Post Secret Wars Marvel Universe

So for those who haven’t seen it, apparently preview cover art of all the new #1s coming out in October are floating around the Internet that shows us what the post Secret Wars Marvel Universe will look like.

Probably of the most interest to the Blog as whole is that CM Punk will be co-writing a Drax the Destroyer (ergo Batista’s character in Guardians) ongoing with Cullen Bunn

To me the one that looks most interesting is Ultimates with both Spectrum and Captain Marvel as members. That and Thing is now a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the post FF marvel universe.

Also of note Nick Spencer, who wrote the stellar Superior Foes of Spiderman, is getting the new Captain America title (with Sam Wilson in the lead) along with Ant Man. And Spider-Man legend Gerry Conway is writing a Carnage ongoing.

Anyway you can see all the cover art here:

Marvel Puzzle Quest

I don't know whether to ask what took you so long or tell you what a mistake you've made. Game is ridiculously addictive. I've been playing for most of the last year, and I got bored with SuperCard after a few days.

You'll get plenty of shared rewards from me, although I don't play as much as I used to…new kid, new job, you know the drill. I will also offer advice if you want. A few tips to get you started:

– Don't bother with Bag-Man. He sucks. If you get a Bag-Man cover, sell it for Iso-8 and use it to level your other guys.

– As you get more three-star characters, you might want to ditch your one-stars to make room for new guys, but keep one or two to use in events where you need a one-star. I especially like Venom, because you can team him up with Classic Spider-Man and have them build on each other's powers.

– I never really liked using Sentry, so I got rid of him, but he seems to be everyone's favorite character in PvP events. Daken is another one that I was late to the party on.

– My favorite characters: In **, it's Original Black Widow, Classic Storm, Astonishing X-Men Wolverine, Marvel Now! Thor, Marvel Now! Magneto, Hawkeye and Ares. When you get to ***, Captain America gets to be a beast, Patch Wolverine is nasty, and Hulk is another mainstay. I also like some characters that a lot of other people don't: Spider-Man, Punisher and Grey Suit Black Widow come to mind.
Yeah, as soon as I gave up Candy Crush for good a few months ago, I knew one of these fucking games was going to entice me in again and ruin my life.  Simpsons and Family Guy are starting to get really tiresome so I was looking for something else simple and stupid and this seems to fit the bill.  But of course I linked to Facebook so as soon as I started playing I got a billion notifications and requests.  

Free Marvel #1 Crashes

Hi Scott,

Thought you might be interested in this follow-up to Marvel's offer:


Yeah, I tried it on my phone, tablet and PC, and couldn't log into either Comixology or the Marvel app for most of the weekend.  Really annoying because there was a ton of good stuff that I don't think is even available on Marvel Unlimited.  They're really kind of blowing away DC right now.  Especially Hawkeye and Superior Spider-Man, two titles that I look forward to more each month than anything in the New 52.  
I should point out that Marvel Unlimited is now on IOS and "soon" on Android, and once they actually launch on Android I will never have to turn my tablet off again.