RF Video Shoot Interview with Kevin Steen

This was released in early 2014

The interview was conducted by Brett Lauderdale

It runs at four hours and one minute long

Steen talks about growing up and having to move to his grandparents house with his parents as they could no longer take care of themselves and because kids in the town would rob them and even tried to set the house on fire. He was 13 years old at the time. He said it was a small “shit” town filled with old people and mentions how he was too far away from his friends to walk over to their houses so he stayed there by himself all Summer. Steen said they did not even have cable so he would watch the same Simpsons tape over and over again.

His first memories of wrestling was at age 11 when his dad rented WrestleMania XI. He saw the first match, British Bulldog & Lex Luger vs. Blu Brothers, and was hooked after that. He then said that after watching Shawn Michaels match against Diesel blew his mind and he wanted to be a wrestler after that. He said he copied every match on that tape except for Bret Hart’s, because he found him incredibly boring. Steen said he has learned to appreciate him over time. Steen said his first live WWF show was at the Montreal Forum in 1996. It is now a movie theater.

He was first trained by Serge Jodoin, a former WWF job guy, at age 16. He first met him at a show that took place at a corn festival in what Steen calls a trashy venue that had drunks fighting with the wrestlers. He then trained at his barn and it cost $70 a month for three days of training weekly. He did that for about two months until the barn collapsed. Steen said Jodoin did good at teaching the basics and almost quit after the first day but went back.

A year later, he found out that Jacques Rougeau was opening a wrestling school and had his mom call up because he was only 16 years of age. The interviewer then asks him about Rougeau as Steen said that his experiences with him were mostly negative then talks about Devon “Hannibal” Nicholson in his shoot interview and how he called him (Steen) ungrateful and would kick his ass as Steen said that was not the same Devon he knew, the same Devon that he helped train at the school.

Back to Jacques, Steen said that if you did not completely devote 100% of your time to his cause, then he would consider you ungrateful. Steen said he was wrestling and going to school at the time. After a few months, Jacques stopped training them and was replaced by a guy named “Eric.” Steen also said that Jacques trained them to wrestle for his shows and not for the real world.

Steen said that he was Jacques top trainee and wowed everyone with his 450 splash. Steen then said that Jacques would tell guys that they would be losing when going up against him.

He goes further into Rougeau and how he would not want his guys to go to other shows. Steen said at that point, a lot of his friends were going to IWS as Rougeau was disinterested in the school and barely showing up so after seeing all his friends leave, he decided to go to the shows. It was there that he saw El Generico (Sami Zayn) for the first time. After a while, Steen asked Rougeau for his blessing to work for them and he said yes.

On the guys in IWS, he tells us about Crazy Manny, who said all sorts of crazy shit to them like he fucked their wives and blew cocaine off of their asses. Steen said it was an act and Manny was actually a really nice guy but crazy too.

Back to Rougeau, Steen tells about a story of how Rougeau promised Steen a tryout when the WWE came to town but had made him sign an agreement that would allow Rougeau to be an agent for his match and make 15% of his salary. Steen said he always wanted to wrestle in the WWE but was having fun where he was and got Rougeau to let him wrestle one more match in IWS to finish up for good. Steen said he was working is job, which was the night shift at a gas station, and pondering about his future as he was exhausted from going to school, work, then wrestling school as he had been up for 24 hours straight and went to the IWS show, where they told him to do what he had to do while some said that Rougeau wouldn’t so anything for him and he should stay. He had his match against El Generico as the fans found out he was going and chanted “please don’t go” as Steen said he got emotional and cried backstage. He was going to call Rougeau to work on the deal but decided against that and said at the time, he was very skinny and shorter than he was now and as a result, would have been laughed out of the building during his tryout. He said that his secret weapon was a 450 splash and the WWE has probably seen that a million times. Rougeau then called him as Steen told him he did not want him as his agent and was going to keep wrestling as Rougeau told him never to show up to his school again and that was the last time he spoke with him, on November 23rd, 2003. Steen then said that Rougeau picked two guys who got a tryout about a year later and they got squashed by Hurricane & Rosey on Heat. Steen then calls Rougeau out for being delusional and thought his guys would be getting a long match together instead of being used as jobbers. Steen also heard he was so obnoxious backstage that Rick Martel, who was visiting as the show was in Quebec, told an agent after the match to get Rougeau the fuck out of their and they eventually asked him to leave.

When asked if he heard about CZW at that time, Steen said he did and what he saw, from a German CZW site, blew his mind. Steen said he was eager to make a name for himself and wanted to wrestle wherever he could. He made his debut after being brought in to wrestle in a four-way, along with El Generico, and that put them on the map in the U.S. indy scene. This was in 2004.

Steen talks about the guys in CZW. He said Nick Gage was one of the weirdest guys as he was friendly the first time then standoffish the next. He also said that Justice Pain was a dick. Steen then goes on about how if you feel threatened in a company (CZW) that you will never make money and is basically around for fun, then you are ridiculous. He said its not like the WWE where a lot of money is on the line.

In November of 2004, Steen made his debut in PWG. It was supposed to be a one-time deal and he and Generico even offered to wrestle for free as long as they had their tickets paid for but did get paid at the end. They were both just 20 years old at the time. He said it was the most fun he had in his life.

Steen put over the PWG locker room except for Scorpio Sky, who Steen calls a “bitter dude” who is upset about his lack of recognition. Steen said that he is a tremendous wrestler but probably does not get the recognition due to his attitude. Their first show was supposed to be against Sky and Quiksilver but they no-showed, blaming it on traffic as Steen and Generico wrestled each other. Steen said that they probably would have never gotten over as much as they did in a tag match.

On his Ring of Honor debut, he was at a show and handed a tape to Gabe Sapolsky and a few months later got a call. Steen was told to wrestle under a hood to face Jay Lethal at Final Battle then he would wrestle as himself that February. However, he got hurt so Generico took his role as the “Green Phantom.” He made his debut later than year (2005) and said he didn’t really have any good matches as he recalls having one particularly horrible match against Vordell Walker that had CM Punk yell at him in the locker room when he finished. Steen said for some reason it didn’t click in his first run.

He is asked about a rumor about an incident with CM Punk. Steen said he was hanging out in the back and was asked by Gabe to wear a singlet because he didn’t want anyone wrestling with t-shirts on for the show, despite the fact that Homicide and others did at the time. Steen wrestled and said it was fine but did not feel like it was him and says that people can say he is trying to hide that he is fat a Steen says everyone knows  and think it looks better and if people disagree he is fine with that. But that afternoon, Punk made a crack about him wrestling in a shirt as Steen said he just took it as a joke, believing that they were on good terms. After the match, Steen said he was blown up and joked around and asked if he was happy for him wrestling in the singlet and said that Punk took offense to that as Steen said he might have sounded like that as he was out of breath but meant no ill will and might have took it the same way as Punk did if the roles were reversed. Steen said that they know each other better now and laughs off the rumors that they almost came to blows as a result.

Steen tells a story about how he was supposed to wrestle Teddy Hart at a Jersey All Pro show but Hart claimed his shoulder was injured yet was doing pull-ups on the basketball hoop. He was then going to team with Justin Credible but found out that he left after Low Ki refused to allow his ride into the show without a ticket so Credible said fuck it and quit. Steen then teamed with Generico against Ki and a few other guys. Steen said he has no problem with Ki but that Ki does not respect him at all. Steen then said one time Ki initially refused to job to Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro) at a PWG show and how that blew his mind, saying how could you not lose to someone like him, the guy who has been a champion for a year. Steen also tells a story of how he called Ki once and how Ki was pissed after Steen introduced himself because he had caller ID and knew who was calling.

