Michael Cole is still dead

If rumors are true and "Michael Cole" shows up on Raw, would this have been the most ridiculous fake injury on-air talent have recovered from in a week?

As I recall, Triple H survived being dropped from his car when it was lifted up by 20-30 feet by Austin.  The Rock survived the nWo beat down followed by his ambulance being jacknifed by Hogan's semi.  Vince survived the explosion, but they dropped the storyline on that.

RIP Michael Cole. 

Well, plans change.  ​I was hoping to find a clip on Youtube of "Mr. Burns was pronounced dead at the hospital, before being moved to a better hospital where his condition was upgraded to alive."  
It also blows my mind that they have access to Jim Ross and Joey Styles as temporary commentary choices and still feel like they HAVE to rush Michael Cole back as if people somehow give a shit about him.  They spent an entire year building up an angle where he was a complete dickface to the fans and then just expected them to suddenly like him again because Lawler had a heart attack?   ​

Michael Hayes

I've been watching the Legends of Wrestling episodes on the network. Whenever Michael Hayes is on, the panel always jokes about him not being in the Hall of Fame. Just wondering if there is a reason why Hayes/Freebirds have not been nominated for the Hall of Fame,

I find it more odd that of all the ways you can score off Michael Hayes with cheap jokes, "Not being a Hall of Famer" is the target they go with.  
Really, he should be in either as a solo deal or with the Freebirds, and I don't know that there's any specific reason why he's not.  Maybe they're just waiting for the next Wrestlemania in the south?  

Michael Bay says The Rock needs to stop wrestling


He has a point. Rock needs to decide which he wants to do- wrestle, or act.  Pick one, and stick with it. 

I hope he just stays of WWE TV for good and goes back to doing crappy-but-profitable movies. I'm beyond sick to death of his tired, worn-out late-90's/early-2000's mad-libs promos and mediocre in-ring work when we could be seeing younger talent being pushed instead of a part-time novelty act. 

Hogan never learned to just bow out gracefully and apparently The Rock can't either. Just go the fuck away, Dwayne and take your tired schtick with you.
Hey now, let's not say something we can't take back.  Rock's return was disappointing, but a disappointing Rock is still better than 90% of the roster.  That being said, if he's tearing muscles off his bones, he shouldn't be wrestling anymore, and he certainly shouldn't be wrestling Brock Lesnar.  So I agree, he should go enjoy his movie career and move on.  

Michael Cole

During the Jerry Lawler incident on Raw last Monday, fans had a chance to see an actual human side to Michael Cole and share in his obvious worry and concern.  For the first time I can think of, people only have GOOD things to say about MIchael Cole.  Do you think that this could be the golden opportunity for creative to have him him tone down on the more obnoxious parts of his character and turn him into someone the fans can respect and appreciate?  I know it sounds crazy, but if ever there was a time to do it, this is it.

Absolutely.  I'd say they would be stupid not to do it, because now they've got someone who can sell PPVs and be the voice of reason that people trust.  Strange to say, but from tragedy there can sometimes come a much bigger benefit, and this is definitely a case where they can finally get Cole over as the person they've been trying to create for 10 years.  

Michael McGuillicutty

Can you please explain to me why Joe Hennig uses the name Michael McGuillicutty?  On the surface it reeks of Vince’s typical obsession with wanting to create everything himself.  However, he’s had no problem with Orton, Dibiase, and Tamina (who in case you don’t know is the daughter of Jimmy Snuka).
The only thing that makes any sense to me is that they didn’t want to give him the expectations of the Mr. Perfect legacy with the Hennig name, but everyone knows, so even that doesn’t fly.
It is one of those pet peeves of mine to the point I can’t even enjoy him because IMO he shoulda said “F off Vince, I’m using the family name”.

Well see, with those other guys it was TUESDAY when he was coming up with the names, so the voices in his head told him that keeping the legacy was important.  For the others, it was WEDNESDAY, and they had changed their mind and decided that creating his own legacies was a more important goal.  It's important to have the proper context when considering Vince's decision-making process.  

Michael Hayes

Hello Scott,

Always enjoy a good mailbag, and would appreciate your opinion on something that has been bothering me for a while. Just what is the deal with Michael Hayes?
I appreciate the impact the Freebirds made, and he obviously must have a decent mind for the business given his career backstage and in the ring, but his ring-work came across as being centred around stalling and doing a crap moonwalk.

Yet he appears to be very well respected, and has ascended through the WWE from road agent to head writer. So is he a genius? Opportunist? Overrated?
Keep up the good work!

He's a smart guy, but a shit worker.  And a bit of a racist, apparently.  But yeah, he's always had a great mind for the business and he's a funny guy.  There's lots of guys like that, who were smart enough to make a good living for themselves but really found their calling as agents or writers (like BIG JOHNNY) because they can act as a muse for someone with better in-ring talent than them.  And then I guess you have the opposite like Ricky Steamboat, where he can still work circles around the guys he's supposed to be training.  

Discussion topic:  Who among today's guys are going to be the best agents and writers for the next generation?  Punk obviously.  Any dark horses?

Gary Michael Cappetta Interview Plug

Scott –
Was hoping you could plug the interview we recently did with Gary
Michael Cappetta…thanks so much!
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Enjoy the plug!