Daniel Bryan is the Magnum T.A. of the PG era


Triple H, Stephanie, and J & J security are the Lord Zed, Rita Repulsa, Goldar and Finster of the WWE.

FACT (Seth Rollins is their current monster. both co-opt superior products from Japan #SabanBalor)

The WWE/F would not have survived the Monday Night War without the Undertaker. By pushing taker over Diesel in 1996, Vince literally sold his soul to the devil to save his own company (downside: he bet on the real (i.e. HIGHER) power and now he can't control it #VINCEpalpatine)


cypher: VpYyPhVjrRDeoDsMRcVRlLrNYdPItVRpGqTpYrOm


– kayfabeGLOBAL

​This guy gets it.​