He is asked about several other guys. Steen said that AJ Styles is incredible and always willing to do what he wanted. He also said he would take the Styles Clash from the apron to the floor when they wrestled as it got a great reaction but would also hurt his legs. He loves Bryan Danielson but also said he does not have good chemistry with him. They wrestled in PWG, at Steen’s request as it was his birthday, so they had an angle in which Steen told the fans he would leave if he lost and when he did lose, Danielson let him stay as long as he sung “Happy Birthday” because it was Danielson’s birthday a few weeks later. He really misses Chris Bosh, who he said is the nicest and funniest guys he knows. Steen thinks he could have been huge but he decided to leave wrestling.

Steen was in CZW and said he hated it there as the fans were terrible, which Steen said was due to the promotion putting out a shitty promotion. He said that he spoke with Colt Cabana and came up with an idea to get him back into Ring of Honor during their feud with CZW and wanted to be the traitor but it never came to fruition.

While going to Europe, Steen said he was told that the fans in Germany really hated him then talks about how he has found that people either love or hate him. During that tour, he won the crowd over and the crowd turned his back on him at the beginning of his match.

He is now asked about Davey Richards. Steen said he wrestled him for the first time several years ago and was humble and respectful but now is different but very talented. Steen said he thought Davey was a friend but would stay some stuff but now they are in a “good” place. Steen said he is misunderstood but also not an easy person to read.

On going back to Ring of Honor, Steen credits the Briscoes for getting him in and talks about how you cannot judge them as individuals until you meet him. While Steen does not agree with some of the stuff they have said on Twitter, he likes them as people and calls them great wrestlers.

Steen said that he liked Gabe and felt comfortable talking to him but did not always agree with him. He does feel that Gabe is very appreciative of the wrestlers. Steen credits Cary Silkin for helping out not only his career but his life and cites his passion for wrestling in keeping RoH alive.

He talks about how he was working a full-time regular job for his primary income before signing with RoH and as a result he stopped working for PWG because he would be away from his family for too long.

Steen said that originally, there was a plan of him and Generico to have a three-way feud with The Briscoes and the Kings of Wrestling but the KoW got pulled from that as Steen & Generico fought the Briscoes instead.

When asked about the guys he worked with in 2008, Steen said that Brent Albright was a bully back and unnecessarily stiff in the ring. He recalls once when Albright kicked him in the teeth and was so pissed because he thought his teeth were broken so he ended up slapping the shit out of Albright, which shocked him. He loved working against Joey Matthews and said he learned a lot. Steen also said that he loved their match at the 6th Anniversary show and doesnt understand why people did not like that match.

Steen talks about how he has never received a concussion from wrestling but notes that Generico has had many and that he would do jumping jacks backstage to prove that he was okay enough to wrestle.

On whether or not he was shocked that Gabe was fired, Steen said he was not as Cary told him before it happened something big was happening and changes where needed. Steen said towards the end the booking was odd as they never defended the belts and would wrestle in singles matches and nothing else was making sense. When Adam Pearce was the replacement, Steen thought that Generico and him were done as they were not close.

When Pearce took over, his guys like Brent Albright were happy as they wanted a more old-school elemnt and to slow things down in the ring. Steen said that he had it out for them at the beginning as they told them they were not wrestling the style they used, the style that RoH had been using since it began. Steen said it got better over time but they never felt like they were part of their plans.

Steen talks about how when they made their debut on HD Net, the show came off really corny but that it got better towards the end.

He was excited when Ric Flair came into the company and said he was nice but after a while he started acting like a dick to other people. Steen said that Flair complimented Generico and himself. Steen could not tell if he was genuine though and says that he is the Flair character all of the time. He tells a story of Flair berating Cary backstage and when his music hit, Flair told him “alright motherfucker, I am going to go out there and put you over” as Flair went out to the ring and thanked Cary. Steen said that Flair was always good with him though.

Steen puts over Sylvan Grenier for being a good guy and a better wrestler than people give him credit for as while he might not be Ricky Steamboat, he does try and improve.

On Jim Cornette coming to RoH, Steen said they got along well at the beginning as they new each other from 2004 during an OVW tryout camp. However, while in RoH, Cornette ignored him and booked him in lesser matches and that when Pearce got fired and replaced by Cornette and Delirious, things got worse. Steen even mentioned how Cornette tried to get Colt Cabana booked off of shows as Cabana was pissed because Cornette was trying to take money away from him by doing that. Cornette hated a match they had together as well. Steen said Cabana is “one of the good ones.”

Cornette also told Steen at one point that he was going to go home for six months after his feud with Generico ended. Steen said he understood from a storyline point but that he needed to make money and when Cornette told him it was only a few thousand dollars, Steen brought up how he didnt make six figures in the 80’s. Steen said that Cary agreed to give him some money for the shows he missed and not Cornette, who claims that he did. Steen is asked about the rumor of him being sent home to get in shape as he said they told him it wouldnt hurt to slim down but that was not the main reason. In fact, Steen said that he almost quit wrestling after that and would have if not for PWG.

Steen said that wrestling passed Cornette by and did not care about the RoH faithful that were there since day one as he wanted to only concentrate on only getting mainstream fans. Steen said that he could have done both.

He felt happy for Cary after selling RoH because he put in a lot of time and now got something back. Steen said there were some growing pains but now the company is going strong.

On his public feud with Cornette, Steen said that in a public interview that Cornette should not be involved in the creative aspect of a wrestling company because he is out-of-touch and that set him off to the point where he was making personal attacks, something Steen said he never brought up at all with Cornette. Steen said that Cornette wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it and thinks he was probably used to everyone saying how great he was. Steen even said he emailed Cornette an apology for hurting his feelings because it was not his intent but it was what he felt. Cornette never responded to him and Steen said he even told a friend to say hi to him at a show and when he did, Cornette went nuts. Steen also told Cornette he would film a shoot with him but Cornette never got back to him.

Steen talks more about Cornette and said he is a great talent and helpful on promos but using hokey gimmicks like “Border Wars” and matches were the winner made $2,000 as Steen felt it lost it edge and became like every other wrestling company. Steen said he is passionate and cares about what he does and if he feels like he can help out or disagrees, he will speak up. Steen said if that makes him hard to work with then maybe he is but adds that he has not been fired from every job that he had, unlike Cornette.

The night Cornette quit, Steen said Cornette was a little more high strung than usual and said he admires Cornette for getting pissed because the office left while a wrestler was hurt and trying to help him but screaming like a fucking maniac is not the way to go about things, even noting how the EMT’s couldn’t believe he was there boss. Steen said it was good for Cornette’s health to leave because he was looking on the verge of having a heart attack.

When he beat Davey Richards for the title, Steen said he was happy and proud that his family was in attendance but the fact the iPPV feed was messed up and most people gave up on the shoe soured it a bit. Steen said he thought his reign was okay but could have been better but it was not the fault of anyone and would like another chance at that. He said winning in Canada was cool but feels like the New York crowd likes him the most. He liked his matches against Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal, who Steen says his very underrated. He said the idea to spit on his parents was Cornette’s idea. On Elgin, Steen said that when he first wrestled him he thought he sucked but now thinks he is excellent.

Lauderdale asks him about Davey Richards publically stating that Steen was not an athlete and other things as Steen said that took him aback and Richards later back-tracked and blamed it on him being upset in life and taking things out on people. Steen said he was fine with that apology. Steen said that he is trying to get in better shape and that Richards offered to help and is a good friend but you never know what you are going to get with him. He does note he has been positive in his life and is happy but what goes on in his life dictates how he acts.

Steen says his relationship with RoH is better today but wishes there would be more direction with him.

He is asked about his contract, which is expiring, and what he is doing next. Steen said he needs to support family and that pro wrestling has been good to him and wants to continue doing so. He enjoys all of the promotions he has wrestled for and wants to keep wrestling for them or somewhere else where he can make good money. Steen is then asked about the rumor that he will have a tryout with the WWE at the Performance Center. They guarantee Steen the interview will not come out until after March then Steen confirms. He is happy the WWE thought enough of him to send an invite and credits William Regal for getting him the tryout. Steen said he knows of five indy guys going to the tryout and while he does not know if he will get hired or not it is ridiculous to think they have no intention of hiring people they invite as they pay to fly you out and put you up in a hotel and will not do that for no reason. Steen does not believe he will be brought just to be told “no.” He just wants to say that he gave it his all and if it doesnt work, he can still look at himself in the mirror with regards to the tryout. When asked, Steen said he is willing to start from new scratch if signed as he is not afraid of change. Steen also says that any wrestler who has never been there and says the WWE is not for them is just kidding themselves and you have to tryout if given the opportunity.

