Lighting Round – non wrestling!

Favorite Spider-Man story?
The current run.

Favorite Batman story?

Dark Knight Returns

Favorite video game – all time?

Ratchet & Clank 3.   Super Mario World a close second.  

Favorite ongoing comic?

Superior Foes of Spider-Man.  I laugh my ASS off at every issue.  It's like old Giffen JLI but with C-level villains.   Also Hawkguy if they'd get the fucking schedule back on track.  

Do you say 8th grade or grade 8?

Grade 8. 

Favorite comic book movie?

Superman 2 will always hold a special place in my heart.  

Curb or Seinfeld?

Seinfeld.  I find Curb very spotty. 

Cyclops or Wolverine?

No strong opinion, so Wolvie.  

Favorite horror film – all time?


Grant Morrison – Yay or Nay?


Stages & Lighting


Something that I dislike about the current era of WWE is how sterilized everything looks. The stage is just one giant screen comprised of many smaller screens, and the crowd is far too illuminated.

In the Attitude Era, say what you will about its flaws, it had a great, gritty look that is conducive to an aggressive and exciting environment. There was one big monitor (the Titantron) and a whole bunch of metal shit around it. It didn't look like a Tokyo nightclub. The best rock shows of history have followed the same ideal: metal shit and a big statue or something behind the band. I don't want to watch a band play in front of a plasma TV.

The '70s and early '80s was great too, how the crowd is mostly in the dark and it makes the wrestlers look like gladiators fighting for good and evil among a dark sea of souls. It reminds me of stand-up specials from the same period.

That's why mid-'90s WCW looks so obsolete. Tough guys would come out through coloured fog and enter into Disneyland.

Could not agree more.  I've been beating the "stale presentation" drum for years now, and shows like NXT really highlight how desperately in need of a change that the main program really is.  Even doing occasional changes like the Old School RAW sets or maybe just having a change of scenery like an outdoor show or a small building ala the Hammerstein would go a long ways towards reducing the burnout that a lot of people are feeling.  Doesn't have to be a major overhaul, just a palette cleanser every now and then.  

Lighting Round

You're one of [perhaps the greatest?] wrestling question lighting rounders of all time. We all remember your greatest victory, when you won the apartment from Flair & Arn, but had you lost, you would have had to get rid of Caliber & The Fuj. Well, here's a lighting round for the ages…

Dusty '88 & Triple H '03 are in the same promotion, what happens?

Dusty gigs himself in a hardcore match with Bully Ray and gets fired, then jumps to TNA.  

Most boring wrestler to have a run at the top? [not a cup of coffee like Garvin]

2003 HHH if we're allowed to delineate by year.  Otherwise, Nick Bockwinkel.  He's a fascinating guy to listen to, but I just never bought him as a World champion as a fan.

You must have thought of this at least once. You're a pro-wrestler, what's your gimmick?

Reporter who goes backstage looking for dirt ala TMZ and then gets caught up in the wacky wrestling world himself.

What percent does WWE change when Vince dies?

60%.  Visually it's going to change a lot because HHH is going to fire Kevin Dunn and all the old boys and instill volleyball directors and stuff.  

Will Vince's death be a pro or con for WWE?

Con.  The promotion has become a self-generating revenue machine now, but no one else has the manic vision that Vince can create on his best days.  

One wrestler you wish never laced up a pair of boots?

Owen Hart.  I wish he would have pursued other dreams and lived happily to a long age as a fireman.  

Will we ever see Sting in WWE?

If we going to, we would have by now.

In 'The Death of WCW', I believe it's Arn Anderson that says Goldberg was as hot as anyone in the business ever. True?

To a certain degree.  He couldn't get as hot as Austin because he was held back behind Hogan and never allowed to draw on his own, so it's hard to say 100% certainly.  

What is Chandler Bing's job?

I'm assuming he's still an advertising executive.  Or maybe a transpondster.