WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling: November 17th, 1984

November 17th, 1984
Your hosts are Angelo Mosca and Jack Reynolds
This week, Tony Atlas, Barry Windham, Blackjack Mulligan, Tito Santana, and Paul Orndorff are in action. Also, Piper’s Pit with guest SD Jones.

Rene Goulet vs. Tony Atlas
Atlas is back after a brief stint in the AWA. The crowd is going nuts, starting a “Tony” chant. Atlas easily overpowers Goulet, occasionally stopping to taunt him. The crowd is eating up everything that Atlas does by the way. Goulet gets in an eye rake but Atlas fights back and hits a press slam for the win that had Mosca going out of his mind (3:28).
Thoughts: The crowd was hot for Atlas in his return. Atlas wasn’t around much longer after this as he was battling his substance abuse issues at this time.
WWF Update with Billy Red Lyons. It shows a Greg Valentine and Capt. Lou Albano clip from 10/21/84 show at MLG when he defended the Intercontinental Title against SD Jones.
Bob Wayne vs. Paul Orndorff w/Bobby Heenan
Orndorff is getting pelted with trash as he makes his way to the ring. Wayne doesn’t look to weigh more than 200 lbs. A loud “Paula” chant breaks out before the match. Orndorff starts by beating the shit out of Wayne. He tosses him to the floor then follows him out to slam him. In the ring, he hits a dropkick as Heenan briefly joins commentary, demanding respect for his client. Powerslam by Orndorff who then drops a pair of elbows. He murders him with a clothesline then hits the piledriver for the win (2:33).
Thoughts: Another dominating squash from Orndorff. I don’t think Orndorff needed a manager to get heat but adding Heenan certainly didn’t hurt things.
Billy Red Lyons is plugging the December 6th show in Vancouver. He is with Freddie Blassie and Nikolai Volkoff, who will be going against Sgt. Slaughter. That match never took place as Slaughter left the WWF and Volkoff ended up facing George Wells. Typical anti-Americn promo from Volkoff.
Mohammed Saad & Bobby Bass vs. Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham
This is the TV Debut for the team of Windham & Rotundo. Barry takes down Saad with a pair of armdrags then they take it to the mat. Rotundo tags and hits an elbow smash before working the arm. He does some matwork then ends up the wrong corner. Rotundo fights both men then Bass tags. They use quick tags that lead up to a double dropkick. Saad tags then Windham hits the running bulldog for the win (2:48). The crowd gives them a loud applause at the end.
Thoughts: Good showing for this team. There was a glaring absence of face tag-teams at this time and these guys looked great. The crowd was behind them too.

