Dear Scott,
Longtime fan.  Really love the Blog.  Laurinitus said to Punk something about disasters and they are referring to Lord Tensai on the wwe site as a natural disaster.  If they are in fact building him up to face Punk this feels a lot like it was when there were still territories. The WWF would always bring in a big dominant heal to face Bruno, Backlund, and to some degree Hogan.  The awesome thing would be (and why only partially apples to Hogan) is that you may have known about him from the Apter mags, but you never saw him before.  There would be a cool vibe to this newcomer ready to challenge the Champ. Guys like Ken Patera, the Masked Superstar and  Jimmy Snuka. Or guys who returned after a while with a new gimmick or look like Superstar Billy Graham did in 82. This feels like that.  Albert was gone for like 10 years and off most people’s radar because he didn’t go to TNA where fans could see him and he would be looked at as just another guy coming back to WWE. 
If they can build  it right, I think the two of them have the potential to have some awesome matches.

I just don’t know about the Tensai thing.  It was an OKish debut for him, but not a main event one.  It depends how they follow up, of course, but John Cena is more the guy who needs the Monster of the Week to occupy him, not Punk.  Cena had a run like that a few years back where he’d defend against Khali and Lashley and even last year with stuff like the random R-Truth shot when he got hot.  It would also work well with someone like Sheamus who doesn’t really have a defined character like the other main eventers. I’d be fine with Tensai as a one-shot deal for Punk a few months down the line, but they’re clearly positioning him to be a big thing and I’m pretty sure the belt will be involved in the Brock thing by the time he’s ready for it.