Lady Shield


I’ve heard some people bitch about all three of the nxt women debuting together on Monday, worrying that they could overshadow each other. How is this any different than bringing the shield up together? I mean that worked out pretty well I’d say


​The difference is that the Shield was brought up with the goal being to protect and make Roman Reigns into a top level star in the shortest amount of time possible. ​I somehow doubt that sticking Sasha Banks in "Team BAD" has the same sort of agenda. They’ve already shown a few times that they don’t really get why the NXT women have had such success with the division down there. But hey, maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

Maybe a good question for the blog

Hi Scott,

Like your stuff and the blog.  Here's a possible question for you and the blog: How did Jerry Lawler stay on top of the Memphis Wrestling scene for 20+ years without the fans getting so incredibly sick of him?  I know the business wasn't good near the end, but he was doing legit good business for at least 15 of those years main eventing the Mid-South Coliseum in front of 5000-9000 week in and week out.  From what I've seen on line, he was a good brawler, but a little guy (in comparison to a typical wrestler), pretty good on the mic and had some charisma, but his talent didn't seem to match the incredible run he had.

And were there other examples of a guy dominating a region for this length of time?  Was Harley Race this big in St. Louis or Buddy Rose in Portland or someone I've never heard of in a place I've never been?

​Lawler had a specific formula that worked perfectly, and he was a local legend who was beloved by fans.  It was a great combination.  Plus Memphis would typically cycle guys in as challengers, Lawler would work a month or so with them as the top program, and then they'd lose out and go somewhere else.  Things weren't allowed to get stale on top and there was never the feeling that Lawler was an indestructible superman.  He almost always got his ass kicked by the incoming monster heel and lost the title, but then figured out their weakness (usually a fireball to the face did the trick) and then rallied back to win.  That's called TELLING A STORY, MAGGLE.  
Plus Memphis was just balls out awesome for about two decades, so there's that, too.  ​

Age of Ultron plug, maybe?

Hi Scott,

As the king of all things smarky, I wanted to let you know that your rant against the Age of Ultron series inspired me to write an article for the new startup site,

This one covers polybags, and some of the more famous examples that we all (hopefully) remember.

I’d appreciate a plug, if possible.

And please be sure to keep an eye out for the Steve Austin piece I’ll be doing in celebration of the 17th anniversary of the “Austin 3:16” speech.

No problem.  I’m still setting up my new iPad so I haven’t dived into this week’s comics yet, but I’m anxiously awaiting the trainwreck that is Ultron’s finale. 

Maybe a different angle?

Hey Scott,

I hate myself for this, but what happens if the 1997 Hart Foundation continues? The pro-Canadian/anti-American angle was  some of the best TV the WWE has ever done, and I just wonder what would have happened to that group if the events that transpired never occured… In short, without the Montreal screwjob and the other obvious issues, how would the pro-Canada/anti-USA Hart Foundation angle ended?

PS: Honestly, I've heard stories about a hair-pulling incident, but that aside, as a pretty decorated amateur wrestler, couldn't Bret Hart destroy Shawn Michaels in an actual fight?

PPS: Ricky Steamboat vs Tito Santana: Who is the better worker and is it close?

1.  Steve Austin beating Bret Hart to win the World title at Wrestlemania was always the destination.  Basically the Harts would have replaced D-X's role in the show, I imagine, and then the group would have splintered for good.  Makes sense.

2.  Wrestling and street fighting are two totally different things.  The early UFCs showed that even an elite wrestler like Dan Severn could only do so much in that environment.  Bret was never known as a tough guy, which is one reason why they were able to execute the screwjob on him.  
3.  Steamboat, and no, it's not even close.