Billy Red Lyons is with Rocky Johnson. Billy calls him a contender for the world title as Rocky puts over Canada, stating he was born in Nova Scotia. He states he will be ready and won’t back down from anyone. Luckily, his son did not inherit his mic skills.
Ted Grizzly vs. Blackjack Mulligan
Mulligan takes down Grizzly to start. They do a bunch of lockups that go nowhere then Mulligan uses the world’s slowest drop toehold. Mulligan no sells several punches before hitting a flying back elbow smash for the win (2:41).
Thoughts: Horrendous match. Grizzly is incredibly uncoordinated and could barely run the ropes and Mulligan was not good in the ring at this point at all (Honestly, I don’t know if he was ever good in the ring).
Piper’s Pit with SD Jones. Piper calls him one of the people he never wanted to wrestle because he has nothing to gain in beating him. Now that’s how you bury someone. SD yells at Piper then Blackjack Mulligan comes out and stares at Piper, who says he will not be intimidated. Mulligan says that they need someone else to give people a chance and states that he will now have Mulligan’s BBQ. They are pushing Mulligan strongly here and the thought of another talk-show segment seems to be hinting at a feud between both men. 
Goldie Rogers vs. Tito Santana
The announcers put over Tito for coming back from injury. He looks intense as he works on Rogers. Goldie uses an eye rake and punches away but Tito comes back with a backdrop as Mosca says that Goldie “has this Mexican in an uproar.” Tito then puts him away with a spinning toe hold into a bridge (2:17). Reynolds follows Tito’s victory with some of the least enthusiastic “Arriba” chants I have ever heard.
Thoughts: They continue to push Tito strongly since his return from injury.
Another Billy Jack vignette.
They show the Tonga Kid vs. Roddy Piper match from the 10/27/84 episode of Championship Wrestling is shown.
Billy Red Lyons is with Nikolai Volkoff, again. He cuts a prom on Sgt. Slaughter for their match November 6th in Vancouver. After that, Angelo Mosca comes out and says that his match against the Iron Sheik will be a war. He says that Iran has 75% of the world’s Pistachio nuts but they have one left over, the Iron Sheik. In his defense, Mosca was so bad he was funny. Sadly, the same cannot be said for today’s announce team.
Next week, David Schultz, Brutus Beefcake, Jimmy Snuka, Blackjack Mulligan, and the main event, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff vs. Rick McGraw and SD Jones, which Mosca notes could be a main event anywhere in the country.
Final Thoughts: This show was good in the fact that they are pushing and re-introducing babyface wrestlers. Atlas and Mulligan were back, Tito still is pushed strong, and Windham & Rotunda debuted as a team. I have said it many times but the WWF had a glaring lack of good wrestlers on the face side of the roster. The fact that Valentine was defending his belt against SD Jones at house shows just about says it all.
On a side note, next week I will review the 11/26/84 house show at MSG then after that the 12/18/84 TNT show (Butcher Vachon’s Wedding) followed by the 12/26/84 MSG show until it reaches 1985, where I will be reviewing Championship Wrestling again, amongst other things. I will start in 1985 with the debut of Primetime Wrestling, which aired 1/1/85.  
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WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling: November 3rd, 1984

November 3, 1984
Your hosts are Angelo Mosca and Jack Reynolds
This week’s show features David Schultz, Sgt. Slaughter, Big John Studd, Brutus Beefcake, Kamala, Piper’s Pit with Tito Santana, and the SD Jones vs. Greg Valentine Intercontinental Title Match from the 10/21/84 Maple Leaf Garden show. The U.S. version of this show aired the Tonga Kid vs. Roddy Piper match from last week’s Championship Wrestling.

