obvious follow up is for Cody to come back under a mask. The Dirty Yellow  Midnight Riding Dog.

Scott from Long Island

I actually have thought ever since Cody was out that they'd be bringing him back as the Midnight Rider to fuck with HHH, since real life HHH is such a mark for that whole era anyway.  

BoD Midnight Update

Randy Orton Injured at Tonight’s Smackdown Tapings

WWE.com reported that Orton suffered a cervical strain and a cervical neuropraxia in his match


Warrant Out For the Arrest of Ric Flair

He owes 8 months worth of spousal support, which is $32,352.51. This guy is just a mess at this point.


More on TNA Releases

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, Tara’s release was planned and a cost-cutting move. However, Doc’s release was to be blamed no Bruce Prichard, who let his contract lapse after waiting too long to renegotiate. He was apparently in their plans.


Great Match of the Day: The Midnight Express v. The Road Warriors

You want to see a sympathetic babyface get the SHIT beaten out of him?  Witness the Midnight Express turning babyface in defeat, losing the tag titles to the Road Warriors in one of the most epic beatings you will ever witness outside of Brock Lesnar.  The Road Warriors were so awesome in this role that they turned themselves face again shortly afterwards.  Mad props to Stan Lane here for selling his ass off. 

The Midnight DC Post!

Yes, for those angry comic nerds anxiously awaiting my review of the big releases from DC tonight, here you go! Flashpoint #5:  About what I expected.  No idea what the mumbo-jumbo with the Speed Force actually means or how it leads to everyone wearing armor and high collars.  I didn’t even realize Barry’s mom was dead or that anyone cared in the first place, and I was reading from the late 70s all the way until he died in the Crisis, so this must be a new development.  As everyone suspected, all the crossovers end up meaning fuck all.  Justice League #1:  As the first part of a trade paperback collection it’s great.  As the first issue intended to draw in the mythical new readers, who then have to wait until OCTOBER 19TH to read the second part and hopefully see more than just GL and Batman in the book, it’s a crushing disappointment.  Jim Lee’s artwork is, however, breathtaking.  I can withstand a lot of crap if it’s drawn by him or Dan Jurgens (see also All Star Batman and Zero Hour, respectively).  I know that it wasn’t realistic to expect them drop the big 7 (or big 6 + Cyborg) fully formed out of the sky, but given all the hype I was hoping for a LITTLE more for my $4.