The Mantle of the Common Man

Hiya Canadian Guy,

All the Dusty reminiscing got me thinking, as you go from era to era in wrestling lore, who has been able to pull off the "common man" act in a main event role?

80's – Dusty
90's – Stone Cold
2000's – ???  Mick Foley??
Contemporary – Daniel Bryan

And with Bryan on the shelf indefinitely, who does it best now?

​I think that Mick was more of the outside viewpoint for most of the 2000s, since he "retired" for the first time in 2000.  I think maybe CM Punk was closest although he didn't get going as a top guy until late in the decade.  Are we counting TNA?  Because if so Samoa Joe definitely fits that bill, i think.  Just the fact that it's such a struggle to think of top end talent that fans could identify with shows why they ended up having the problems they did, I think.  ​