When asked if he would have interest in TNA, Steen said sure as he has to be able to provide for his family and if they offer something like that he would consider. He just wants himself and his family to be happy.

Steen closes by saying he loves wrestling and all it has brought to him as there are too many great moments to list. He then talks about supporting his family and how he has made enough money off of the indies the past two years that his wife does not have to work. He then says he will stop wrestling when it comes detrimental to his health or his family and has that sense but feels most people do not. He also thanks the fans, promotions, and companies like RF Video and Highspots for making ti possible to wrestle for a living instead of working a 9-5 job.

Final Thoughts: Good interview. Steen is open and honest here and really does seem to love wrestling. He didnt come here with an agenda or get pissed about not being in the WWE as he loves what he does.

Steen, who is a polarizing guy (Even admits fans either love him or hate him), seems to be able to let things roll off of him when it comes to negativity.

I also loved his attitude when asked about the WWE as he simply stated, when it comes to the tryout, that he wants the opportunity to give it his all and if he doesnt make it he can live with himself while calling out the bullshit from others who claim the WWE is not for them.

I recommend this interview, even if you did not follow Steen all that much in the indies because he is a great subject and you can get a backstory of his career and the hardships he has faced. I will say that Brett Lauderdale is the worst interviewer on the planet but he didnt even bring this down.

You can buy the DVD for $15 by clicking on the link below.


Kevin Owens is our Austin, not Ambrose


I think I'm the last person to come to this realization, but Kevin Owens is essentially the PG Era Steve Austin. Rolling out of the ring during matches, kicking people when they are down, doing all the little heel things perfectly, being a bull, and backing it up by just beating people up and laughing about it. That power bomb to that dopey musician might as well have been a stunner. He just hasn't really gotten his comeuppance yet. 

I know people want Ambrose to be the new Austin, but I feel like we already have him in Owens and it's pretty amazing to watch. Ya dig?

​Everything about Owens is awesome and if he's seriously not World champion at some time this year then there is no justice in the world.  He's just killing everything they give him.  I think we might be witnessing one of the first real rocket pushes of the post-Cena era, where we're on board from the launch and never get to the "disappointing payoff" stage​.  If they can manage to not fuck up both Owens and Ambrose for the next year, they'll have something to build on.  

Kevin Owens – How to get the NXT Title off of him?

With Kevin Owens being advertised for almost every Raw leading up to Summerslam and more than likely being a part of the main roster going forward how would you book him dropping the belt?

Personally I'd love Kevin to hype up getting a "WWE" contract and he fulfilled what he wanted to do by destroying one of his best friends, taking the title, and forcing "the powers that be" to give him his shot.  I'm sure we'll get a non finish between Cena/Owens at the Elimination chamber, but say that he takes the US title from Cena at the next show or Summerslam.  Owens wins and then tosses the NXT title as "he doesn't need it anymore".  

Prior to actually winning the US title Owens would keep stressing on the NXT shows that he doesn't need NXT and he's getting his shot in WWE.  He came here to do what he needed to do.  Keep have him destroying guys.  Hell,  take out Corey Graves or Regal again and force Regal to strip Owens of the title.  

This would avoid Owens physically dropping the title, as well as saving certain feuds for the main roster instead of blowing through them in NXT (Balor/Joe).  

Would this be effective in building up Owens as a heel who "would suplex his own mother to further himself in this industry" as well as "fights only on his terms" or would this bury the NXT title and possibly take away from a lot of the good NXT has been doing over the last 12 months?

If you disagree with me, how would you do it?

For me, the deal is that his character is a loudmouth bully who hurts people, so they should probably just have him get his just desserts and lose the damn thing.  Finn Balor beating him outright would be totally believeable, or more ideally Samoa Joe if he's sticking around, and you can do a lumberjack match where Zayn, Balor, RAGIN' ALEX RILEY, Regal, and maybe even Cena all get their revenge on him by preventing him from running away and letting Joe choke him out.  

Kevin Owens

Hey Scott.

Just a quick thought on Kevin Owens. While Brock is his own  beast, do you think Owens could play a similar Monster Heel roll down the line? I think you mentioned his little kick at Riley after their match a few weeks back but I actually laughed out loud after he casually walked on him after getting the pin in their rematch this week. Plus the "are you cold promo" earlier on in the night was gold. What's your take?


​His sitdown with Michael Cole this past week was even better.  He plays a very different type of character than anyone else in WWE, which instantly makes him over and marketable.  He's the shit-talking bad guy who instantly backs down from confrontations unless he's in complete control. Or has the chance to hit someone from behind.  And then he backs up all his big talk in the ring, so you hate him even more.  He's just great.  ​

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The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 21 – Featuring Gangrel

Kevin Sullivan

Hi Scott-

Can you please explain to me how Kevin Sullivan got so much sway? I've been watching Nitros from 1995 and the guy is equal parts everywhere and terrible. All he does is jump on guts and cut weird promos while Curtis Iaukea screams gibberish with his eyes closed.

It's just amazing to me that he was front and center feuding with Hogan and would then be given the book when he was a big part of the stupidest thing I've ever seen on televised wrestling, the Dungeon of Doom.

Also, how much did Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman hate the Dungeon of Doom/Hogan nonsense?

And when the nWo came around, what kind of impact did that have on Sullivan's influence?

Well, Sullivan was typically the booker for promotions where he was working, so when WCW brought him in it was more for booking the shows rather than being an on-screen character.  He just had the luxury of making himself the central enemy of the top draw in the company because he was the guy in charge.  

As for the Horsemen, I'm sure they didn't care as long as it was making them money.  Ric Flair isn't exactly a guy who was all about the artform of wrestling by that point.  And the nWo really didn't hurt Sullivan because he was still the guy writing the storylines anyway.  If anything it helped him.  And when Russo got fired in 99, Sullivan was the guy who was going to be in charge again. 

Plus if you haven't checked out Sullivan's Varsity Club promos on the Saturday night shows or Charles Manson-influenced Florida stuff from the 70s and 80s on the Network, you really should. 

Oh, sorry, I'm just getting a note that none of that is on there yet.  My bad. 

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The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 18 – Featuring Dr. Tom Prichard

On Episode 18 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin talks about the current news and notes in the world of Ring of Honor and is also joined by Ring of Honor’s Bob Evans. They chat about the newest crop of ROH trainees, the upcoming tryout camp, what it takes to break into the business, and the future of wrestling amongst other things.
Kevin & JR then preview WWE Night of Champions and run through some trending topics before being joined by the legendary Dr. Tom Prichard for an awesome, lengthy interview.
Tom talks about how he got started in the business and his time in the territories across America, discusses some of his favorite angles from his career, tells some road stories, shares his thoughts on Brad Armstrong, WWE, Roman Reigns and much, much more.
Tom also joins Kevin for a great game of Sleaze Thread True or False!
So please join us for another great episode of the Kevin Kelly Show!

DOI Wrestling Shoot Interview with Kevin Kelly, Disc Two

Disc Two runs at one hour and twenty-eight minutes long

For those that missed the review of Disc One, you can read it by clicking on the link below


Kelly calls Kane one of the greatest characters of all-time. He also calls his debut angle with the Undertaker was great but said it’s tragic what they have done with him since, referencing the Katie Vick angle and the unmasking.

