Superstars you didn’t know were related – 5 Things

Cute list, but how the hell do they explain the Blackjack Mulligan-IRS relationship and then completely ignore the more obvious IRS family relationship?  Are we back in the 80s, where breaking kayfabe by admitting that Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are brothers would somehow shatter our suspension of disbelief and cause ratings to drop even lower?

You know Sting will debut on this Monday Night Raw now…


Warrior was a close friend of mine (I also had the pleasure of growing up in the same city Chris Benoit called home — Peachtree City, Ga — and used to talk to him at the gym all the time). 

Benoit's death hit me hard, because he was the nicest guy in the world and I always saw him walking around the golf cart paths of my home town with his son on his shoulders. 

Warrior's death is unbelievably tragic, because he was so happy to be back with the WWE and was poised to tell  new stories (though his last appearance on RAW was so prophetic). 

I met Warrior in 2003 at a conservative function in D.C. and thereafter we would talk three or four times a year on the phone for hours on end. 

He was incredibly passionate and the true man shown through at the HOF this past weekend, with his love for his wife and daughters the highlight of the show (and, by all the tweets from wrestlers, something they all noticed as well). 

Back in 2010, we were talking on the phone right before Wrestlemania 26 in Phoenix and he told me how close he was to going in the HOF then, but he couldn't do it until they told the right story (which they did on the new DVD). He told me at a meeting with WWE to go over the libel lawsuit surrounding the Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD, all of a sudden Vince came from behind and gave him a huge bear hug… as if nothing had happened between 1996 and 2010 in their relationship…. ha. 

Warrior was alpha, one of a kind. The media storm surrounding his horrific death is testament to this and the power sports-entertainers (wrestlers) have over the public imagination. 

That he was able to come back and end things ON HIS NOTE (with perhaps the most eerie final promo in the history of… promos)… isn't that the most poignant way to end an incredibly enigmatic and obviously inspiration life?

Anyways… if Sting has signed with the company (though they weren't that close after the Blade Runners broke up), it makes too much sense to have him debut this coming Monday Night at some point, especially to fill the role of ambassador Warrior was set to do. 

What say you?

See, I don't even know that Sting and Warrior were close past their initial association in the 80s.  Sting certainly gave no indications of being in touch with Warrior in any of the interviews he's done.  However, I think Sting's a pretty well-spoken and well-respected guy who would do fine as a goodwill ambassador for the company.  Or if nothing else he can hang out on Wall Street and point baseball bats at anyone trying to sell their WWE stock.  
I think they can disguise him pretty well in the ring if he's doing limited stuff, because I feel like the younger guys would respect him so much that they'd be lining up to sell his offense and would probably keep him from getting too exposed.  If he was to take on a role where he was, say, mentoring the Shield or teaming with John Cena against the Wyatts to even the odds (and you know Cena would mark out for that) he'd probably do fine.  

MOTYC from NJPW (shocking, I know)

Spectacular match right here… Words do no justice….

Yes, but Okada didn’t ride in on a giant dinosaur while carrying a sword this time, so it loses points there.
You what would be mind-blowingly awesome for everyone involved?  New Japan cutting a deal with WWE to air these things on the Network, along with some back catalog footage.  Given that they’re marketing this thing to the hardcore nerds, who are EXACTLY the kind of people who would die for NJPW PPVs for their $10 a month, and New Japan would probably love the extra money and exposure, and WWE would love the cheap live content and footage for the marketing machine…I’m just not seeing any downside whatsoever.  
Anyway, Okada and Ibushi are awesome, not exactly shocking news, I know.  I still prefer Tanahashi and the Shibata “shoot fight” crew, but damn if Okada isn’t having a hell of a run himself this past year.  

QOTD: Me, You, and Everyone We Know…Fuckin’

Senior Year of high school I was taking a game development class. It included the general selection of nerds, dorks, gamers, fat dudes like myself, and a pretty lass named…Hannah.

We hit it off immediately, and about a day before I was about to ask her to homecoming, another fellow asked her out and they started dating immediately until we graduated.

