A thought on Barely Legal 97

Always thought this,

I wonder why they had Taz beat Sabu on this show? I mean, the big angle coming out of the show was that Bill Alfonso screwed Taz and joined up with Sabu and RVD. Wouldn't it have been a stronger turn if it had led to Sabu winning via chicanery rather than just doing it at the end of the match?

It's not like a loss in that fashion would have hurt Taz. It would have kept him strong but also given a new dimension to Sabu's character (He didn't believe he could get it done on his own so he instead made a deal with the devil to win)

Sabu beat Taz a few months later at Wrestlepalooza 97 anyway, so it wasn't like they had a Taz streak to protect or anything



Here's the thing with Paul Heyman that everyone always overlooks when discussing his booking:  He does fantastic work with the buildup, but he's s--- at nailing the landing.  The whole Taz-Sabu feud was built for MONTHS as babyface Sabu coming back to get his revenge on Taz and end the monster's streak, and then he just…lost.  It was a really terrible way to pay off the feud, especially since Taz then got into a chase of Shane Douglas that lasted WAAAAAAY too long and was also a disappointing payoff.  
But yes, your idea would definitely have been better for business, I think.  

Hulk’s Gonna Drop The Legal Legdrop, Brother


I'm not gonna link to the original Gawker page because a) Google has very strict policies regarding that sort of content and b) Zanadude would just say I should have watched Main Event anyway.  But regardless, I find it kind of funny and very Hogan-like that he originally claimed that he didn't know the woman in question and didn't know he was being filmed and yada yada, and now it comes out that in fact it's Bubba the Love Sponge's wife (at the time) and he obviously does know her and knows exactly what's going on.  I think Linda should take him back to court for this, just so she can get whatever money he was actually left with after the divorce.  

Yes! Yes! Yes!…. I Mean No! – WWE taking legal action over use of Yes chant

I know the WWE has been involved in some bizarre legal issues over the years but if this is true then surely it has to rank high amongst them?
"WWE has started to seek out "infringing uses" of Daniel Bryan's "YES" slogan, so that they can take legal action."

I'm assuming the nebulous 411 report would be referring to their legal monkeys going after bootleg t-shirts and the like, since the YES shirt is a big seller, although I should note that 411 stole that report word-from-word from PWInsider without any context.  You can't trademark a word (like "Yes") but you can trademark a shirt design, especially if it's an easy one to rip off like Bryan's.  And really, even if someone is doing an innocent "Yes" shirt on Cafepress, WWE can easily bully them into stopping.  If that's what this is about, I'm on WWE's side for once — you have to protect your trademarks or risk losing them.