Mayweather vs Chyna

I noticed the WWE trying to ride the coattails of the big fight tonight, had a special featuring Mayweather’s WM match with Big Show.
  The same Mayweather who has been arrested/cited multiple times for domestic abuse. Meanwhile they want nothing to do with Chyna.   Clearly Porn films are much more harmful to society than a female being battered by a professional boxer.   Stay Classy WWE – Be a Star!

​I'm gonna have to step up and defend WWE a bit here, I guess.
a)  There's way more issues with Chyna than just the porn films.  She's a repeated drug addict who has trashed the company in public interviews and embarrassed the wrestling business repeatedly.  Doing a "porn parody" where she takes part in a portrayal of Vince having sex with his own daughter isn't exactly a good way to make amends with the company.  
2) If you're going to criticize WWE for trying to cash in on the Mayweather fight, you should probably levy more of that criticism on the boxing world for allowing him to continue fighting in the first place.  WWE has the footage, they might as well try to recoup some money out of his Wrestlemania appearance.  
c)  The two things really have nothing to do with each other in the first place.  If they were featuring Mayweather while snubbing someone like Steve Austin for his domestic abuse issues, THEN you'd have a valid complaint.  ​