WWE’s use of Brock’s limited appearances

I'm baffled as to why WWE doesn't use Lesnar in a more balanced and spread-out manner. You have the guy for just thirty appearances on a several-million-dollar contract, so why not have him work more (if not all) PPVs and use the remaining dates on to hype his matches throughout the year. Right now, he comes in, stands there, does a match, disappears for five months, then comes in again, stands there, match, disappears for five months, repeat. 

At the very least, do more than three matches, even if they're squashes. It would still be a better use of his services. He's getting paid to literally stand there, while on other episodes they get really crazy and have him out for thirty seconds to throw a chair. 

I know the guy's shrewd with his business, but I doubt he'd be too troubled to leave the woods two or three days out of the month. 

I don't blame the guy at all, though. If a company wants to pay me several thousands of dollars just to get on a jet, go to an arena to stand around and let someone talk about how great I am, I'm gonna continue letting the company be that fcking stupid.

​I think that having him work PPVs would just devalue Brock and wouldn't help the PPV.  Brock's value is better off the way he is, but the problem is finding opponents that are worth putting in the ring with him to justify the dates.  ​