Tony Garea vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Garea starts off by beating Schultz in the corner. He hits a dropkick then gets two off a crossbody as Schultz bails. The crowd is quiet, except for a few kids chanting “Weasel.” Back in the ring, Schultz tries to avoid Garea but he gets manhandled. No one cares about any of this by the way. Garea hits an atomic drop but misses a crossbody and Schultz drops an elbow for the win (3:04). After the match, Garea, the sore loser that he is, chases away Schultz and Heenan.
Thoughts: The crowd was dead for this. Garea, quite possibly the worst babyface wrestler of the entire 1980’s, couldn’t even get cheered against Schultz. That says a lot right there. Plus, watching Garea destroy Schlutz then lose to an elbow drop after missing a move is an awful.
WWF Update with Billy Red Lyons. The subject is the Tonga Kid as we get a highlight package set to the song “Some Guys Have all the Luck” by Rod Stewart. It only took a month but Tonga is over like crazy
Goldie Rogers vs. Sgt. Slaughter
A “USA” chant breaks out in Canada, of all places. Sarge takes Rogers down with an armdrag as Mosca notes that he would pick Slaughter as a bodyguard because he would feel safe with him. Rogers rakes the eyes and hammers away but misses a corner charge and gets killed with the Slaughter Cannon. Sarge puts him in the Cobra Clutch for the win (2:24).
Thoughts: Slaughter is over and can do no wrong at this point. Sadly, he would be gone from the company in a month.
Billy Red Lyons interviews Angelo Mosca, who will be facing the Iron Sheik on the November 5th show in Vancouver. He tells the Sheik to look into his eyes and brings up an incident that took place a few years ago in Vancouver and he has made amends for that. I guess this was when Mosca was wrestling as a heel in the 1970’s? Anyway, Mosca sounded much less moronic here than he did on commentary.  
Nick DeCarlo vs. Kamala w/Friday and Luscious Johnny Valiant
Reynolds informs us that Blassie is on a “special assignment” and has blessed Valiant, whose shirt reads “I Love Johnny,” to make him a consultant. Kamala hits some chops as some fan repeatedly calls Valiant an asshole. Valiant yells at Mosca and Kamala finishes DeCarlo off with a pair of splashes (1:32). After the match, Kamala attacks DeCarlo and has to be ordered out of the ring by Friday.
Thoughts: Kamala was also on his way out. Apparently, he hated the travel schedule and left after wrapping up a series of house shows with Andre the Giant.
Billy Red Lyons is with Tony Garea. Lyons actually refers to Garea, who was 48 years old, as a young man. Garea says he is ready to face Bad News Allen on November 5th in Vancouver. Garea is terrible at just about everything he does and interviews are no exception.
Richard Cummings vs. Big John Studd w/Bobby Heenan
Cummings is a big fat guy who was wearing a flannel and a winter hat with a ball on top. A few “Andre” chants break out. Cummings fails to slam Studd and gets knocked down. Studd drops an elbow and pulls him up at the two count. He puts him in an armbar as Mosca says he will admit that Studd is a big man. And you think the commentary today is horrible. Heenan yells at the fans about the weasel chants as Studd hits a clothesline then drops the elbow for the win (2:25).
Thoughts: This match really sucked but the fans were all over Studd and Heenan, who were developing into a top heel act. Heenan really helped the minimally talented Studd.  
Piper’s Pit with Tito Santana. Piper harasses Santana for hurting his leg and losing the IC title. Santana tells Piper that he’s never been a champion and states that he 100% right now and will face anyone. Piper orders Santana to stand up. Tito gets up and throws the crutches at Piper, stating that he is doesn’t need them. Piper ends by ranting about how he never needed to stand on anything. Great job putting over Tito as a face and starting his chase for the title against Valentine.
Rick McGraw vs. Brutus Beefcake w/Luscious Johnny Valiant
Beefcake attacks McGraw before the bell. He grabs a front facelock as the crowd remains silent. McGraw fights back and hits a dropkick. He gets two off a backslide but runs into the flying knee and Beefcake gets the win (1:56).
Thoughts: Another weak match. Brutus is still flopping in his role. The crowds don’t care at all.
Intercontinental Championship Match
SD Jones vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (Champion)
This match took place at Maple Leaf Gardens on October 21st. The fact that SD Jones was fighting for the IC Title speaks volumes about the lack of quality babyfaces on the roster at this time. SD dodges an elbow smash and works the arm. Valentine gets out and kicks SD down. He works on the leg for a while until SD breaks free. Valentine then chokes him out with his foot and goes right back to work on the leg. He tries the figure-four but SD escapes. SD knocks Valentine out of the ring with a headbutt then beats him up on the outside. He rolls Valentine back in the ring but gets stopped on the apron and Valentine brings him back inside with a back suplex then covers for the win. This match was edited to about five minutes.
Thoughts: SD was status quo and Valentine was still very good. Really not much more to say other than SD was a sad choice as a challenger.
Billy Red Lyons is with Bobby Heenan, who he states is substituting for Freddie Blassie. Heenan brings out Kamala and Friday and promises that he will beat Andre the Giant in Vancouver.
Mosca and Reynolds plug next week’s show that includes the Junkyard Dog, Kamala, David Sammartino, David Schultz, Tonga Kid, and the featured match Big John Studd & Nikolai Volkoff vs. SD Jones and Samoan #3, which was the other name for Samula.
Final Thoughts: Not much of a show. The matches were poor and the crowd was cold. Piper’s Pit was easily the highlight of an otherwise dull hour of wrestling.

WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling October 20th, 1984

October 20th, 1984
Your hosts are Angelo Mosca and Jack Reynolds
In action this week are Big John Studd, David Schultz, Junkyard Dog (causing Mosca to howl like a wolf, not bark like a dog), Bob Orton, Moondogs, Piper’s Pit, and Andre the Giant.