He says that women’s wrestling can be used as a special attraction but it is no good. He says that Victoria and Trish Stratus are good but he does not want to see untrained girls wrestle and there are too many girls in the business and locker room and how you do not bring women to a wrestling show. He then talks about how all of the women on the active roster have done the “walk of shame” with the exception being Molly Holly. He does not give specifics as he does not want to get sued. He then talks about how Matt Hardy gets the ugliest “rats” in the business. He is also not a fan of how Lita’s face looks.

On the Brand Extension, Kelly said it was a bad idea from the start as Smackdown was always treated as the inferior product. This leads to Kelly saying that the new developmental program, Deep South, is going to fail (And it did) then talks about how the WWE is becoming WCW from the failed creative to the people in power.

When asked if Paul Heyman should be part of the current booking team, Kelly said that he should be working with Vince to create the show then in six months someone else should rotate in and take his place. He also said to keep Stephanie McMahon and HHH out of the mix.

Kelly is asked about WrestleMania 19 and he said it took place two weeks after he got fired and he was so down on the product that he did not watch the show.

On his release, Kelly was told that his position was being eliminated. He said his weight was ballooning up and they wanted someone who looked better in his role.

He talks about how the whole company changed once it went public. When that happened, it went corporate and their was layers of management added and he became unhappy.

Kelly is asked about wrestler deaths. He talks about how this generation of wrestler deaths coincided with steroid and painkiller abuse. Kelly then says that the Big Boss Man’s death shocked him then the interviewer said that the Honky Tonk man told him that he abused cocaine frequently. Kelly then talks about how for the longest time, he was worried about Shawn, Tom Prichard, William Regal, and Eddie Guerrero dying due to their substance abuse issues. (Eddie passed away less than two months after this was filmed)

Speaking about Tom Prichard, Kelly calls him a close friend and still remains in contact with him today. He said Prichard would take 4-5 somas at a time and drool in his seat while they were driving so Kelly would amuse himself by swerving the car on him. He said that Shane McMahon was the one who saved Prichard by setting him up to go to rehab. Kelly puts over the McMahon’s for going all out when they take care of their employees. He said that a limo went to pick up Prichard, who had no clue, to go to rehab and stayed for 15 weeks, instead of a 28 day program that most people go to and those programs have a higher relapse rate.

When asked about Jim Cornette getting fired, Kelly said that he needed to get fired because he was so burned out. Kelly then said that Cornette would get dicked around by the WWE as they would take guys from OVW on short notice after he planned out several weeks worth of TV in advance then never follow through on plans to let Cornette have guys to finish out their storylines.

He is asked about having to watch tapes of indy wrestlers as part of his job as a scout. Kelly talks about how he saw one of the worst promo tapes ever from a guy named Ralph Soto and how he cut the single worst promo he had ever heard. When asked what he looked for as a scout, he said that he wanted to see an 8×10 photo, a page-long bio about yourself, and how long you have worked and who trained you, along with your height and weight. He did not want to see a flurry of highspots or the indy promotions you have worked for because no one cares. Kelly said that one guy, who was deaf, would constantly call him through a tele-deaf phone operator and Kelly would have to tell him through this operator that he was terrible and would not be getting a deal.

Kelly said that he tried very hard to get Low Ki into the WWF but his size held him back and that his attitude was fine then. He talks about a match on Metal or Jakked against Christian that was excellent and could not believe that the WWE could not see what he and the crowd were seeing. Kelly said that he was proud that the got the Haas Brothers signed (For those of you who do not know, Charlie Haas had a brother Russ who he teamed with that passed away of a heart attack when they were both in developmental) when he took them to Jim Ross, knowing he would like them as they were from Oklahoma and collegiate wrestlers.

He talks some more of what he wants to see in a wrestler as a scout including a natural muscular physique and wide shoulders, because that means you have a greater chance to fill out and carry a bigger load. Kelly said you can see someone who is on steroids by watching them then mentions getting tapes of Rene Dupree when he was 16 or 17 years old and he was already juiced to the gills.

Kelly said that Da Hit Squad never listened to him when he told them what they needed to change in order to get signed by the WWE. The interviewer then asks Kelly if he heard the story about one of the Maximo’s (Spanish Announce Team) wiping a booger on the wall backstage during a WWE tryout match and JBL telling Vince about it and Kelly said he had not. Kelly is asked about Homicide and whether or not he has a shot at making it to the WWF. He said that he is one of those guys who the WWE would say needed to be three inches taller or have a better physique.

Now, Kelly is asked about how he was able to work for ECWA while he was employed by the WWE. Kelly said that he got a tremendous amount of heat for that. He said that he wanted to get involved with the in-ring product after being told by the WWE that he would never be able to do that in the WWE because he had never wrestled. Kelly said that he wanted the experience. He then talks about how he got in trouble because someone from the company saw a picture of him in “Pro Wrestling Illustrated” as a heel. Kelly then talks about how the people in the WWE who hate the wrestling business follow it like marks through Apter mags.

He talks about some of the independent promotions for a bit. Kelly said that Sheldon Goldberg of New England Championship Wrestling is a good creative mind but does not put the effort needed into making his promotion bigger.

Kelly discusses the independent scene now. He said that it started with the nostalgia runs of Tito Santana and Greg Valentine then switched to the Jersey guys like Steve Corino and Ace Darling before transitioning to what is the beginning of Ring of Honor and now back to the nostalgia with ex-ECW guys. Kelly said wrestling has to move forward instead of relying on the past.

On other guys in the Indy scene, Kelly said that Slyk Wagner Brown is a great pure athlete but never wants to sell for the babyface and wants to out-wrestle the face as a heel. He also blames everyone else for when he is at fault too and Kelly said that he does not appear to have the mentality to make it to the next level.

When asked about working for 3PW, Kelly said that it was doomed to fail as the Blue Meanie was too immature to run things and the Rockin’ Rebel, who was the booker, had his own agenda.

Kelly is asked about the Rob Feinstein incident. He first talks about how Rob and Gabe Sapolsky would come to ECWA shows then talked about how he didn’t pay attention to Ring of Honor until the company got pulled from him. When asked about whether or not he thinks Feinstein is a pedophile, Kelly said that he believes grown-ups can make mistakes then tells a story of how when he was 20 years old, his friends 18 year old sister introduced to him to her friend, who he learned afterwards turned out to be only 15 years old. He added that nothing happened between them but bad judgement like that can be used at times.

He goes into being a Born Again Christian and that can have a place in wrestling when asked about working for the Christian Wrestling Entertainment show and how young guys like AJ Styles, Jimmy Yang, Petey Williams, and Matt Sydal.

About the Mohammed Hassan firing, Kelly said that he should have sued the WWE and the UPN network for basically ending his career.

Kelly believes that Brock Lesnar will come back to the WWE. He tells him that he is a farm guy from Minnesota who has different ideals than most people. He tells a story of how during the filming of an interview for “Confidental,” the interviewer was complaining about the noise from the barn swallows. Lesnar asked the host if she wanted him to quiet the birds and when she said yes, Lesnar then took a stick and knocked down the nest then proceeded to pick up the birds and snap their necks. Kelly says that Lesnar is a lot smarter than people give him credit for too.

On the Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge love triangle, Kelly said that the WWE had a chance to make a great angle out of it but blew it then had a cage match with Hardy taking crazy bumps after no one cared.

When asked about Cena, Kelly said that they cut the heart out of his character as the writers got a hold of it and switched from having him rap to making poop jokes.

Kelly tells a story from 2001 when he was almost fired from the WWE on his birthday. Jim Ross called him up and said that business was down then told Kelly he was fired. Kelly then responded by telling Ross that he was going to come in and show them just how much work he did for the company and his job was saved.

He says that he has zero interest in going back to the WWE and adds that they would not want him either. Kelly said that he was perceived as an Indy guy that worked for the WWE rather than a WWE guy.

Final Thoughts: You cannot go wrong with this interview in my opinion. Although I do not necessarily agree with everything he says, Kelly seems honest and sheds a lot of insight into his time in the WWE. For fans of the Attitude Era, you get a lot of information here. I also enjoyed his thoughts of what he was wanting in a wrestler as a scout during this period.

