Terrific Masked Man piece on Randy Orton


I’m sure this will engender some interesting discussion, if it hasn’t  already in a threadjack somewhere. Personally, I think he’s 100 percent correct. I’ve admittedly never been as down on Orton as some of you- never a big fan, either- but he’s killing it in this role. I wrote shortly after his heel turn that he was the perfect avatar for the Authority in that storyline, but it’s pretty obvious he’s a lot more than that now.

Latest Masked Man Article – Vince loves Daniel Bryan

Curious what the Blog of Doomers think of this line from The Masked Man's most recent article on Grantland.
In their meeting with Maddox, Triple H and Steph asked if he'd talked to Vince and said that if Cena chose who they suspected, Vince might be upset. This is incredible on two levels. First, they were plainly alluding to Daniel Bryan, who until then had no legitimate claim to the SummerSlam main event, aside from widespread Internet speculation that Bryan was being penciled in for the match. They could have handled it in a more straightforward manner — with some kind of winking reference to online fans — but instead they just let the rumor mill be the entire backstory. Second, the entire sequence was based on the idea that Vince doesn't like Bryan, another Internet trope. Except this one isn't true — at all. Sure, Vince earned his reputation for favoring tall, brawny beach bodies, but he was also responsible for Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart (back when they were considered miniature), as well as Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit. He may like oversize hero types, but he likes underdog stories just as much. So allow me to break some news for once: Vince loves Daniel Bryan. I know this because people with firsthand knowledge started telling me so 18 months ago. But more importantly, I know because Daniel Bryan is featured prominently on television every week and now he's going to headline SummerSlam. He was arguably the star of Money in the Bank, and undeniably the star of the weeks leading up to it. He's a headliner, and you can thank Vince for that.

Whoever said that Vince doesn't like Bryan?  I didn't even know this was a thing, aside from the TV character feeling that way.  

Masked Plug

Scott – Thank you for the mention of Dick Beyer in your blog…we appreciate the notice and our book ‘Masked Decisions’ continues to do fairly well…if you have the chance to review it or mention it on you blog, we would be in your debt.

Always happy to help out a guy as classy as the Destroyer.  I used to love his appearances on Dave Meltzer’s Eyada show.  Good luck with the book!