Robbie Parliament vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz
Schutlz backs Parliament against the ropes then grabs a front facelock. Schultz pounds away and grabs a chinlock. The announcers run down the rest of the card as Schultz continues his dominance. He hits Parliament with an axe handle then drops an elbow for the win (2:41).
Thoughts: Dominating squash by Schultz, who has been doing nothing as of late. They look to be setting him up for an upcoming feud based on this match and how they put him over on commentary.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’ subjects are the Moondogs, who are returning to the WWF after a few years. They show a clip of them beating on Spike Huber as Hayes puts them over as a threat to the Tag-Team Titles.
Bubba Hawkins vs. Big John Studd w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Hawkins hits a few dropkicks that have minimal effect. He tries a slam (The $15,000 prize is still in effect for those who can slam Studd) but Studd shoves him away. Studd hip-tosses Hawkins and grabs a chinlock. Studd hits a shoulder block and gets the thumbs up from Heenan. He hits a clothesline and drops an elbow for the win (2:27). After the match, Studd grabs the mic and says this was a piece of cake. He demands competition but Heenan tells us that there is no competition for him.
Thoughts: Studd is pure shit in the ring but Heenan got him a lot of heat as his manager. All signs are pointing to an upcoming feud with Andre.
Billy Red Lyons runs down the November 5th card in Vancouver. He brings in Luscious Johnny Valiant, who is substituting for Freddie Blassie. He brings in Kamala and Friday as he guarantees that Kamala will beat Andre the Giant. Nothing special.
“Gentleman” Jerry Valiant vs. Junkyard Dog
Valiant attempts to go after JYD with his own chains. The ref steps in then JYD lands a few shots. They lockup and Valiant lands a few punches. JYD is upset as Mosca tells us he can smell the excitement in the air. Valiant hammers away but JYD takes him down with a headbutt. After an Irish whip sequence, JYD catches Valiant with a powerslam for the win (2:10). After the match, JYD dances with some kids.
Thoughts: The match was nothing but the crowd was in love with JYD. He has been a hit with the fans ever since his debut two months prior.
Billy Red Lyons is with Capt. Lou Albano, who is now the “Technical Advisor” for Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch. He says that he cut loose the Samoans for not listening to him. He then goes off on one of his drunken rants, which is amusing to say the least. He makes fun of the Samoans the entire time.
Nick DeCarlo vs. “Cowboy” Bob Orton
Mosca says that we have to respect Orton because he is a man, then calls him the man of a 1,002 holds. They lockup then engage in some matwork. DeCarlo hits a backdrop after a criss-cross spot then grabs a front facelock. Orton picks him up and places on the top rope. He chops him then rams his head off the mat as they show the Hillbilly in the crowd. The crowd cheers Orton as he destroys DeCarlo. Orton misses a corner charge after a float over but hits an uppercut. He hits DeCarlo with a backbreaker then hits a corner slingshot splash for the win (3:02).
Thoughts: Orton looked fine but I’ve seen much better squash matches from him. Speaking of Orton, he is another guy who is languishing. The lack of midcard faces at the time was glaring and guys like Orton were left without anyone to feud with.
Piper’s Pit with Capt. Lou Albano and Greg Valentine. Piper brings up their problems in the past (They feuded in the NWA before coming to the WWF. I recommend checking out their dog collar match) then congratulate each other over their recent accomplishments. They hug it out as Piper wants to see Valentine’s belt. He kisses it and says they are the two toughest men around. Someone tosses a drink with ice that hits Piper and Albano. Good segment.
Mario Mancini & SD Jones vs. The Moondogs
The Moondogs use quick tags to beat the shit out of Mancini. Mosca says that he has an update on Tito Santana’s injury. The update is that we will have an update next week from his doctor. Spot hits a shoulderbreaker and Rex continues to destroy Mancini. He gets tossed near his partner and Jones makes the hot tag. He takes out the Moondogs with headbutts, as the crowd goes wild, then tags Mancini, which makes the fans and even the announcers groan. Rex hits him with a powerslam then tags Spot, who hits a legdrop off the middle rope for the win (3:10).
Thoughts: Moondogs looked really good, Spot in particular. Those guys could work. They are putting them over strong.
Butcher Vachon vs. Andre the Giant
The crowd goes ballistic for Andre as he makes his way towards the ring. Vachon grabs a front waistlock, which Andre easily breaks out of by using a thump. Vachon chops Andre hard but is has no effect. Vachon offers a handshake but Andre declines and chops him against the ropes. Kamala and Friday make their way towards the ring as Reynolds says that they have no business being out here. Well, what about Andre coming out for Kamala’s matches for the past month? Andre chops down Vachon then hits a backdrop. Friday orders Kamala to the dressing room as Andre backs Vachon in the corner. He hits the big boot and uses the sitdown splash for the win (4:20).
Thoughts: The match was horrendous but the focus was largely on Kamala at ringside. The feud between the two is getting a decent crowd reaction.
David Schultz is with Billy Red Lyons. He bullies Lyons, ordering him to stop talking. He makes fun of Vancouver, stating it’s filled with Canadian punks as well as fatties and skinny people. He tells his opponent, Rick McGraw, that he will quickly defeat him and take the next plane back to America before yelling at Lyons. He then tells him that he is thinking of slapping him and says that he has never been with a woman. Funny stuff by Schultz and a promo that you will never see today.
Final Thoughts: A couple of amusing interviews and a good tag squash was all this show really had. There was a lot of bad wrestling and they really didn’t advance or create any feuds. JYD remains a hit and Mosca is so bad he is funny on commentary but a lot of this was dull.

WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling October 13th,1984

October 13, 1984

Side Note: I have acquired a few more episodes of Championship Wrestling. I will post the one that aired on this week on Tuesday night. A lot of well known angles and segments took place in the next several weeks so I will be reviewing both shows, with Maple Leaf Wrestling going up on Sunday Nights.  

Your hosts are Jack Reynolds and Angelo Mosca
This week in action are the Dynamite Kid, Kamala, The Samoans, Piper’s Pit, and the main event, Tito Santana defends his Intercontinental Title against Greg Valentine. Mosca says nowhere in North America can you find a title match like this. Well, no shit. Anyway, Mosca says the word “Excitement” a few times in this segment and will continue to do so the entire time. If you drank every time he said the word, you’d be on the floor halfway through the show.
“Gentleman” Jerry Valiant vs. Dynamite Kid
Dynamite eludes Valiant as Mosca tells us that Dynamite reminds him of “Danny Boy Smith.” These two dumb fucks cannot get his name right. Dynamite hits an armdrag then shows off his speed. Valiant knocks down Dynamite then hammers away in the corner. Once again, they show the Hillbilly (Hillbilly Jim) in the crowd as the announcers comment on how he has the size to be a pro wrestler. Dynamite dropkicks Valiant and he gets caught in the ropes. Valiant fights back and tosses Dynamite to the floor. He slingshots him back in the ring but Dynamite hits a pair of flying headscissors then goes up top and hits the flying headbutt then drops an elbow for the win (3:59).
Thoughts: Valiant was far too slow to keep up with Dynamite and there was a major styles clash. Speaking of Dynamite, he is far too quick for the entire roster. There was no one who wrestled like him during this time.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject are the Tag-Team Champs Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis. We see a clip of Murdoch at his ranch wrestling cattle.
“Silent” Brian Mackney vs. Iron Mike Sharpe
Sharpe cuts off the ring announcer and tells him that this match won’t last ten seconds. The crowd starts a “wimp” chant for Sharpe, who goes nuts. Mackney eludes Sharpe, who is getting pissed. Sharpe finally takes control with an eye rake and hits Mackney with several turnbuckle smashes. Sharpe yells at the crowd then goes back to beating Mackney. Sharpe gets an Irish whip reversed and Mackney hits a monkey flip. He dropkicks Sharpe, who rolls outside and hops the guardrail to yell at the fans. Back in the ring, Sharpe hits Mackney with a hangman’s drop then finishes Mackney off with a forearm smash (3:01). After the match, Sharpe proclaims that he is Canada’s greatest athlete.
Thoughts: Sharpe got a lot of heat for this match. He would get fired shortly after this aired as he refused to put over the Tonga Kid in a match.
Billy Red Lyons runs down the November 5th show in Vancouver then interviews Davey Boy Smith, Bret Hart, and the Dynamite Kid. Kid cuts a promo on his opponent, Butcher Vachon. He actually ended up wrestling Bobby Bass in that match. Hart cuts a promo on Ron Shaw, calling him a big boy and promises he will go down bad. Good lord was he awful here. Smith cuts a rhyming promo on his opponent, Rene Goulet. Well, that wasn’t too lame in 1984. Smith showed some personality at least, which is more than I can say for the others. Dynamite and Davey Boy would also be gone from the promotion shortly after this aired but would return in the middle of the following year.
Butcher Vachon & Goldie Rogers vs. The Wild Samoans
The Samoans are now full-fledged faces. The announcers cannot tell these two apart, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. By the way, the Samoans have there names on their tights. Mosca says that riling up people from the South Pacific can result in either a war or a luau. That’s good to know. Afa backdrops Vachon as they show the Hillbilly in the crowd again. That is how they are identifying him too, as “Hillbilly.” Afa slams Rogers and the Samoans double team him for a bit. Capt. Lou Albano comes out and Afa chases him away. Double clothesline to Rogers then Afa hits the Samoan Drop for the win (2:45).
Thoughts: The crowd loved the Samoans. They would also be gone from the company shortly, and wound up in the AWA for a bit. Sika would return to the WWF in 1986 I believe
