MOTD: 1 15 99 Kobashi vs Vader

On the subject of great last matches, Vader had a hell of a run in AJPW after leaving WWF. This WAR with Kobashi showed exactly how badly Vader was wasted during his time in the WWF.

No doubt he was wasted, although to be fair it’s not like there was a ton of people around who were willing and/or able to work that kind of style with him.  

Kobashi Goodbye

I have had a BUNCH of people e-mail this today, so here we go…

Scott, I know you are hot and cold with Puro, but I know that this is a big moment for all wrestling fans. Someone uploaded to Youtube all 90 minutes of the Kobashi farewell main event. I figured this would be something you’d want to share with the BoD. I’m happy someone uploaded this, but I wish it had been in something better than 240 resolution. Best regards from the deep south, Matt in Alabama.