Infamous HHH Locker Room Speech?

Hi Scott,

A long time ago, maybe even close to ten years ago, you once mentioned this speech that HHH made to the WWE wrestlers backstage. It was kind of a motivational talk and referenced how the wrestlers were playing video games more than paying attention to what was happening in the ring, etc. It just made me laugh thinking of how clueless and out-to-lunch HHH was, especially since the speech was delivered around 2003, when he was basically in the midst of one of the worst main-event runs ever.

I wonder if you have a copy or something of your rant/take-down of that speech you could post. I remember reading it and thinking it was all a joke but it was actually close to what HHH actually said.

All best,


I *vaguely* remember that speech, where he basically told the locker room that no one knew how to work and that they should be in the empty arena watching other guys instead of playing video games in the hotel rooms.  If I'm remembering right, which I might not be, the idea was that Rock and Austin were on the way out and HHH and Undertaker decided they were going to step up and carry the promotion or something.  As motivational speeches go it apparently wasn't the best.  Someone else might have better recollection of it, though.