Roman Looks Stronger?

So, the scuttlebutt at other boards I've seen is that, ironically, they did the best job of making Roman Reigns look strong in defeat.  Having him smile at Lesnar's attacks, spit in the ring at him, beg him to bring more, etc., actually made him look like he was a fighter.  I was reminded of The Thing vs. The Champion in comic books, in that Thing is almost never the underdog but the one time he was it was more awesome for him.

Agree or disagree?

​We'll see what the followup entails, but the best analogy I've heard is that Reigns is Tommy Dreamer, who the fans resented because he was a "pretty boy" with a push forced on them.  So Heyman booked Dreamer to take hellacious beatings from Sandman, over and over, until the audience had their catharsis and no longer wanted to boo him.  Unfortunately Reigns has a host of other issues holding him back from the top spot, but the beating at WM was definitely a step in the right direction.  ​

Bad Looks

I'm watching December to Dismember because I hate myself and Big Show just walked out and FUCK does he look awful. IIRC he got sent home/fired or whatever not long after this (maybe even the next night) and it's made me think; what is the worst condition physically that guys have ever worked in? Yoko right at the end looked awful, but he always did. Pillman at the end was sad too. Any others?

Oh man, Yokozuna looked AWFUL at the end of his life, and no surprise.  Jake Roberts after his comeback attempt in 96 was a total mess as well and looked like he should be on the deathwatch list.  Scott Hall in WCW 99/00 aged 20 years in that span.  There was a while with Austin during his bad period in 02 where he looked like he was in constant pain every week (and he probably was).  Randy Savage in TNA was a disaster.  

So many cases of it, it's really sad what the business does to guys.  

For the Blooooog – TNA Lockdown looks….pretty good. Wait. What?!

Hey Scott,

Big fan of the blog, blahtyblahblah.

I've only seen a handful of Impacts of the past couple of months and read the results here and there but taking a gander at the card for Lockdown and it actually looks really good:

Team Dixie vs Team MVP for control of TNA
Magnus vs Samoa Joe for the World Title
Kurt Angle vs EC3
James Storm vs Gunner
Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim for the Knockouts title
Mr Anderson vs Samuel Shaw
Bad Influence and Chris Sabin vs Great Muta, Sanada and Tigre Uno.

With the exception of the 6 man (which doesn't need a story just turn those guys loose), everything is the payoff to a storyline,  part of a character's development or plays into a story that will continue.

TNA always gets knocked for throwing stuff together haphazardly but all of this makes perfect sense.  It actually looks like something worth watching.


I have literally not given a second of thought to TNA since I stopped watching it last year.