Billy Red Lyons is with Rick McGraw, who is at least six inches shorter than Billy. He cuts a terrible promo on David Schultz, which was bordering on incoherency. Who knows what drugs he took prior to this.
Mario Mancini vs. Kamala w/Friday
Reynolds acknowledges that Blassie is absent this week. He knocks down Mancini and chops away. The fans go nuts as Andre makes his way to the ring. Kamala sees him then Friday redirects him to his opponent and Kamala hits the splash for the win (1:07). After the match, Friday calms down Kamala and hits him with his riding crop.
Thoughts: The fans are going crazy for Andre whenever he appears. This feud was short-lived as Kamala would leave the WWF shortly. According to Meltzer, he hated the traveling and that was his reason for leaving.
Piper’s Pit with guests Bobby Heenan and Big John Studd. Piper calls Heenan the greatest manager in wrestling. They both call Studd the biggest man in wrestling and both say how he is larger than Andre. Studd says that he will offer $15,000 to anyone who can body slam him. Dave Barbie comes out for a chance as Heenan insults him and says if he wants to lift something, he can carry their luggage. Funny line. This would eventually lead to a feud with Andre the Giant.  
Dave Barbie vs. Michael Hayes
Hayes struts around and gets the crowd to clap. He also came out by himself. The Hillbilly is shown clapping as well. Hayes hits a shoulderblock then grabs a chinlock as Mosca completely botches a sentence about Heenan being new to the WWF, but not to wrestling itself. Barbie shoves Hayes in the corner but Hayes no sells a turnbuckle smash and fires away. He hits a back elbow smash and goes back to the chinlock. Barbie escapes and briefly beats on Hayes in the corner. Hayes comes back and hits a clothesline then drops the elbow from the second rope, which is apparently a “disco” move to Mosca, and gets the win (2:42).
Thoughts: The match itself was terrible and the crowd didn’t really warm up to Hayes. He and the rest of the Freebirds would be gone very shortly as Vince wanted to break up the group and they did not want any part of that.
Intercontinental Title Match
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Capt. Lou Albano vs. Tito Santana (Champion)
Before Santana enters the ring, Albano distracts him and that allows Valentine to attack him from behind. He goes after the leg of Tito, who is limping around. The bell still hasn’t rang yet but Mosca says that since Tito is a “true Mexican” he will enter the ring. The crowd chants for Tito and the bell rings. Tito fires away on Valentine then whips him in the corner. He hits a few turnbuckle smashes and Valentine goes down. Tito hammers on Valentine as Albano is going nuts. Valentine ducks out for a breather then rolls back in as Mosca calls Tito “Mexican Dynamite.” They trade shots until Valentine goes low then targets the leg. Valentine charges and Tito hits him with the flying foreman. He covers and thinks he won the match but Valentine’s leg was outside the ring. Tito celebrates but Valneitne hits him from behind then pins him while hooking the injured leg and gets the win and the Intercontinental Title (2:56). After the match, Valentine puts Tito in the figure-four and refuses to let go of the hold. Tito is screaming in pain on the mat as Valentine finally releases the hold. After the match, Tito is taking out on a stretcher.
Thoughts: Valentine had been looking great on TV and making Tito comeback from injury and chase him for the title is a good idea. At the time, there was a rumor that Ken Patera was going to get the IC title. Anyway, this was a great way to end the show.
Billy Red Lyons runs down the Vancouver card again, which he says was put together by Stu Hart. Andre comes out and talks with Lyons for what seems like a lifetime. He was wrestling Kamala on the card but just rambled on and on about other stuff on the card.
Reynolds and Mosca runs down next week’s show which includes Big John Studd, Junkyard Dog, David Schultz, and Andre the Giant in action.
Final Thoughts: The IC title change was a great and the rest of the show was decent enough. It was funny to see how many of the wrestlers on this card would be gone in just a month or two. The roster had a heavy turnover during this time, as Vince was trying to snatch up everyone he could and many of them left shortly afterwards. Mosca is so bad he is funny on commentary. He is perfect for people who find Dusty Rhodes too intellectual for them.

WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling October 6th, 1984

October 6, 1984
Side note: Last week, I said I was going to review Tuesday Night Titans but the version on YouTube was incomplete. I have the next several shows of Maple Leaf Wrestling, which was the Canadian version of All-Star Wrestling, to review. I do not have any Championship Wrestling episodes left for 1984 besides the 10/21 show, but I do have some TNT shows and the November and December MSG shows too. I have all of the Championship Wrestling shows from 1985 and 1986 with all the PPV’s, Saturday Night Main Events, and various house shows and episodes of Prime Time Wrestling to review as well.  
Your hosts are Angelo Mosca and Jack Reynolds, truly a dream combination.

Butcher Vachon vs. Junkyard Dog
The crowd goes nuts for JYD. He shoves Vachon in the corner then knocks him down. Vachon rolls outside as JYD gets on all fours and taunts him. Back inside, Vachon puts JYD in a bearhug then rakes his eyes after JYD reverses. Vachon with some back rakes and punches in the corner. JYD fights back and uses his own back rakes then bites the forehead of Vachon, who rolls outside. Back inside, JYD gets a headbutt then hits the powerslam for the win (3:03).
Thoughts: The match itself was awful but the crowd loved JYD. Mosca was so bad he was funny on commentary, telling corny dog jokes throughout the match.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Hulk Hogan and they show a clip of his entrance.
Mohammed Saad & Rene Goulet vs. Brett Hart & Davey Boy Smith
The WWF TV debut for Smith. Hart backs Goulet in the corner, who complains of a hairpull. Reynolds calls Smith “Danny Boy” as Hart takes Goulet down with an armdrag. Tag to Smith, who gets slammed by Goulet but holds onto the arm. Saad tags and takes Smith over with a headlock. Smith escpaes and hits a suplex and an elbow smash. He hits a slam then goes up top and hits the flying headbutt for the win (2:07).
Thoughts: The crowd was going nuts at the end. Smith was much smaller than he was even a few years after this match. Hart continues to give Garea a run for his money as the most miserable looking face in the company.
A backstage interviewer (I have no clue as to who this was. He had glasses and had gray hair) promotes a show in Vancouver and runs down the entire card. The Iron Sheik comes out alone and cuts a promo on Sgt. Slaughter to promote their match. Not much at all and he ends by spitting on the ground.  
Mario Mancini vs. Brutus Beefcake
Beefcake beats on Mancini as Capt. Lou Albano and Bobby Heenan appear ringside to scout Beefcake. He continues his assault on Mancini as the crowd starts a “weasel” chant. Back suplex by Beefcake who then puts Mancini in an airplane spin, then gets a leg drop for the win (2:30).
Thoughts: Most of the match was spent focusing on the managers scouting Beefcake, who they are pushing hard. The crowd doesn’t care about him yet though.
Another studio interview promoting the Vancouver show, this time with Kamala and Friday. Kamala walks right in front the camera and Friday doesn’t speak English and this goes on for about a minute until they leave.
