HHH needs to stop putting people over (also, the letter B)

So I was going to say that HHH probably should stop putting people over given it seems like more of a curse than a blessing in the long run…

Bryan – injured, might be career-ending

Batista – left early, never the same
Benjamin – nowhere
Benoit – …

Then I realized…forget all about that.  *All of these guys wrestling last names start with the letter B*.  Is it possible that only people with a B+ last name are under the HHH curse?

Have I blown the lid off of this conspiracy?


​So wait, when he's referring to Bryan as a "B+ player", it's really secret code for "I'm going to put you over and thus destroy your career in the long run"?  
MIND BLOWN.  Someone needs to make a Buzzfeed list about this right now!  ​

Warrior’s Mildly Crazy Letter to Vince


see this floating around today?

Among other things, makes me wonder what Savage (and Slaughter) got for WM7.

Vince was an incredibly reasonable guy in that response, which assumes that he didn't immediately stiff Warrior on all the money he promised.