Rick Martel/HOF

I'm doing a sporcle quiz of WWE HOFers and I'm typing Martel Martel and nothing.
 How come Ric isn't in the Hall? His list of qualifications are WAY better than some of the jabronis in there and he rates way high on the Bushwhackers/Koko B Ware scale…

AWA World Champion
Multiple time WWE/F Tag Champ dating back to the 70s
Had a great heel turn AT Wrestlemania and rode that gimmick as a solid mid card heel for years
Was even a WCW TV champion in 98 until his career ending injury…
So why not Rick Martel?  Is there any beef with Vince we don't know of, or just out of sight, out of mind?

I don't think there's a HUGELY compelling case for him, or any major beef against him for that matter, so I'd say he's a solid choice to go in a midcard guy one of these years when they need one.  I just don't feel like anyone's been clamoring for Martel aside from maybe Pat Patterson or Tony Garea.