Question for Blog: Storylines WWE Can’t Mess Up

You mentioned in an earlier post that WWE has only three or four storylines they actually know how to write, hence why we're continually subjected to the "Power Vacuum" and  "Heel GM vs. Top Babyface" feuds. But what are some storylines that WWE gets right, more often than not?
For me, I don't know that the "Babyface Must Obey the Heel" storyline has ever not been over, even at its worst (HBK working for JBL, to say nothing of all the missed potential of Cena working for Nexus). It's a well I'm surprised they don't go to more often. 
Any other storylines?

Love Triangle is incredibly difficult to blow, which is why everyone tends to remember the times when they did.  Underdog Babyface has been done a bunch and is generally effective.  Masked Babyface is usually pretty fun, although it doesn't really lend itself well to main event storylines.  

Fwd: Tammy Sytch is a mess- Film At 11

———- Forwarded message — I know she's completely screwed up her own life and this is essentially all her own fault, but damn… I still can't help but feel a little bit sorry for her. It would've been nice to see her make some kind of return to the WWE but I'm sure that won't ever happen.  -Paul. ————————— Never say never.  She is a hall of famer,  after all.