Hair Metal!

Non wrestling one : As a keen fan about to attend the Alice Cooper / Motley Crue double bill in Melbourne, Australia, what would be your top 5 ‘hair / glam / 80s’ rock albums? For me, in no particular order : Dr Feelgood – Motley Crue Cherry Pie – Warrant Appetite for Destruction – Guns n Roses Bezerk – Tigertailz (an underrated gem) Skid Row – Skid Row Honourable mentions : Damn Yankees – Damn Yankees, Flesh and Blood – Poison, 1984 – Van Halen, New Jersey – Bon Jovi, Bad English – Bad English. Cheers, Tim B.

I feel like this topic is going to earn me some scorn from my readership, although probably not up there with the teal controversy.  Music snobs should probably abandon ship now.  Dr. Feelgood is definitely up there for me.  I don’t really count GNR as part of that music scene, as for me melodic rock is a genre that Guns never really fit into that neatly.  Appetite is still probably one of the best albums of all time, but I wouldn’t slot it into a list like this.  If you’re counting them, you might as well count Back in Black and then it’s just unfair to every other rock album ever made.  Cherry Pie is really only one great song and a lot of filler for me, but then I was never a huge Warrant fan.  For Skid Row, I always listened to Slave to the Grind on non-stop repeat in high school rather than their debut, but I had “18 and Life” pop up on my Google Play Music playlist recently and I was like “DAMN!” because man that was a great song.  Damn Yankees were awesome, and I got to meet Tommy Shaw after a Styx concert years ago and he signed my copy of “Seven Deadly Zens” for me and everything.  Major nerd moment for me.  New Jersey was one of the defining albums of high school for me and I love it to death but I don’t listen to Jovi much anymore.  My own list: 1.  Def Leppard, “Hysteria”.  Not sure why you left this one off, but it’s easily my favorite album of all time.  2.  Dr. Feelgood.  Aside from bullshit ballads like “Without You” that kill the flow, it’s just non-stop rock the whole way.  “Don’t Go Away Mad” was not only one of the best songs they ever did, but eerily prophetic.  And then the Corrabi album was just balls out awesome but we know all the shit that went down to kill that one.  3.  The Cult, “Sonic Temple”.  The first time I heard the guitar riff that starts “Firewoman” was like a light bulb switching on in my brain, because I didn’t really have any specific musical taste before then.  I bought that album and literally wore out the cassette tape in high school playing it over and over until my parents wanted to murder me.  4.  Poison, “Flesh and Blood”.  The first two were too cheesy for me, but this one had a really polished production that I loved.  And then of course they self-destructed.  “Crack a Smile” should have been their best album ever and even in the form we got it later on it was still pretty badass.  5.  Firehouse, self-titled.  A wild card for the #5 spot!  Super production, great riffs, HUGE’s just a tremendous piece of work.  Try to hear “Love of a Lifetime” without instinctively throwing your lighter into the air.  Honorable mentions:  Kiss’ “Hot in the Shade”, Bad English, Skid Row’s “Slave to the Grind”, Ozzy’s “No More Tears”, Slaughter’s “The Wild Life”.  DAMN YOU GRUNGE FOR DESTROYING MY CHILDHOOD!