The interview itself tries to follow a timeline but it gets interrupted and sometimes forgotten about. McCaffrey should have taken more command of things. That happened a lot in the beginning of the first disc but it wasn’t too bad here.

You can get the interview for just $10 by clicking on the link below, which is a great deal.


DOI Wrestling Shoot Interview with Kevin Kelly, Disc One

This interview was filmed on September 23rd, 2005

The Interview was conducted by Sean “The Mic” McCaffrey

Disc One runs at one hour and fifty-seven minutes long

Growing up, Kelly said that he was a huge wrestling fan. He grew up watching the WWWF in New York then moved down to Florida when he was about nine years old and watched Championship Wrestling from Florida.

Kelly puts over Graham for being the greatest booker ever and how he could develop characters and long-term storylines that lead him to sellout an 11,000 seat arena in Orlando for 82 weeks in a row.

His all-time favorite angle was when Ole Anderson coerced Dusty Rhodes to trust him to go up against the Russians when they were in Georgia. Kelly said that he got TBS back on TV too.

Back to Florida, Kelly said that he loved the babyface intensity of Mike Graham. He also liked the Brisco Brothers and said that Jos Leduc legitimately frightened him as a child.

Kelly said that he graduated from Florida State University in 1990. After graduation, he worked at a local radio station and they were doing a county fair that involved wrestling. Kelly said that he was looking to get into the business at the time and volunteered to be the ring announcer. The wrestler was a guy named Cliff Anderson, who looked like Arn Anderson, and he booked Kelly for some shows after that. This was in the beginning of 1991.

He then talks about how the wrestling industry was in a transition period in the early 1990’s. Kelly says that the Florida Championship Wrestling office was barely around and a lot of shady independent bookers used false advertisement to sell tickets and that made it tough to sell any tickets afterwards.

Kelly was the announcer for the International Wrestling Federation, which filmed at Universal Studios. Kelly said that he was terrible as a ring announcer at first, constantly relying on announcing caches and not being able to tell a story in the ring. Kelly said that they filmed about 40 episodes before the promotion went under. He then said that Rob Van Dam, The Smoking Gunns, and Mondo Kleen (Damien Demento) all started out there.

He then said talks about how he got into the WWF. In 1994, he sent in a tape of himself to Bruce Prichard but never heard anything and also never bothered to update his phone number for Prichard to reach him. Kelly said that he was friends with Billy Gunn and kept in touch with him and one day, while contemplating leaving the wrestling business due to not making money and his first child on the way, he called Gunn. Also at this time, he got a call from a guy he knew to warm up the crowds at MGM Studios before WCW shows. While at the studios during his audition, Kelly’s pager went off and it was Gunn, who told him that Prichard saw his tape and been trying to contact him for the past several months to be an announcer. He called Prichard and told him he was at a WCW Show. Prichard asked him if he signed a contract and Kelly had not so he went to the WWF. Kelly thought he bombed in his audition.

He talks about how Kevin Dunn hated him and how they did not get along. He said that a month after he got there, JJ Dillon quit then Jim Ross took over for talent relations.

About office politics, Kelly said he stayed by himself and would pick the agents brains so he could learn. He does talk about Vince constantly having closed door meetings with Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and the Ultimate Warrior.

Kelly talked about how he used to drive around Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah and how he learned a lot from them and they were hysterical. Kelly said that he really liked Chyna, who was never the same once she broke up with HHH.

When asked about Bret, Kelly said that he made a lot of money off of the “Montreal Incident.” He also said that Bret had an inferiority complex as he was always the second choice as he was never as big as Hogan, not as charismatic as Shawn, and not as good as Curt Hennig in he ring. Kelly puts over Hennig for working with a herniated disk at SummerSlam to wrestle a twenty-two minute match with Bret. Kelly does say he feels sorry for Bret and the dysfunction in his family.

About the Kliq, Kelly said that Kevin Nash & Scott Hall just left before he came into the WWF. Kelly said that Vince was hurt when they left and Kelly told him that he was loyal. He mentions how HHH was originally going to win the “King of the Ring” tournament if not for the “Curtain Call” incident at Madison Square Garden. Kelly also talks about producers and TV people saying that the Kliq were all assholes back then and treated them and especially Chris Candido and Sunny all like shit and how they made it difficult for the backstage crew to come into work day after day as they were all treated terribly by them. He adds that the only redeeming quality about Kevin Nash was that he was tall when asked about his run as Champion.

On the creative process when he first started with the company, Kelly said that the writers would all meet at Vince’s home. Back then they filmed four weeks worth of shows in a night for the RAW tapings then another four weeks worth at the Superstars tapings. At the time, it was Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard who met with Vince.

Kelly was asked about the Pillman/Austin angle with the gun (Kelly is wearing a Pillman t-shirt) and Kelly said that he thought it was wild and great. The interviewer brings up how Al Isaacs from the Scoops hated it as Kelly said the whole angle was groundbreaking and opened up the creative envelope. Kelly really liked Pillman but knew he was in a lot of pain and knew that is time was short and the pain would never go away. The interviewer brings up the Canadian Stampede ten-man tag match as Kelly calls it the perfect main event PPV match.

He talks about how Shawn Michaels was a dick back then and was always fucked up on pills but today he has changed completely. Kelly truly believes that Shawn finding religion saved his life and he is easy to deal with today.

When asked about 1996 Survivor Series, Kelly said that it was a terrible show. They built up Rocky Maivia for several weeks through vignettes and Shawn was in a very dark place at that show and flipped off the fans at one point.

On the 1997 Royal Rumble, Kelly talks about how they had to run out and get him Pedialyte because he was vomiting non-stop and calls it an awesome performance.

Kelly talks about how WCW had the nWo and they had the Godwinns and The Stalker and other garbage but still had Undertaker, Shawn, Bret, and Stone Cold.

Regarding the Undertaker, Kelly said that he demands respect out of everyone and how all of the backstage workers would go up and shake his hands and say hello to him. He said you get what you give with the Undertaker and he is generally respectful to people.

He is asked about Sid main-eventing WrestleMania 13 because of Shawn “losing his smile.”. Kelly said that no one was going to follow Bret/Austin anyway. The interviewer asks about the possibility of Bret going in as the champion with Austin winning the belt and Kelly said that would have been way too soon as they still needed the babyface on the chase and the turn had to happen so the chase for the belt became Austin vs. The Establishment.

When asked about the “Monday Night War” at that time, Kelly said that it was a massacre as WCW was kicking their ass. He talks about in February 1997, they called a meeting and the room was silent until Vince Russo stood up. The interviewer then stops Kelly and said that he will get back to this question later.

Now, Kelly is asked about the “Montreal Incident.” Kelly tells the story and how he was there covering the story with AOL. Russo was working with Vince for TV that week and told Kelly what was going on at the show and that Bret was leaving and balking at every idea they gave him. Apparently, Vince McMahon had Russo pick up the receiver at the other end when he was speaking with Bret over the phone. Kelly said he went to Stamford the day after the show and missed the TV taping the following day. Kelly then said it had to happen though.

He is asked about Shawn bringing out the mini Bret Hart. Kelly then talks about how he loves midgets then talks about how Vader kept bitching about the mini Vader as Goldust and Mick Foley loved the mini versions of themselves and would be taking pictures with them. This leads to Kelly talking about Vader was a miserable bastard while in the WWF.

Kelly talks about how rich Vince is and how he never goes to gas stations and has a service that comes to his house to fill the tank in his car.

About the Rock, Kelly said that the fans shitting on him and the “Die Rocky Die” chants really bothered him. This leads to a discussion of Rock ragging on him in his promos and how he called him “Hermie” and Kelly felt that was an insult aimed at him by writer Brian Gewirtz, who he calls a “comic book guys” and someone who he does not respect because they see wrestlers as beneath them.

