Michael McGuillicutty

Can you please explain to me why Joe Hennig uses the name Michael McGuillicutty?  On the surface it reeks of Vince’s typical obsession with wanting to create everything himself.  However, he’s had no problem with Orton, Dibiase, and Tamina (who in case you don’t know is the daughter of Jimmy Snuka).
The only thing that makes any sense to me is that they didn’t want to give him the expectations of the Mr. Perfect legacy with the Hennig name, but everyone knows, so even that doesn’t fly.
It is one of those pet peeves of mine to the point I can’t even enjoy him because IMO he shoulda said “F off Vince, I’m using the family name”.

Well see, with those other guys it was TUESDAY when he was coming up with the names, so the voices in his head told him that keeping the legacy was important.  For the others, it was WEDNESDAY, and they had changed their mind and decided that creating his own legacies was a more important goal.  It's important to have the proper context when considering Vince's decision-making process.