Stuck in a limo with Vince

Hey Scott,

I think your readers would enjoy this interview I conducted with former WWE Magazine editor Brian Solomon to promote his new book, PRO WRESTLING FAQ.

Solomon shared some funny stories about being stuck in a limo with Vince McMahon and wearing Freddie Blassie's slippers. He also discussed working for Shane McMahon, why Smackdown Magazine failed, and the problem with getting advertising on RAW.


OK, but if my readers DON'T enjoy it, I know where you live.  

McMahon Limo Explosion


Obviously outside circumstances changed whatever plans were in place, but what was the plan for Vince McMahon's limo exploding/death angle?  Was there some big picture plan for it, or was it another of those "Higher Power"/"Who hit Austin?" type angles? 

The payoff was supposed to be Vince faking his own death so that he could discover who was truly loyal to him, ala King Lear.  That was all they had planned out at the point when Benoit went and selfishly cost them their big summer angle.