Jerry Lawler DVD Listing

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Well, what do you think? As Meltzer noted, much of it will depend on the quality of the Memphis footage. And putting the Flair match on the Blu-Ray is just nasty. Now that's an enticement.

But that Piper match? Good God. Should have been buried behind Titan Towers in a shoebox decades ago.

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That's pretty weak sauce, dude.  Like, we know they have the rights to the empty arena and Kaufman matches because they aired a million times on 24/7, but the Hennig and Von Erich matches when Lawler was past his prime are really the best "rarities" they can pull up?  And then it jumps to 93 and all the crappy WWF matches he had?  There's tons better stuff on the Wrestling Gold collection alone and I'm pretty sure they could write Kit Parker a check for $10 and get the rights to all of that stuff.  This is massively disappointing given all the buildup that Lawler was giving it.  

Heyman vs Lawler

Going back watching some 2001 "SPECIALS" on WWE network and hot dang is Heyman a GREAT change of pace from Lawler. I think Lawler was great in the late 90s during the attitude era with the puppies and everything but it's just been too long with him on color.
I know he has settled into this Uncle Jerry role but if they are serious about a new generation of stars don't you think they should get a new announce team to go along with it to help signify the change in talent?

I would vote for Renee Young and William Regal.   They could just ignore the match and flirt for three hours.  

Fwd: The Jerry Lawler Show

As a fellow afficienado (and I'm sure I'm not spelling that correctly) of Memphis Wrestling, I'm sure that you and those who read your blog will find this absolutely hilarious. It's from 1985 – the day Kareem Muhammad (aka Ray Candy) took over the Jerry Lawler Show, which aired on Memphis TV.

Kareem airing his views on Asian relations at 3:32 was so awful that it put this over the top to classic status.  I'm thinking this won't air on WWE TV any time soon.

A Lawler Tribute

Long time listener, first time caller.  I recently started up a blog of my own and just posted my thoughts and memories on the King as he continues to recover.  Would love for you to take a look if you have the time, and if you enjoy the piece please help spread the word.  I plan to write a lot about UFC as events come up, as well as the occasional wrestling post like this one (in addition to American professional sports).  Anyways, here is the link, if you choose to accept it:

Sure, keep up the positive thoughts for the King!  As someone said here on the blog, it's time for him to pull down the strap and make the superman comeback!

Jerry Lawler

Obviously this is the big news coming out of Raw.  In case you missed it, Lawler legitimately collapsed at roughly 10PM EST and was taken to the back and later to a hospital.  To end the show, Cole said that Lawler was stabilizing and breathing on his own along with having his heart beating on his own.  If you find an update on his condition please post it here but please make sure it’s a legitimate story as there are going to be rumors floating around all over the place.