Clash Countdown: Now On Kindle!

As requested by a few people during the course of the Clash of the Champions countdown in May, I have collected all the Clash rants from 1-35 into a Kindle book, complete with 2014 Scott Sez versions!  
Also, tomorrow I'll start doing a "random thoughts" column weekly on, giving my thoughts on the week that was and anything else that comes to mind, so keep an eye out for that.  I probably won't be moving any reviews over there because I want to retain the publishing rights to them, but I can always do some exclusive stuff like reviewing the Countdown shows or whatever else pops up.  It's a pretty cool opportunity.  

The Complete Royal Rumble Kindle!

Available now on Amazon:  Scott’s Blog of Doom Presents The Complete Royal Rumble Rants!
I’ve compiled all the “2012 Scott Sez” versions of the rants into Kindle format, for only $2.99!  That’s one-third of the cost of the WWE Network!  Or one cent per participant, 2011 excluded. 
And of course, my other books are still available here:
And now as promised, ANOTHER book announcement!  As promised, “Scott’s Blog of Doom Presents:  Monday Night RAW 2013” is also available on Kindle.


Kindle Books

Hi Scott,
Any chance of another few books on Kindle? I am literally waiting here to throw money at you. Well, not literally.

You bet.  I'm gonna be compiling 2013 RAW into a book right away, and if anyone's got any other suggestions I'm open to them.

Wrestling Anthology Giveaway on Kindle

Hi Scott,

Thanks for plugging our wares in the past. Any chance of plugging our wrestling/horror anthology, LUCHA GORE: SCARES FROM THE SQUARED CIRCLE?

It came out about ten months ago, and the Kindle version is currently free on Amazon for the next five days.

My readers do enjoy free things.

Kindle Archives, Phase One Basically I’ve been looking for newer and easier ways to distribute the archives, and Caliber ended up giving me the idea to self-publish some stuff on Kindle.  That way I can break things up and I won’t have to use my own bandwidth to handle distribution.  The first one I’m trying is Scott’s Blog Of Doom Presents:  The Complete Saturday Night’s Main Event, and if people like the idea and format I’ll continue on with a collection of the 2012 Scott sez PPV runs and other stuff.  Maybe I’ll even try a new original book!  It’s actually pretty easy to deal with the creation and publishing aspect.  For those without Kindle, you can get free apps for IOS or Android, or just read it on computer.  Or you can buy one from that guy spamming the blog right now.  Either way.