Afternoon Daily News Update

Logan Paul executes a Frog Splash on The Miz at WWE SummerSlam 2022

Logan Paul’s Current WWE Status Revealed

A new update has shed some light on when we are likely to see Logan Paul back inside a WWE ring, following his impressive display at SummerSlam.

Triple H Drops Big Hint Kevin Dunn Will Not Be Leaving WWE

Triple H has hinted that Kevin Dunn may not be leaving WWE, despite earlier reports suggesting that he would be on his way out.

Previously Banned Words Now Allowed Within WWE

A new report has claimed that at least two words that had previously been on WWE’s ‘banned list’ are now free to be used.

Evening Daily News Update

Vince McMahon Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn Killed Pitches For Female Stars By Claiming They “Weren’t Pretty”
A former WWE writer has claimed that Kevin Dunn would kill “six weeks of story” if he didn’t think the female stars involved weren’t pretty enough.

Large Number Of Fans Walkout During AEW Rampage Taping [Spoilers]
A new report has claimed that due to the number of people walking out during the most recent AEW Rampage taping, the production of the show had to be altered.

Roman Reigns Addresses Vince McMahon Retiring From WWE
Roman Reigns has given his first public comments on Vince McMahon’s decision to retire from WWE.

Owens is FAT?!

Everything we read is that the backstage argument about Owens is his conditioning and “he’s fat”? But someone just brought up Mick Foley.  He was the least WWE/Vince looking guy and he walked in to a feud with Undertaker and WON!  He was made instantly and Taker didn’t get the win back for months. Foley feuded with main eventers his entire WWE career including famous feuds with Austin and Rock.

Bret and Shawn weren’t the WWE style big men. Benoit, Jericho, Eddie were the “vanilla midgets”.  Recently, Bryan, Punk, and even Ziggler to an extent aren’t the main event mold.  So why suddenly are people making Owens’ look such a big deal?

Normally they wouldn’t, but apparently Kevin Dunn has some sort of beef with Owens and thus here we are.  Plus Vince has a habit of defaulting back to the Reigns-Batista-Orton musclehead type when business is down.  It is what it is.

Kevin Dunn’s role

Hi Scott

Kevin Owen’s loss to John Cena at Battleground and his new position in the upper mid-card is one of the most disappointing missed opportunities. A real head-scratcher. Whenever a storyline or feud goes wrong, we like to say because Vince or “reasons” or it’s creative’s fault. But from what I’ve been reading on the guy lately, shouldn’t a lot of the blame fall on Kevin Dunn? It sounds like he’s the one who convinced Vince that Cena needed to win supposedly for the sake of merchandise sales but that he also has a beef with future boss Triple H. If so, who’s REALLY in charge of creative direction over there? I know Vince has the final say, but who’s truly next in line? I always thought it was Stephanie or Triple H but this makes it sound like Dunn has a bigger voice than theirs.

As always, I appreciate your time and input. Sure hope Owens can get past this backstage political maneuvering. Cena has done amazing work with the US title but Owens winning would’ve been fresh, different and entertaining.

​Vince always has the final say on stuff, but for some reason he really values and appreciates the input of Kevin Dunn, even though almost literally everyone else in the business hates his guts. I don’t know if it’s a Vince Russo situation where Vinnie Mac is taking advice to the exclusion of others, but yeah, Dunn seems to be a really bad influence on the product being delivered. And as many have noted, HHH actually has made little secret of his intention to deliver Dunn’s pink slip when Vince is gone. At least HHH’s cronies will likely be guys like Nash and Waltman, who have watched wrestling once or twice in their lifetimes.