Flash forward 4 years and I stumble across her profile on Fetlife. In addition to her Sonic The Hedgehog Erotic drawings, I learned she is in a poly. relationship, and they all have pet names like “Dark Wolf” and “Wolf Pet” and “Wolf Pet”. The man, “Dark Wolf” has a series of photos of himself dorkily posing in front of a fire place, having the three women in the relationship collared and smiling, and a whole bunch of other kinky stuff.

They have two kids, I am unsure who is the mother of who, but they too, have pet names like ‘Wolf Cub” and something else.

On the bright side, I got to see Hannah naked in every.single.imaginable.angle thanks to these photos. On the down side? Da fuuuqqqqqqqqqq?

How do you feel toward long-term polyamorous relationships? What about if these relationships raise kids? Do you feel folks like the ones in Sister Wives are sick, different, just fine, or both? Do you think this is a bad environment in which to raise kids? 

The above was my introduction to polyamory beyond a three-way I had in 2006 with my girlfriend and her best friend, where ‘the rule’ (I.E I couldn’t bone the other girl) was in effect.

Not to speak for women who are into this kind of thing, but I can’t help but feel they’re being taken advantage of occasionally. Take an impressionable girl with low self-esteem, ooze confidence, tell them about your personal lifestyle choice, and you’re off to the orgiastic races.

From the ladies I’ve met in these kinds of relationship, the men have been supremely confident in themselves without much to be confident in – though I could just be jealous. If you look at the women on Sister Wives or what not, you kind of see a perceived sadness in their eyes, that they aren’t good enough to satisfy their man SO much that they need more than one woman.

But that’s just me judging based on my personal ideals.

Also the guy from Sister Wives looks like Chris Jericho.

What say you, Otters?

Something The Blog Should Know

Scott, this has nothing to do with wrestling at all, but I think any of your Canadian readers (or readers close to the border) will really want to know about this deal:

Brent Hirose.

Huh. I imagine the stores are gonna be SWAMPED this weekend.  That’s a crazy deal.  

I think Im cute, I know I’m injured…?

EDIT: I know some people get annoyed with “threadjacking” but I dont give a shit.  I like these topics because they truly interest me, but feel free to discuss whatever.

“What if” time.  Was gonna go with an old school WcW topic but with the recent whispers of a potential HBK return, Im very skeptical, I went with this one…

What if Shawn never takes “the casket bump” at Royal Rumble 98?  The whole wrestling landscape was about to change, the Austin era is about to be unleashed, the attitude era sperm that was implanted the previous year is about to mature, wwe ratings will slowly climb culminating to their first rating wins in December of that year.  How does Shawn play into all of this?  Things to consider…

– Does Shawn try and sabotage Austins impending run at the top, by doing Shawn like things?  If so, does Vince finally take a stand with Shawn by making him get clean, pushing him down the card, or just sending him home?

– Does Vince fully embrace the “changing of the guard” in terms of who was on top if Shawns hovering around?

– Does Shawn willingly lay down for the new guys wwe had brought…sorry couldn’t get through that without laughing.

– Are the upcoming prominent roles guys like Foley, The Rock, Shamrock, HHH, reduced?  If so, to what extent?

– Was Shawn so beat up that he was going to have an injury or mental breakdown that would inevitably put him out of action anyway?

How does it all play out.  Go in whatever direction you like.

*Random topic: has anyone been watching Homeland?  Whats the fucking endgame with Brody?  Hes been essentially written off all year, has no relevance to the storyline direction theyre moving towards, and has been replaced by the Iranian guy.  Is he done as a character?  Was Dana moving out last night the first step in writing off the entire Broady family?

If you have one of these you want posted, email it to me.

Tootaloo motherfluckers

QOTD 43: I know what I hate, and I don’t hate this.

Name a wrestling match, television show, movie, food, song, or band that you fully expected to hate, but surprised you with its quality, entertainment value, taste, catchiness, or talent. 