Dave Barbie vs. Sgt. Slaughter
The Canadian fans love Slaughter too. Barbie hits a forearm smash and that pisses off Slaughter. Barbie grabs a headlock and rakes the eyes. He beats on Slaughter in the rocrner then catches him with a back elbow smash. Sarge coems back with the Slaughter Cannon then puts on the Cobra Clutch for the win (2:08).
Thoughts: A typical Slaughter squash. He flattened Barbie with the Slaughter Cannon. Sarge was insanely over with the crowd but would be gone from the company in two months.
Piper’s Pit with “Dr. D.” David Schultz. Piper makes fun of the crowd, calling them queens. Schultz congratulates Piper for taking out Snuka then they both praise each other as the crowd is throwing trash at them. Not a whole lot happened but Piper has nuclear heat since he took out Snuka.
AJ Petruzzi vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Capt Lou Albano
Mosca notes that Valentine has been a wrestler for “one dozen years.” Valentine beats the piss out of Petruzzi then grabs a chinlock. He hits a shoulderbreaker then works the arm. He hits some forearm smashes before using a back suplex. The Hammer drops an elbow then goes for the figure-four leg lock and gets the win (2:30).
Thoughts: Impressive squash for Valentine. He beat the shit out of Petruzzi. Valentine is one of the best wrestlers in the company at this point too.  
Nick DeCarlo & Salvatore Bellomo vs. Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik
Volkoff sings the Russian National Anthem before the match and in the crowd, we see a large man in overalls (The future Hillbilly Jim) as Mosca tries to explain world history. Bellomo and Sheik start out as Reynolds plugs next week’s feature match, which is Tito Santana vs. Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title. Bellomo uses his quickness against the Shiek and tags DeCarlo. Sheik misses an eblow drop and gets slammed. Bellomo tags back in and catches Sheik’s foot and hits an atomic drop. He dropkicks Sheik, who tags Volkoff. Bellomo runs into Volkoff then takes him down with a dropkick. Volkoff fights back and tags Sheik, who gets kicked down. DeCarlo tags in but Sheik boots him down and hits a gutwrench suplex. Volkoff tags and hits the backbreaker for the win (3:35).
Thoughts: The faces got in a lot of offense. Volkoff and Sheik continue to get massive amount of heat. If Slaughter had a partner, he could feud with this team as the WWF had a massive shortage of babyface teams.
Sgt. Slaughter interview is next. He promotes his match against the Iron Sheik in Vancouver. Sarge sticks up for Canada and tells Sheik they will be on a neutral soil and promises to make Sheik tap to the Cobra Clutch then take him to the hospital so they can remove his boot from his ass.
Mosca and Reynolds run down next week’s card, highlighted by the Intercontinental Title match between Tito Santana and Greg Valentine. Also, Kamala, Dynamite Kid, and Iron Mike Sharpe will be in action.
Final Thoughts: The show went along fine. Mosca and Reynolds are the drizzling shits but the pacing was great. The Intercontinental Title match next week should be awesome and the Dynamite Kid will be a treat to see again.