I Need Your Help Please Mr. Keith

Hey Scott, super long time reader…

I was trading e-mails with someone I’m a big fan of on a radio show who thinks Shawn Michaels is… well, let’s just say heavily overrated. That’s another story in it’s entirety, however, one part of his opinion seemed insane to me… he claimed Shawn, unlike Flair, Bret, Bryan, etc., never carried a bad worker to a great match. Obviously this is insane, but I was wondering if you could please give me some of the best examples you could think of off the top of your head? Not asking for any deep contemplation or anything, of course.

I imagine this may seem unbelievably silly – and it probably is – but any help would be appreciated!

Thank you for phrasing it in a way where I can continue to bash Hogan and Reigns.  
Shawn carried Hogan's (literally) broken down ass in 2005, lock stock and barrel. As an alternative you could look at Tatanka at WM9.  Or Ken Shamrock in 97.  Or the best example, Kevin Nash at WM11.  During his prime you could basically throw him in there with ANYONE and Shawn would get himself over.   Doesn't mean it was effective for the other guy, but Shawn sure as shit made some terrible workers have great matches.  
And of course Daniel Bryan did the same for Roman Reigns this past week.  

Newsday story on Jeff Jarrett-Toby Keith, with comment from Jarrett

It’s Nashville Wrestling, where the lead babyface has a cheating wife, drives a Ford truck, and drinks a lot of beer!   
Come to think of it, that worked pretty well for another guy…

Scott Keith ****+ has moved!

Hey Scott, 

Was hoping you could let everyone know, via a plug, that Scott Keith ****+ has a new home at 

My bandwidth was exceeded at the old home and I've had reports of the website going in and out, sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't. Anyway, I hope everyone will update their bookmarks, as I'll (hopefully) be updating this new site a little more frequently than I did the old one. I'm still working on the design and a few odds & ends, but all the content is there and ready for everyone's viewing pleasure. The archives are gone and basically you're just getting the bare bones here, but at least there's no worry of getting shut down. Thanks a lot!

No problem.  Pretty sure you won't crash Blogspot's bandwidth at least.

Scott Keith in USA?

We know you know you are staunchly Canadian but here's a question for ya.

1. Have you ever been to America for a wrestling event or otherwise?
2. What is your thought of America in general? (The people, the places etc)
3. Would you like to move here?
4. (Follow-up to #1) If you've never been to a wrestling event, would you like to goto Wrestlemania? (if you have) Again?


.  Of course!  I detailed my trip to Las Vegas in 2002 in the Judgment Day rant.  
2.  It seemed hot and booze was much more readily available than I was used to.  
3.  Given my only exposure was to Vegas, I can give a hearty NO to that.  Man cannot gamble and eat cheap lobster all year, it's not natural.

4.  Love to go to Wrestlemania, probably never will, and I'm OK with that.  My goal is more getting to go to UFC at some point.  Plus going to Paul McCartney last November pretty much covered most of my bucket list concert/event needs anyway.  

Fwd: Scott Keith = Bookerman

Hey Scott,

I'm not being sarcastic or an ass here, but a genuine question:  do you think you'd be a good booker?  For that matter, would you want to be one?

Just curious. Thanks.

No and NO.  I'd be Vince Russo at his worst because I don't have the patience to plan things out in advance and then I'd probably quit after two weeks when I got bored of the job.  

Dolph Ziggler vs. Keith Apicary – Blog post?

Hey Scott – not sure if you've seen YouTube sensation and comedian/video game fan Keith Apicary' feud with Dolph Ziggler via Twitter and YouTube
Keith's opening salvo:
Dolph's response via his WWE Download show (dedicated to Keith):
Keith's follow up:
So it isn't Lawler/Kaufman ….yet but Keith (Nathan Barnatt) is pretty darn entertaining in his other videos.
Take it easy

Yeah, I saw it, and hopefully Dolph can use any little thing he can to get himself over more.  He's a really funny guy, too, and I think the "show off" gimmick might be a bit of a mismatch for him at this point because it seems like he should find something that fits his natural personality more.  Like this stuff.