I have a few: 

The Trish Stratus v. Stephanie match from a PPV a few years ago. 
Also Shane vs. Kurt Angle from KOTR a few years ago, as well.
Indian Food. 
Captain Phillips (Which is essentially one big love-letter to the NSA)
Train (The band, not the transportation)

QOTD 35: Ya know, for kids.

Not sure how many of you have seen the underrated classic “The Huddsucker Proxy” but boy is that movie a treat. The less you know about it, the better. Don’t watch a trailer, don’t read about it, just watch it.

A tagline from that movie is “Ya know, for Kids!” and it got me thinking about the stuff we watch that, as mostly well-adjusted adults, is probably a big below our age range.

What ‘kid’ shows do you enjoy, or think hold up to viewings as an adult?


The correct answer to this question is “The Animaniacs”. Simply classic stuff that’s even better the older you are. While I still think Chicken Boo is one of the dumbest thing in the history of dumb things, the rest of the show is great. The songs are catchy and the jokes are still funnier, and in fact funnier now that you can pick up on the number of subtle Hollywood references throughout the show’s run.

“Fairly Odd Parents” is a good one, and still something I’ll click on if it’s on and I’m trying to do something else. Similarly ribald and subversive, it’s a show that’s more ‘for all ages’ versus for only children.

“iCarly” ain’t half bad, either, kind of capturing a zany 50’s sitcom vibe. I had a sister from another mister who turned me on to the show, and while it’s not something I watch myself, I have benevolent feelings toward the show, and its executive producer Dan Schneider, who is one of the few TV producers who can make entertainment that is both family friendly and doesn’t condescend to its audience. 

“The Muppets” are probably my favorite though, with the last movie being eight different kinds of funny, over-the-top, silly, self-referential, and similarly capable of entertaining adults and children alike. Also Chris Cooper raps. You can’t go wrong. give “Man or Muppet” a google and get ready to laugh a bit, first because it’s a silly song, and second because it’s actually pretty relate-able.


Blog Otter Award: Everyone who mentioned Kurt Vonnegut, because I didn’t. I think for a lot of people he’s sort of the gateway to thinking beyond what we see, if that makes sense, and if you caught onto him at a certain time, namely in highschool or junior high, you were probably a better, and more critically thinking, person for it.

1. I tried out this “Slice The Pie” thing yesterday and it gives you a few pennies for reviewing songs. It’s not a lot or even a little bit of money, but if you’re bored at work a lot or have a ton of down-time, it can be a cool little writing exercise and it’ll earn you a couple of bucks in the process.

You Know…

…I was just think that the abeyance situation reminds me of 1998 when the WWF title was held up and they did that shitty non-finish in the Undertaker-Kane match in the October PPV to leave the belt held up, and now history repeats itself again.  But for $20 more due to inflation.
They should have just gone with the power outage as the ending.

10 Mind-Blowing Finishes That You Didn’t Know Make Me Want To Punch Vince Russo (In the Face)

Hi Scott – Thanks again for passing along this article to be published at Place to Be Nation.  We really appreciate your partnership.  Here's the link for your readers:

Always happy to share the love.  Or the hate in this case.  

I Know It’s Not Their Fault…

Just thinking that although WWE couldn't have done anything about the calendar timing this year, what sane human being is watching a 3-hour RAW on both Christmas Eve AND New Year's Eve?  Hell, I make ad revenue off reviewing the show and even I'm not watching either show until well after the fact.  Perhaps those 100 million WWE fans named in the survey will lift the taped shows past a 2.1 rating, but I wouldn't bet on it.  I think we're gonna see what the hardest of hardcore rock bottom viewership is when the numbers come in for those two shows.  

Or maybe CM Punk will hit Santa Claus with his crutches and fake another heart attack to draw even more heel heat, whatever.  

Now we know what Melina’s leaving gift from the WWE was…

…Stay Classy, McMahons!

I bet even Paul Heyman was like "Man, that's a lot of bounced checks!"  
Linda should have literally just mailed every voter $10 and taken her chances with the law afterwards, because she would have spent less and had a better chance of winning.  

