QOTD 15: Hey everybody, we’re all gonna get laid!

Howdy Blog Otters, how is everyone’s manic Monday going? Mine’s pretttty swell, I’m typing this pre-‘sure thing’ date, and it got me to thinking about, well, how do you all going about seducing the fairer, or samer, sex?

Do you online date? Take to craigslist postings? tackle the icky-but-almost-assured-to-get-you-lucky world of fetlife? Consider this thread something along the lines of Free Masonry. A brotherhood of men helping other men, get women…or men


What’s your art of seduction, and what pointers can you give to the masses that you think most folks miss out on, and what are some definite red flags you’ve run into while attempting to get your proverbial rocks, off?

I have a couple of tried-and-true methods, mostly messaging ladies with the brightest smiles and being my typical dorky self, which tends to really kick-start the the engine of 30-something divorcee’s, single mothers, and this one lawyer lady I was certain was either going to be the sexiest person I ever got with, or would kill me and take my kidneys.

My worst adventure involved a girl who wanted to be erotically cut, she literally presented the cutting implements to me like they were a secret ingredient in Iron Chef.


Blog Otter Award: Jobber123 for his ability to drink veggie juice straight. You’re a stronger man than I, sir. You award can be found below:

1. How far are we all in GTAV? I’m going to make the spoiler post and run a Review for Friday.

2. In case you want an idea of a surprisingly successful online dating profile, give mine a gander. If you give “A_Fun_SofaB” a google with Okcupid, you’ll find me.