Taker/Foley HITC – most famous wrestling match ever?

I know the consensus would be Hogan/Andre – but think about it, the Jim Ross "Good God Almighty!" call has taken on a life of its own, and because the WWE continues to promote the Attitude Era as the most important thing that's ever happened in human history, more people in the internet era (who don't watch wrestling) have seen the Foley off the cage spot than Hogan slamming Andre.

Also do I get a prize for being the 1 millionth person to email you about Taker/Foley?

I'm also gonna have to go with Hogan/Andre, there, compadre, but I appreciate the effort you put into the argument.  Certainly for most memorable MOMENT you could rank it up there, but most people don't really remember the circumstances or details of the match around the swan dive.  I'd even say Rock v. Mankind would best it, in fact.  

Surprisingly Good Match of the Day – Davey Boy Smith vs. Greg Valentine – MSG 10/20/86

I was just watching this episode of Old School on the Network. It was a televised MSG show from 10/20/86. This was the best match on the show, and I would rate this somewhere around ***1/2, if only for the weak ending. I just wanted to share with you, the BoD Universe…..since I care and all.

Davey Boy Smith vs. Greg Valentine by Stinger1981

Awesome Match from a Week Ago

8/16/14 .. Ok, I know people totally prefer when I explain the stage, so here it goes.. The Tag Champs, Shigehiro Irie & Keisuke Ishii, are DDT guys who won the titles 4 or 5 months ago just by being pretty goddamned great. They beat a more-than-formidable tag team to win the titles and have had killer defense after killer defense since then. They are the reigning AJPW All-Asia Tag Team Champions, a title that the Meltz has referred to multiple times as the “Workrate Titles”. Basically, what the X Division Title meant a decade ago, in the sense that you’re about to watch that amazing hybrid style of wrestling that never fails to deliver.

They are taking on the time proven, other worldly Kotaro Suzuki, teaming up with the next Tanahashi in the making (a trait you may notice) Kento Miyahara.. Tokyo’s Kōrakuen Hall is the setting, Kyohei Wada is the ref.. YOU are the most important fan in the building, and the match is pretty fresh.. Check it out..




Shigehiro Irie & Keisuke Ishii (c) vs…

Another Killer Match From the G1 Earlier Today

“The last two nights were not just two of the best shows of the year, but
they’re probably two of the five best shows I’ve ever seen.  This is
the greatest tournament in pro wrestling history and it’s not even a
close call.  Last years’ was the best I’d ever seen and this year blows
away last year.”

— Dave Meltzer (8/3/14)

“The Wrestler” Katsuyori Shibata vs. Tomoaki Honma


Best Match of the G1 So Far?

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tomoaki Honma, from yesterday’s fantastic G1 Climax Day 4 PPV. I know I’ll catch some heat for not going with Tanahashi/Shibata. That was a masterpiece. However, if I’m only allowed to watch ONE match back from the tournament so far, it’s gotta be this one. A rematch of their brutal MOTYC in early May. This one is only 12 minutes and it flies right by. I’d have to say Styles has been the star of the tournament so far, but this is your classic war of attrition.

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tomoaki Honma (7/26/14)

Match of the Day

I reviewed this show last night but today is the 12th Anniversary of the first ever Ring of Honor Champion was crowned. Here is the sixty minute Iron Man Match between Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Spanky vs. Doug Williams

Best Match From “G1 Climax 24: Night 1”

I thought of hopping on here and pimping tonight’s PPV, Night 2 of the G1 tournament. To be honest though, it’s probably the weakest card of the tournament, so instead I figured I’d share the match from yesterday that many have called the greatest singles match of AJ Styles’ career. For my money, the only thing keeping this from the full monty is the ref-bump/run-in business, and even then the crowd was so into that. A must see for “wrestling” fans. Others may prefer the Stephanie/Brie Bella angle, I don’t know. Takes all kinds I suppose..

Full Match Here: AJ Styles vs. Kazuchika Okada (7/21/14)

Best Match of the Week

From the big Pro Wrestling NOAH show on 7/5/14, as the inexplicable Yuji Nagata GHC World Title reign continues. His first defense came via pinfall over KENTA in a lengthy match. Weeks later he brought the goods main-eventing against Takashi Sugiura on a card that was as strong top-to-bottom as any all year. He had a bloodbath with Maybach Tanaguchi, and got the best match out of Mohammed Yone in recent memory. Now it’s Naomichi Marufuji standing in his way, the man penciled in as the new top dog to replace KENTA. The man who is expected to carry the load finally gets his shot, but Nagata has far exceeded all expectations and the reign stands well to continue.


Match of the Day

Today, I picked an insane, bloody brawl between Bruiser Brody and Terry Funk from 11/30/81 in Japan. The post match stuff is wild too, as you can see some stars run in and a future star too if you look closely enough. Since Brody is considered one of the best brawlers of All-Time, I thought I would show this match for those who have not seen him before. I should also mention that this match triggered a series of matches between all of the men involved that were all fantastic and insane. Enjoy.


A Match of the Day

All this PG TV makes me want to see a brawl with chair shots and blood and tables and just two people beating the shit out of each other.

So for your viewing pleasure, Steve Austin vs. Dude Love from Over the Edge in 1998!