Would you happen to know if the DVDVR message board is dead?

The subject line pretty much says it all. For the past month or so, the DVDVR board has been going through random periods of being down for a day or two before coming back online. The powers that be stated it was just the general server issues but that it would be fine. However, the board's now been down for about a week, which is much longer than normal. Being that your blog and the DVDVR board are pretty much my main two sources of wrestling discussion, this recent turn of events sucks. I was wondering if you or anyone else might know if the board is now gone for good.
Please don't you and the blog disappear either.

I have no idea about the DVDVR status.  Mine is Blogger, and if BROCKAMANIA 2012 couldn't bring down this version of the blog, there's nothing I can conceive of doing it.  Plus I've still got Scotsman's server as an emergency backup if need be, although it would have to be a severely scaled down version of WordPress if I ever needed to go back there again.  So short answer, have no fear about this blog going anywhere anymore.  
Anyway, if Dean or anyone else on the Death Valley board is reading, can you offer an update for people?  

Did You Know?

Given that UFC bombed in the ratings on FOX yet again with another 1.0, I have to wonder if the Did You Know on RAW will make reference to that, or if they'll really go balls to the wall and use Magic WWE Math to show that they somehow beat the Olympics at some point last week.  Maybe by totalling the viewership of all three hours of RAW, plus two hours of Smackdown, plus replays?  How would they pull that one off, I wonder?  

Inside the Indies Special Edition: Getting To Know Your New Developmental Prospects

Big news keeps hitting the net today that WWE has signed or is looking to sign a whole slew of indie workers to developmental contracts. After a few years where the policy seemed to be rooted more in signing untrained guys based on their look and breaking them into WWE style, the new NXT is shaping up to be a breeding ground for the hot indie talent in the country right now that are hoping to follow in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan’s footsteps. Since, as always, I’m a proponent of independent professional wrestling and the talented men and women who have made it their life’s work, I’d like to take this opportunity to give anyone who isn’t familiar with these workers some insight into who they are, and what qualities to look for when they become the stars of the future.


–To start with, one person who signed back in April and is just now breaching the world of FCW/NXT: “Big Rig” Brodie Lee, who will be known in developmental by his infinitely less interesting name Luke Harper. Who gets the feeling someone was reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” there? Anyhow, Harper is a Rochester native who differs from most indie standouts: he’s 6’7 and 280 lbs. He’s got a great physique and does a decent mix of power moves. He has that great aura that combines a little bit of redneck swagger with a darker side; he at once could remind you of Diesel (hence the truck driver gimmick) or The Undertaker (hence the awesome choice of entrance music in the indies, Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”. ) I think now’s a great time to start using him. Everyone by now has heard about the awesomeness that is Bray Wyatt, the former Husky Harris’s Waylon Mercy-esque character. Unfortunately, Wyatt just tore a pec, and he’ll be out for roughly six months. They also just let go his former lackey Eli Cottonwood. And honestly, the thing everyone loves about Bray Wyatt is the creepy promos, not Husky’s ring work. Easy solution here is to just make Bray Wyatt a manager for the duration of his injury and let him back Luke Harper. You keep the Wyatt character fresh, you give Harper some of the rub from that, and when Wyatt’s healthy again you have an evil Southern Gothic tag team ready to go. Wins all around. Check out some Brodie from his time in CHIKARA:

–Also from CHIKARA, as well as SHIMMER, Jersey All Pro, and formerly of ROH, they’ve signed Sara Del Rey. Del Rey is probably the top female wrestler in America right now, or at the very least in the independent scene. She’s made her mark by being a dedicated student of wrestling, and has spent time training with Daniel Bryan. She’s also been notable for competing in intergender matches, even challenging CHIKARA champ Eddie Kingston. At one time she was aligned with the Kings of Wrestling in ROH, better known as current Smackdown superstar Antonio “Claudio Castagnoli” Cesaro and NXT star Kassius “Chris Hero” Ohno. (Now they should sign Shane Hagadorn as, like, a referee or something, just to get the complete set). It’s hard to say what role she’ll fill in WWE, but she’s damn sure going to be one of the most talented Divas they’ve had. Check her out:

