New Wyatt Family Member?

Quick and Dirty thought for you…ODB from TNA as a new, female ass-kicking Wyatt member?
I seriously doubt they would have interest in putting thirty something ODB through developmental for a year or more, and neither would she.  They'd be better off recycling one of the cookie cutter girls in NXT already.  
Also, when are they gonna bring up Alexa Bliss and team her with the Dust brothers as Pixie Dust?

New member of the Wyatt family?

I'm getting the sense that at SummerSlam we'll see the debut of a new Wyatt family member. Harper and Rowan being banned from ringside seems like the device to give us (and Jericho) a false sense of security that this is going to be a fair 1-on-1 match. But Bray is a bad guy, so of course he's going to find some way to cheat.
With the Wyatts' act growing somewhat stale lately, it seems like a good time for a shakeup. And while I mostly like how they've handled the Wyatts so far, a "cult" that never draws any new members comes across as pretty weak.
The WWE roster is full of so many options — guys and girls who logically would be disillusioned with the WWE machine and ready to "follow the buzzards" — that it could be anybody from Big E to a newcomer from NXT who makes the turn. Do you think this is a possibility, and/or something that should happen?

​Well yeah, the whole "stack the deck against Bray" deal is typically a clear sign that they're gonna break their own stip and do a new member of the Family to interfere, like Big Show in the Austin-McMahon match.  Although I really wish they'd spend more time coming up with better storylines and less time trying to find clever ways to get out of the storylines they came up with.  Personally I'm still confused as to what Bray is even trying to accomplish at this point and why anyone would even want to join him.  I guess one of the midcard geeks could turn to freshen them up, but it seems like a zero sum game.  To be honest I thought that the best idea floating out there previously was during the brief aborted Miz-Wyatt feud, where speculation was that Miz would get inducted and start growing out his hair and taking on a more badass edge.  I don't think more bodies is the solution but at least it's something, I guess.  ​