Kelly tells a story of working in Florida with the Rocky Johnson (The Rock’s dad) at a show in a flea market in Florida. The Rock, who played for the University of Miami at the time, came to the show with his dad and made the save. Kelly added that he always jokes with the Rock that he can always get him booked at that flea market if he needs work.

When asked, Kelly said that Rock was better at promos than Austin. Kelly then talks about how Brian Lee came up with a lot of Austin’s material for promos and that was how he got his stuff. Kelly said that Rock also took stuff like “rudypoo” from Iceman King Parsons in Memphis then adds about how most people get their best stuff from others. Kelly also thinks that Austin was never comfortable on the mic.

When asked about the WrestleMania 15 main event, Kelly thought that Mick Foley should have been involved as part of a three-way with Austin and Rock. Kelly said how Shawn Michaels was around at the time and Austin went to him and said that he didn’t want Mick in the main event then Shawn went to Vince and said it should be Austin vs. Rock as the main event. Kelly said when the decision was made, Mick’s wife Collette was at the TV taping and she was crying as Mick got screwed out of a huge payday. Kelly talks about Austin being a different guy at that time and was becoming paranoid and as a result became political. When asked if he was as bad as Shawn in regards to the backstage politics, Kelly said that he was. Kelly said it was because he was getting on that “G” (GHB I assume) and how that was big in the locker room and that it changes you.

Kelly said that he was not that close to Owen Hart as they did not want the office guys to mingle with the wrestlers. He was watching the show on a camera and knew he fell once they cut to the crowd. He then talks about how he had to go on next and interview Debra McMichael and Jeff Jarrett for the match as Debra was sobbing with he and Jeff almost in tears as they did not know he was dead until a half-hour later and no one knew he died once he hit the ring. When they found out Owen was dead, they were getting ready for the main event. He said that the tribute RAW for Owen was done perfectly then talks about how it was hard for Austin to honor him with the beer at the show because once you crossed him, he would never forgive you. Kelly talks about how Austin never forgave Jarrett for treating him like shit in Memphis and would never work a program with him as a result.

He is asked about HHH rising to the top of the WWF. Kelly said that his evolution was interesting and that he had a lot of injury problems in the beginning of his career and that he underwent an experimental knee surgery from James Andrews that worked. He then said that he became who he was from the lessons he learned by hanging around with his friends in the company.

Kelly said that he came up with the idea for the wedding chapel payoff for the HHH/Stephanie/Test love triangle. He said that he was in bed with his wife one night and came up with the idea. Kelly said that his wife followed the shows and that they were both huge soap opera fans to begin with, calling it his favorite element in wrestling. He then sent the idea in an email to Vince who replied in all capital letters “GREAT SHIT.”

On Billy Gunn, Kelly said that he was the best natural athlete he has ever seen in wrestling and puts over how he saw him beat guys in races with his wrestling boots. When asked why he did not get over as a singles star, Kelly said he was never comfortable on the mic.

Kelly said that he has tremendous respect for Mick Foley because he was never Vince’s idea of what a great wrestler should be and that Jim Ross was why he even got into the WWF to begin with. Kelly then talks about how one night on RAW, Mick came backstage after his segment and Vince gave him a hug and told Mick that no matter what, he is part of the family.

On HHH as the heel entering and leaving WrestleMania 2000 as the champion, Kelly thought it was the right decision as it was getting formulaic with the face always winning the belt at Mania.

He is asked about Kurt Angle. Kelly puts him over for picking up the business as quick as anyone else he has ever seen.

Kelly is then asked about Taz debuting in at the Royal Rumble. He said they dropped the ball as it was a great moment but they knew he was going to get buried because of his height. He also said that guys like Bradshaw made sure he never had a chance.

He is asked about a few other workers. Kelly said that he was backstage after the Acolytes faced Public Enemy. He said that PE went over and shook the hands of the Acolytes after the match and there was no ill-will between them.  He did say that Bradshaw always had a chip on his shoulder and that deep down inside he thinks he is a good person but can be a narrow-minded bully.

Kelly briefly talks about Heyman and how he was on the WWF payroll as far back as 1996, making $1,000 a week. He said he was not shocked when ECW went under as they all knew it was going to happen.

On WCW closing, Kelly does not believe that Russo killed WCW. When asked about Russo needing to be filtered by Vince McMahon in the WWF, Kelly said that Vince is a lousy writer but the greatest editor as he can turn a great idea in gold and a terrible idea into something.

He talks about Jim Ross and says that while he was a great announcer, he was a rotten boss. Kelly said that he was always cranky and could not make the people that worked for him better. Kelly does attribute some of that to how hard Ross was working at the time.

Kelly was not on the road at the time but from all of the reports he heard all of the WCW guys were looked down upon when they entered the WWF.

When asked about Wrestlemania X-7, Kelly said that the next night began the downward spiral as Austin turned heel and the Rock left the company to go to Hollywood and the company lost their two top babyfaces on the same night. Kelly also said that Austin should have turned a year sooner.

Now, Kelly talks about how the WCW guys were used when they came in and said they should have let them be who they were in WCW and since they owned the footage, they could have shown the fans clips and highlights of them to get familiarized with them. Kelly also would have had DDP as a face.

Kelly said he never thought that RVD would ever work for the WWF and still does not think that he fits in with the company. Kelly then said that if they let RVD be himself, he could become a superstar.

He then speaks about all of the belts in the company when they bought out WCW and how they never bothered to get them over and said that they would combine them to pop a rating for a show then talks about how the short-sighted booking has the product where it is today.

Final Thoughts: This was good stuff. My only problems were with the interviewer. Although knowledgeable, he was difficult to understand a majority of the time. It was like he was talking with marbles in his mouth. For Howard Stern fans, he sounded like a quieter version of JD Harmeyer.

However, Kelly was an awesome guest. He was willing to talk and not afraid to hold back. Seeing as how he said in the interview that he would never go back to the WWE, he told it like it is instead of trying to get his job back. Kelly also provided great insight into the backstage happenings during the hottest period in the history of wrestling.

Disc Two will be posted tomorrow.

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Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot with Kevin Nash

Your host is Sean Oliver

This was released in early 2013

It is a two-disc set that total at slightly over two and a half hours


Not much happened in this section but it is clear from the start that Nash has been drinking as he is noticeably buzzed. Luckily, he is still hilarious as he jokingly yells how he wasn’t “fucking good enough” when asked why he played basketball in Germany instead of the United States. He also said that Hulk Hogan was his inspiration to get into wrestling and laughs that it gives the “smart marks” another reason to hate Hogan.


When asked about the WWF “rat scene” in the Northeast in the early 90’s, Nash said it was so bad they really were rats. Nash said you can tell how good the business is doing by the quality of the girls. He tells a story during the nWo heyday at a show in Miami. He said he was in the first segment then went back to the hotel and saw two girls at the end of the bar who on a scale of 1-10 were both 20’s. A bartender comes over to him and says that he ladies wanted to buy him a drink. Sean asks him what happened and Nash jokes that he thought his wife behind this then questions if the guy who asked the question really thinks that as a married guy would tell about banging chicks on the road.

Nash is now asked if any of the guys liked to go “hoggin” back in the day. He said that oddly enough, Henry Goodwin did it as they joked about he lived the hog farmer gimmick. Nash then talks about how on a 23 day road trip , Goodwin fucked 35 different girls including a known rat that they called “Dickie Slater” because she looked just liked the wrestler. Nash also said how by girls, he means that they had vaginas. He also thinks that Bam Bam Bigelow might have nailed “Dickie Slater” too.

Now we have some F, Marry, Kill with Stephanie McMahon, Ryan Shamrock, Nitro Girl Whisper. He said he would marry Steph because she is a good mom then kill the other two, because they are with his friends and wouldnt want to fuck them.

When asked why Sean Waltman’s dick curved, he said it is probably due to over masturbating, like everyone else. Nash then joked that his dick has as much feeling as “Yogi Berra’s mit.”

