Mike Reviews – ROH Main Event Spectacles (1st November 2003) – Concluding Part

Welcome to yet another ROH Wednesday!

This will be the last review of the classic ROH shows I do, at least for a while anyway. I’ve no idea what will be in it’s place next week but I guess we’ll find out then. I’ve enjoyed these but I’ve been reviewing them for a while now and I fancy freshening things up a bit. We might pick them up again down the line sometime

This week we’ve got a Scramble Cage, a Four Corner Survival and a match between AJ Styles and Bryan Danielson to look forward to, so hold on to yer butts!

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Mike Reviews – ROH Main Event Spectacles (1st November 2003) – Part One

Welcome to another ROH Wednesday!

This week we’ve got a pretty famous show from ROH’s early years, mainly because it features Teddy Hart getting himself over like rover only to blow it for himself. That’ll come next week though, whilst this week we’ve got some Field of Honour and the continuation of the Xavier Vs John Walters feud that I personally enjoy so much, before Homicide and BJ Whitmer close us out in a hard hitting scuffle.

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