Fighting Spirit Magazine Monday Night Raw Survey


Brian and I over at FSM are conducting a poll to look for trends in the recent bottoming out of Raw’s ratings. While the forthcoming answers won’t be too surprising, I’m sure, we’d like some solid numbers to back up the perceptions.


If this was WCW, they’d do this kind of poll themselves and do whatever the opposite of what it told them.​

Best Wrestlemania matches at Paste Magazine


Would love for the blog regulars to come tell us how awful our picks are for this list of the best Wrestlemania matches. I lobbied hard for the WM 27 8-man but no dice.

​It's no Bret-Austin, but it's close.  No love for Lawler v. Cole either?  COME ON.​

New Japan piece at Paste Magazine


Hi. Paste Magazine ran a piece about New Japan today. Your readers might dig it.

Hey, wait a minute, I'm not gonna get a picture of Minoru Suzuki showing his ass like Kim Kardashian here, am I?  I mean, sure I'm curious and a little turned on by the thought, but some warning first would be nice.  
Wait, did I think that or type it?