They do the Ho Bag Now. Not a whole lot happened here. Nash said that he had hired Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson for WCW and said that he would marry them if he wasnt already. He then said how Terri Runnels is the only person in wrestling who he exchanges Christmas cards with today. He said that Kimberly Page was great when she played with his son one day and saw a motherly instinct and must have been miserable because DDP did not want children. He threw Missy Hyatt in the Ho Bag. He said that he heard stories of ODB being with several wrestlers and that he likes her. He tosses Kimona in the ho bag too but doesnt remember who she was with. He thinks that Karen Jarrett gets a bad rep because people want to fuck her then spread rumors about her when it doesnt happen. Nash said that no matter how bad your reputation is, he can spend five minutes watching you with your kid and see how you are.


He is asked point blank if he thinks that HHH dated Stephanie McMahon in order to get high into the company. Nash said no and joked that would be something he would do. He then talks about how HHH is really one of the nicest people you will meet and said after meeting his parents, he saw that HHH grew up like “Leave it to Beaver” and talks about how he never touched any drugs or drank.


Nash is asked since he was a groomsman at HHH’s wedding, did Michael Hayes really get escorted off of the stage for being too drunk. Nash said that he got up there and sang a Southern Rock song and how it was cute for about 30 seconds but brutal after that and he did end up getting carried off.

When asked about the best backstage fight he ever saw, he said it was Orndorff beating on Vader in WCW. Nash confirmed that Orndorff dropped him twice with one hand and that he did it while wearing $0.99 shower shoes. Nash talks about how he is a man’s man and very intense overall.

Now, Nash is asked who’s ass stunk the most while it was in his face when he performed a jackknife powerbomb. He said that no one stood out and that they all were on the road 24/7 and smelled bad anyway.

A video submission asks Nash if The Steiners would bully the younger talent. When Sean asks if that is true, Nash said that Scott once duct taped a guy to a chair and stuck a pencil up his ass and he told Scott that he was leaving the room because it was sodomy and he did not want to end up in court deposition as a result. Nash then said Scott would fuck with anyone and once saw him kick out Lex Luger’s feet, causing him to flip over. Nash talks about how no one would fight Scotty as he was crazy. Nash then talks about how they roomed together a few times and in the middle of the night, Scott would come over and put you in a hold and Nash said that he would punch Scott in the head as hard as he could and Scott would just laugh and yell at him for snoring.

Nash is asked about DDP and if he was only pushed because of his friendship with Bischoff. He recalls being next to Bischoff at a Nitro in Chattanooga and seeing DDP hit Saturn with the Diamond Cutter and how the whole place erupted. He told Bischoff that DDP was over and he did not say anything back. That night at the bar, Nash said they saw the replay and he told Bischoff that he was hurting DDP by not pushing him and that he was over and no one would say anything about their friendship. Nash said that he was with Hall and they came up with an angle for DDP, who Nash said he owed after telling him not to quit the business before he went to the WWF.  The angle was that DDP would be the first one to get to the Outsiders.

He is asked about one thing he wished people knew about Vince McMahon. He said that he is great around his grandkids. He is asked about one thing that isn’t true about Hogan and Nash said that he is not a dick and will stop and sign every single autograph.


Nash is asked about how he felt when Vince bought WCW. He said that he got to sit home and get paid 16 months to do even less than the eight years prior when he got the “Big Lazy” nickname.

His biggest payday was WrestleMania 12. When asked how much, said he could not by a Maibach.

Said the best hair dye product is to spend some fucking money and go to a salon.

He is asked if he had any Jim Cornette stories. He said that he hated that motherfucker until a few years ago in TNA when he was in a production meeting with no one who knew about wrestling and realized that Cornette was his only ally. He then tells a story of how he and X Pac went to a pet store and bought 20 frogs. Waltman then stuck the frogs in Cornette’s jacket and took it outside where he smashed it against the wall repeatedly then brought it back inside and hung it up as if nothing happened. Nash then jokes that was his seventh move, referencing Cornette’s comments about Nash having only six wrestling moves.


Nash is asked about filming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.” He said it was his first movie and you remember that like your first piece of ass. He said he filmed that for six weeks and made more doing that then he did the rest of the year for wrestling.

When asked if John Travolta was gay, Nash said that after filming “The Punisher,” he told his buddy that there is no way that dude is not gay as when they went for a photo together, Travolta was grabbing his waist and then in the makeup chair, Travolta put his arm around him while Nash was topless.

He said he turned down the a role in “X Men”  because they offered him $75,000 to film for sixteen weeks in Vancouver when at the time he was making $139,000 every two weeks to smoke dope, drink beer, and walk down the ring with Scott Hall. Nash said fuck that.

Nash said that wrestling is much more backstabbing than the film industry, calling it the chess game.

Sean shows a clip of Nash’s video game commercial for “Monster Truck Madness” for Nintendo 64. Nash said he has no memory of filming this and jokes that he could have fucked the girl in the commercial or she could have fucked him with a strap on and he still would not remember.


Nash is asked about the drug use in WWF and WCW when he was there. He said in the WWF, you could not smoke pot as they would piss test you twice in a day at times, joking that it makes sense because if you overdose on something, it’s gonna be marijuana. He said it was a joke and back then, you could shake an Advil bottle and everyone would run over like puppy dogs. Recently, Nash said he did that in a locker room but no one even looked up. In WCW, Nash said that they would drink at noon and says that is a probably a reason why he doesnt remember the video game commercial.

Its time for “What’s in the Bag”, where Sean pulls out an item and Nash says the first name that comes to his mind:

Jack Daniels: Undertaker
Marijuana: X Pac
Shit: X Pac or Tammy
Cocaine: “When I left the room”
Pills: anyone
Crack: Jake Roberts
Needle: Nash tells an incredible story about the Warlord. He said that the Warlord walked up to Shawn Michaels in the locker room, holding a 5cc syringe asking Shawn to inject him. Shawn tries to inject him in the ass, using both thumbs, but cannot push it in and pulls it out, giving it back to Warlord and told him that thinks he is full.
Big Black Dick: Virgil

Nash’ record amount of Soma’s in one day was 33. He tells a story of how he was with Scott and someone else and split a bag of 100 Soma’s then Hall told them all the next day that he took 34 of them, as they only took 33. Nash talks about how he and Shawn would take 10 before the ring and time it out so they would kick in after they left the ring. Nash said how you did that because you do not want to be the last guy at the party.

During the nWo heyday, Nash is asked who they partied with. He said that they always stayed at the Marriott with the Nitro Girls and a nice mixture of rats. He said they would watch replays and always thought the reason to get into wrestling was to hang with your buddies and put yourself over but now it is to get into a bus after the show and go to the next town and not talk wrestling. Nash said that Bischoff was a beer drinker and could really pound them all night long.


Someone asks him how often he get stopped in the airport, stating it seems to be important to him. Nash talks about how the guy is questioning his statement and that Nash said what he means by being recognized at an airport is that you are big enough so as when you walk by people, they know not to fuck with you.

Nash is asked about the Maxx Payne Documentary trailer, which they show, and he joked how you never see Maxx Payne and Kathy Bates in the same shot then questions the purpose of the video. Sean asks him how much footage he had and Nash said they showed the boys with pill bottles in their hands and jokes that in his next film, he can show everyone breath on the bus before he has a sip of beer.

When asked how he adjusts to life back home after being on the road, Nash said that you don’t. Sean follows up by asking Nash how he has kept his marriage together for 25 years.


Nash is questioned about Bischoff calling him “Big Lazy” in his book. Nash said he has no ill feelings against Bischoff. He then said that Hogan told him in a match after he grabbed him in a headlock to take it easy because they already had the crowds money.

