MOTD: Ivan Koloff vs. Bruno Sammartino

Since someone was just e-mailing me asking about this match, I figured I’d throw this up there.  The WWWF didn’t actually film the match at the time because it was never intended to be shown and they wanted the title change to be as low-key as possible to prevent rioting, but this is fan footage that showed up many years later with someone adding commentary themselves.  WWE of course doesn’t own the rights to this, which is why they never show footage in their documentaries and countdown shows and such.  Plus it looks pretty crappy.  But there you go, the most historic title change until that other one in 1997.

Nikita Koloff on crappy reality show?

I know you're a Cracked fan so I was curious if you had "The 4 Least Anticipated TV Shows of March 2013", which is found here? 

One of the shows is called Preachers' Daughters, a reality show for which the title is pretty self-explanatory. I kinda skimmed through the article but what caught my eye was that one of the preacher dads is listed as an ex-pro wrestler. I assumed it was some indy bum but I looked it up and to my surprise…it's Nikita Koloff! The show probably won't even make it a full season but if they want me to watch, just have Nikita go back to kayfabing not knowing English whilst he interacts with all of these people, feature Ivan in a cameo, and maybe have him hit an atheist with a chain. It'll draw MILLIONS!

Here's the AVClub's review of the show:,93536/
What I want to know is what's up with the "Nikita Koloff" thing? I thought he was just going by Scott Simpson outside of his wrestling appearances?  And why is his daughter using Koloff as a last name? Is this like a "Brooke Hogan" deal where they're using the name for TV purposes?