WWE Schedule leaked

Interesting from my perspective to note that they've basically killed off Western Canada at this point, with the last Calgary show drawing a disastrous 3000 and Edmonton not doing much better.  And yet still both cities get two visits next year and here in Saskatoon we haven't had a show of any kind since 2011.  Regina has had something like 2 shows since then, I think.  It's so funny because this market used to be their easiest sellout every time when they were hot and draw the most faithful audience, and now there's not much left.  
The rest of the list should make for interesting discussion, I'm sure.  

Smackdown leaked


​Yeah, there was a threadjack on this earlier.  Really interesting stuff, and I kind of wish they'd release that kind of thing on the Network for fun.
Speaking of which, there was a SHITLOAD of current content added tonight, basically all the RAW and Smackdowns up to April 21 of this year, so I guess it's going to be on a one month delay.  ​