Sean shows Nash a clip from the Shane Douglas YouShoot when he talks about how Shawn Michaels wanted Pierre fired after a match with Nash in Canada when Pierre wanted to set up for a return match and as Nash picked up the phone, someone told him to hang it up and had an idea to make Vince “starve” him for two years. Nash jokes that they are “evil fucks” and said that the next night in Ottawa, he kicked him in the face and won the match with a powerbomb so it was pretty much over. He then talks about how Shane was on tour with them and in the bus, sat next to Yokozuna and told him he was too tired to go tonight, causing Yoko to tell him that he didnt care what he needed to take and to eat a pill and man up and go out there. Shane did not do it so HHH had to work a double that night as a result. Nash then said that he never had a problem with either of them. Nash said that it is all a work and denied that he ever put up a stink for doing a job. Nash tells a story of how Hall was supposed to squash Chris Jericho, who at the time had been in WCW for about a month. During the match, Hall noticed that he had some talent and decided to put in over and when they went through the curtain, Bischoff yelled at Hall, who told Bischoff that he made him and that he was bulletproof. Nash talks about how he has no prolem being the first one eliminated in the Survivor Series.

Time for “What a Dick.” He calls Arn Anderson the most underrated worker of all time. He calls Paul Heyman a “douchebag” and throws him in the bag because Heyman said no one should be in the ring after the age of 35 as Nash laughs at how he is “93” and is in the ring holding the belt in the background. He talks about Shawn, who he said was occasionally a dick to them but the only guy who could “motherfucker” Vince and get away with it so he could use his power. Calls Lance Storm a “sweetheart.” Says he likes Konnan but when he was booker in WCW, Konnan fucked him a few times and could backstab but Sean goes off on Konnan and throws him in the bag. Nash said that when The Rock came back in 2002, he was a dick. He likes Bully Ray after working with him in TNA. He puts Dusty Rhodes in the bag because he took a “7-foot guy who gets pussy and put him in a green cone,” referencing his Oz character. He calls Brian Knobbs a “lovable dick.”

Next, they show a clip of New Jack saying that Nash kept him out of WCW because of things people told him and how they met at an autograph signing the year prior and playfully put his hands on him and said it was good to see him and Jack said that they have never met before. Nash jokes how Jack said he would put someone in a headlock that he never met and seems shocked at what he said and denied the incident ever took place.

Someone asks Nash about Matt Borne’s obsession with him. They show a clip of Borne telling Nash he never should have been broken into the business after he called the wrestling business “fake.” Borne is almost in tears at this point. Nash jokes how Borne is looking for a “Ricky Morton” payday and that he will buy him a “grill.” Nash said that in WCW when Borne was Big Josh, he was always clumsy and once dropped him on his head. Nash is hysterical in his raggingon Borne, joking that he is real and gave blood the other day. Sean quetions Nash if Borne was holding true to the old school beliefs as Nash said there is a reason why Borne did not make it, because he is a dumb fuck, then talks about how if you walk into a casino in Vegas and try to place a bet on a WrestleMania match, there is a reason you can’t. He said that Capt. Lou Albano told him only two things are true in the business, money and miles, then asked Borne who the fuck broke him in and if he taught him that money was the most important, maybe he would have someone today.

Now, Nash is shown a clip of the Bob Holly YouShoot when he talks about the Kliq pushing his buttons and during an overseas tour. Holly talks about how Nash was sitting on a box as Nash himself asks why they would have TV boxes at a show in Europe. Nash said if he really said anything to them, he would not have had a job and someone would have shit in his bag. Nash said Bob was tough and never had a problem with him but he was an opening match guy at that time. Nash then said that they were all too fucked up to push anyone’s buttons and what does push your buttons is after day 21 of the tour, you are miserable and see five guys walk in laughing and having a good time, referencing the Kliq.

Sean shows Nash the clip of Cornette talking about how he studied Nash to help out the Fake Diesel character and counted six moves including a hair flip. Nash then said there is a guy called Nolan Ryan who only has two pitches and he did time. When the follow up question was asked which move he would add to his moveset, Nash said it would be to teabag Cornette.

Someone asks him about his “hissy fit” backstage on Samoa Joe after his shoot at Turning Point 2007. Nash said is smacking him twice a hissy fit. Nash said that he smacked Joe in the face after he said that promo was his idea then he smacked him again when he thought Joe was going to come after him. Nash again questions how that could be considered a “hissy fit.” He later said that Joe apologized to all of them the next day and that they are friends.



Some guy jokes how much pussy he should expect in one night from wearing Zubas, Fanny Pack, FUBU, and birkenstocks. Nash jokes for this guy none and that he wore that to keep the pussy off of him, as he was married. He said that they wore fanny packs because it was impossible to carry 120 somas and 120 percocets in your pockets.


Someone asks Nash how to pick up girls and this brings us to a segment in which Nash attempts to coach Sean to get chicks, as they are next to two girls. This segment goes on for far too long (13 minutes to be exact) and if you are unaware of these techniques, you are probably a virgin.

He is asked about his Pat Patterson impression and they show Nash impersonate him backstage going over a match with him. It was pretty funny, actually.

Now, he is asked about being a red wine enthusiast and this leads to another segment with Sean and Nash sampling wine as Nash talks about while he talks about how to open and select wines. This ran for ten minutes and a completely skippable segment.

Someone asks him about Wade Keller, with Nash ragging on the guy looking like he shot John Lennon and that he has someone hostage in his house. Nash said that Wade is a friend of his and that he was talking to him about politics a few days ago, noting that they both lean to the left wing. Nash said that he likes Wade because he does his newsletter as a journalist, saying what happens while letting the rest, like Bruce Mitchell, write hacky pieces.


Nash is shown a picture from his last European tour before he left for WCW. He recalls that night and said that he and Scott Hall made everyone, from the wrestlers to the agents, smoke hash, except for HHH, who they gave a pass because he did not use drugs.

Someone asks him to tell a story about Rick Rude. He said that Rude went to pick him up from TV in his new Ford Explorer. He driveway was on a slope and he was in his house with the car running when Rude noticed his kid went in the car and put the car in neutral and the car went down the hill and crashed through the garage of the person across the street. Rude then walked down and said to the neighbor that he lived up the street and this was his kid.

Gillberg himself asks Nash who was the best jobber of all time. Nash said it was Jeff Hardy when he was “twelve.” Nash said he was fucking incredible.

 They do more F, Marry Kill with Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, and Sean Waltman. He said Waltman was a freak so he would fuck him, Marry Shawn Michaels and kill Scott Hall.


Someone sends a video regarding the “fingerpoke of doom” and why he lied about Goldberg breaking his hand a year after the fingerpoke incident as the reason for no follow up. Nash said it was set up for Goldberg to have a heel faction but it did not work for some reason and said he told Goldberg that Bret was going to drop the bat before going to the car for him to use but Goldberg insisted on using a piece of metal.

Someone asks him how he feels about not having a single match in WCW rated higher than ** by Dave Meltzer and Nash completely no-sells the question and says how he just got a dividend check for $177,000 for the money he saved. He then says that his portfolio is *****.

The Blue Meanie sends a video question on his opinion of the bWo parody he was part of in ECW. Nash jokes that he would kill Stevie and fuck Blue Meanie but said he liekkd that paid homage to him and appreciates how they put thought into the bit.

Final Thoughts: Well, this was a tale of two discs. The first disc is filled with classic stuff. Nash was hysterical throughout and told some great stories. He was even funnier when he was making comments during the video questions, especially during the Matt Borne clip. Whether or not you agree with him, you will be entertained, which are the main purpose of the YouShoot’s. They are a more relaxed shoot interview overall.

However, the second disc was a dud. I appreciate Sean Oliver and his willingless to go outside of the box, the dating segment was a momentum killer. It derailed the shoot. And the wine segment was another dud and those two segments made up a majority of the second disc.

Overall, I do recommend this shoot but the second disc is mostly skippable. Luckily, the first disc makes up the majority of the shoot. The first disc is great.

And you can purchase the shoot and can even stream the shoot, which you can purchase and watch for up to several months.

Purchase the shoot at http://kayfabecommentaries.com/