Meaningless 2nd Title

Hey Scott,

When do you feel the 2ndary titles became worthless?

My own feeling is that both titles has been meaningless since Cena was US champion the first couple times. For myself, at least, I kept a pretty hold on who was IC and US champ at any given time. After that point, it all became a blur. I know it's a subjective point but considering all titles are really just smoke and mirrors (since it's a fake sport and all), it's always amazed me that they're even able to create any legitimacy over an imaginary title, let alone an title that basically says, "in this imaginary world, you're still only second best."


​Vince Russo.  Ironic since everyone praises his treatment of the midcard during the Attitude era, but treating the titles like props and playthings killed them.  As a lifelong superfan I was able to, at the time, recite all the IC champions from Pat Patterson onwards, but once you hit 1999​ I'm done.  The whole Godfather/Jarrett/D-Lo/Edge/Goldust era is a confusing blur for me and many others.