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Found this article while cleaning out my mailbox. Article on the Real World season The Miz was on, from right before when the season in question debuted, which singles him out as far as his presence on the show embodying how far the franchise had fallen in terms of the franchise becoming formulaic and cliched.  

I only watched a couple of episodes of the season in question when it first aired (Real World pretty much jumped the shark around Seattle/Hawaii and Hawaii itself pretty much was a clusterfuck of fail that broke the franchise) but I'm curious, given the retroactive fame issue and that that The Miz is one of the ultra few Real World cast members to go on to amount to anything, why the WWE never really mentioned or brought up his Real World days when he became a centerpiece of the company. Even when he was going toe-to-toe with John Cena, we never got to see Cena throw the Real World into Miz's face to mock him. Is the Real World off-limits by the WWE (which is insane given that you've had other wrestlers be upfront with their pasts and dirty laundry) or is it a matter of Vince, ever being several years behind the curve, not even knowing Miz was on the show, let alone what Real World is?

Jesse Baker     

“The Real World” refuses to grow up

The show that spawned reality television comes back for its 10th season, forgetting the lessons it taught everyone else.
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​I never watched or even knew what the Real World was until many years after it was gone, but perhaps one had to be of a certain age and disposition to pay attention to it in the first place.  Might have also had to do with not getting MTV in Canada at the time it would have been airing.  ​

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Hey Scott, long-time reader, I was thinking this was a fun little thing your readers might enjoy. I don't think you're much of a soccer fan, but I've seen the World Cup talked about plenty in the comments. It's "If World Cup Teams Were Pro Wrestling Families":

I don't know why you'd assume I hate soccer, just because I've said its stupid and boring in the past.  That's racial profiling!  

Chasing Amazing Link

Scott –

Mark from Chasing Amazing again. I was doing a retro review/recap of a Bronze Age issue of Amazing Spider-Man and I noticed it somehow morphed into a comparison piece with pro wrestling, WWE and Wrestlemania VII – specifically as it pertains to "evil foreigner" gimmicks. Not sure if this is something you or your BODers would enjoy, but thought I'd pass it on:


Always happy to help you out, Mark.  

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Hey Scott,

Thought you and the BOD may be interested in a new project I'm guest writing at Comic Book Resource's Comics Should Be Good Blog – it's called "Gimmick or Good." In this column, I look at the gimmick covers/issues from the 1990s (foil embossed, variant covers, polybags, etc.) and analyze the contents to see if the comic book actually has any redeeming merits. Considering how a lot of these gimmicks are making a comeback in today's marketplace (Batman #13's die-cut covers, Age of Ultron #1 foil embossed cover), I thought this would be a fun retrospective. I think a lot of people slam the excesses of the 1990s, and deservedly so, but through four columns, I've already found a number of "gimmicked" gems and I expect to declare many more to be "good" even by today's standards.


(aka, Chasing Amazing guy – if you want to throw the plug in there too)

Of course I've been reading it!  CSBG is one of the first web-surfing stops I make every day, and I've had a couple of suggestions picked by Dread Lord and Master Brian Cronin myself for his columns.  
I'm not really into Age of Ultron yet, but it's only been a couple of issues.  Still, feels like the BIG RESET button is obviously going to be pushed, rendering the whole thing little more than an Elseworlds.  We'll see, I guess.  
Quick tangential comic recommendation:  The Sixth Gun!  I picked up the trades and blew through them, and apparently it's going to be a pilot on NBC, so support it now and look cool and hip when it's the next big thing!  Becky shooting the everloving fuck out of the bad guys while in spirit form was one of the most awesome moments I've read in a long time, and the wacky entourage of undead Billjohn and the grumpy mummy is tons of fun. It's just a consistently great western/supernatural hybrid and well worth your money.  Plus Cullen Bunn is a cool guy, too.  

Hopeful Link


I am a long time reader of your rants, back from 1997-1998, so, Wrestle Maniacs, I guess?

Anyway, I actually wrote a few articles on WrestleLine WAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day, and had a website in the heyday of wrestling, 1998-2000. Your description of Van Hammer's "Leather Jacket of Discomfort" was the lynchpin for my readership for years. Go fig, Hammer becomes a draw. Anyway.  Literally I wrote like three articles for them. Anyway, almost fifteen years later, I started a blog a few months ago. Not exclusively wrestling, there is a bunch of baseball and football. But my bread and butter writing is pro wrestling. I would appreciate a link on your site if possible, (Yankee fan). An example of my writing, which applies mostly to non wrestling fans can be found here I am looking for any traffic i can get.

And that, friends, is a poorly written paragraph.

Well they can't all be winners. Even Van Hammer.

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