Cena’s Legacy


With Cena seemingly falling into the "I don't like him but I respect him" category, what do you think his legacy will be? Will his stale character and overexposure hurt his chances  of being remembered alongside guys like Austin, Hogan and Michaels?
I don't know what he'll be remembered as yet because the next generation of fans haven't entered into the business with their nostalgic views of him.  I wouldn't have thought that Hogan would get a 10 minute standing ovation in 2002 given how his career wound down in WCW, but you never know.  Maybe Cena will go away for a couple of years at the end of his career and get to come back as a massively popular legend, you never know.  

Sting’s Legacy

Hey Scott, I’ve got a question about Sting. Sting has said multiple times that the reason he hasn’t signed with WWE is because he’s concerned about what the company would do to his legacy after seeing how they used the other WCW employees who jumped over.  And he feels like WWE would destroy the legacy and prestige.  A fair concern, the Invasion did destroy more than a couple careers. But I don’t buy it. If Sting is so concerned with his Legacy, why the hell is he working for TNA?  And beyond that, why the hell did he agree to a gimmick change that involves him impersonating Jim Carrey if he played the Joker.  It’s not as if he took the role seriously and is testing himself by taking a crappy gimmick and doing his best with it, since it’s pretty clear that he’s dicking around and putting in as much work as Ben Kingsley did in BloodRayne. So my question to you is this?  If Sting doesn’t care about his legacy (which I don’t think he does) why not sign with WWE?  Stubbornness?  Loyalty to Dixie?  Money?  Heat with Vince?  I just doesn’t make any sense.

Given how many chances he’s had to work with the WWE and how many times he’s turned them down, it would have to be stubbornness at this point.  Although I only saw the one episode of Impact featuring his Joker thing, so I can’t really comment on that too much.  I’ve always heard there was some issue with his born-again beliefs, but if Shawn could deal with it, you think Sting could as well.