Sunday Matinee – August 11th, 2013


Today is all about the brawl for all. When you have to settle someone’s hash. When the King of England comes into your house and starts pushing you around;

Best fight scene.

I have 3 that juggle around the number 1 spot. The multi-floor, one-take fight scene from Tony Jaa’s The Protector. It’s incredible for a fight scene, and even more amazing due to the fact the entire thing was done in one take. No breaks. No cuts. It took them 7 tries to get it right. Great stuff. Another is the final fight from Drunken Master II. Ebert said it may not be possible to film a better fight scene. It needs to be seen to be believed. And the final one is the showdown between Braden & Cho from Revenge of the Ninja, arguably the greatest ninja film of all time. It’s a hell of a fight, and easily the greatest ninja go-at-it in history. Even more so than the golf-hating ninja taking on multiple cops in Ninja III. I loved Revenge of the Ninja as a kid and probably saw it 70+ times. Usually things from your childhood don’t carry over, but Revenge of the Ninja, and the final fight scene, have only gotten better.

How say you?