–“The Man That Gravity Forgot”, PAC, is another signee. Hailing from Newcastle-upon-Thyne, England, this man is without a doubt one of the most insane high flyers working today. While he’s not very big, his acrobatic moves are crisp and really unique, something that will set him apart from all the other high flying cruisers. Signing to WWE will have one benefit for him: He can ditch that stupid name. “PAC” makes you think of 2-Pac, X-Pac, or Pac-Man, not necessarily a British cruiser who’s whiter than Sheamus and most likely doesn’t eat ghosts. However, “The Man That Gravity Forgot” has that really epic 60’s sci-fi, Philip-K.-Dick-by-way-of-Flash-Gordon vibe to it, and they should think about letting him keep it. Other than that, his best bet in WWE is if they actually launch the all-cruiserweight show. If not, he needs to bring a move to WWE that has never been seen there before and really blow everyone away. His corkscrew shooting star is a personal favorite, but I gotta say, it’s high time someone brought the 630 Splash to WWE. Clear a spot for your jaw on the floor and check out PAC:

–Matt Taven has been appearing in ROH lately, and has made a bit of a name for himself around the indie world. He’s one of the latest signees to developmental, and of all of them, he’s the one who could benefit most from some developing. He’s got a good look, and some of his offense looks great, but he doesn’t have a huge moveset yet and he needs polish. He does, however, have the Shawn Michaels-style underdog face selling routine pretty well down, where every offense move he scores looks like it was out of desperation. And that ain’t bad. Take a look at Taven, especially if you like arm drags:

–Mercedes Martinez is allegedly on the bubble for getting signed right now. She’s another SHIMMER alum who’s worked for a variety of companies, including ROH, Afa Anoa’i’s WXW, Jimmy Hart’s Wrestlicious, and many others. I’m not going to lie, I’m not an expert on Mercedes but I’ve heard a lot of good things. She seems to be another woman who’s very dedicated to professional wrestling and she brings a little Latin flavor to the table. I could see feuds with some of the other Hispanic Divas, such as Eve, Rosa, and even Vickie Guerrero in her future. Let’s all take a look at what she can do: 

And two more names that I’ve heard are rumored to be in talks with WWE:
–I hyped up Johnny Gargano last week in my Inside the Indies. He has a goofy charisma that he backs up with some serious skills in the ring. As a member of F.I.S.T. he’s part of one of the top heel teams of CHIKARA, and he’s made his name in DGUSA/EVOLVE and plenty others. He’s another maybe for the all-cruiserweight show, although he has the ding against him of vaguely resembling Trent Baretta, who’s supposedly a John Cena pet project. Baretta’s awesome but still, he’s not The Bee’s Knees, The Cat’s Pajamas, and The Whole Shebang:

–“The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan has been all over the indie & international scene in the last few years: CZW, ROH, PWG, EVOLVE, DGUSA, PWS, AAW, WXW, 2CW, Big Japan, Fight Club Pro, and even Wrestling Retribution Project. With that kind of pedigree you know this guy is no joke. For a young guy he has a decent pedigree, having trained with Les Thatcher in HWA and working with the likes of Jon “Dean Ambrose” Moxley, Chad Collyer, and Nigel McGuinness. He’s done hardcore as well as technical wrestling, and he’s developed a great Goth gimmick for himself without going too far over the top. He’s got a great future ahead of him if he does get signed to WWE, and at only 24 he’s got plenty of years to hone his craft and work on his physique (he’s only about 200 lbs., but he looks like he’s got the kind of frame that can accommodate more muscle.) Given some seasoning he could be a solid mid-card hand or more. His Headlock Driver, from the corner or the ground could be a great finish for him that he could do to anyone.

–So that’s the current crop. Of all of them I think Brodie Lee has the best chances for success because, well, he’s the big one, but all of them are talented wrestlers who have something to offer WWE. Until next installment, remember, support your local indie scene.