Will you kick my ass?

No, this isn't a fetish email in disguise from Scherer.
Leading up to MITB, I was trying to catch up on my rotation of P2B / MLW / LAW podcasts. Disco Inferno has been on MLW a bit as of late. He has surprised me with his pretty logical, no nonsense philosophy to booking. Simply put, he doesn't think a guy can be a main eventer unless we, the fans, truly believe said guy would kick our asses. Other than Shawn and Flair being pretty big exceptions, it's an interesting argument. Which brings me to two guys I love: Ziggler and Ambrose. I don't think Ziggler could kick my ass. At all. They missed the boat on booking him like Shawn and even resisted Flair's desire to work with him, so he seems fucked forever. Ambrose on the other hand… he's crazy. He'd fight dirty. He's the kind of character who'd take a beer bottle to the face, chew the glass and use the blood as a distraction. He would find a completely unfair way to kick my ass. He's got a real chance to be huge. Injuries, excuses and conspiracies aside… Is that "ass kicking aura" truly what matters most?

To a certain degree, although beating Ambrose on multiple occasions isn't gonna do him any favours at a time when they should be protecting him.  But really you need a mixture of characters, and the asskicker is certainly one of them.   His act works so well because it's something different amidst all their lazy tropes.  I'm actually working on a column about it tonight.  

QOTD 23: I’m going to kick your ass…At Nintendo!

Howdy Otters (BTW the Blog Otters “crew” for GTA: Online is in the works), but for now lets talk about things we’re good at.


What is something you are certain you’re better at than ‘most’ people? 

I’m not a super confident fellah, but I do think I have some skills to pay the bills regarding silly things like Madden Football and general trivia games like You Don’t Know Jack. I’m also hyper competitive about these as well – if someone thinks they’re better then me, I make a point to prove they’re not.

Gamertag: NotMeekin by the by.